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If you are looking for a professional Tank Rotator supplier, SENLISWELD must be your best choice. With over 20 years of R&D experience in tank rotators, SENLISWELD has become the expert of tank rotator manufacturers.

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Your Trusted Tank Rotator Supplier

Tank Rotator is widely used in many industries, choose a reliable supplier will bring you a lot of benefits. SENLISWELD has been in tank rotator development and manufacture for over 20 years, will support you and be your best choice.

The technical team could customize your different requests, SENLISWELD supports OEM & ODM, our professional engineers will provide you with the best solution.


60 Tons Self-aligning Tank Rotator

The self-aligning tank rotator can be adjusted according to containers of different diameters. Easy to operate and could be widely used in many environments.

100 Tons Self-aligning Tank Rotator

The heavy-duty self-aligning tank rotator is normally used in some special workpiece. For example, heavy pressure vessels, boilers, and oil platform welding.

100 Tons Fit-up Welding Tank Rotaor

The fit-up tank rotator could realize two vessels assembly welding, it could be used together with a conventional tank rotator or self-aligning tank rotator.

60 Tons Conventional Tank Rotator

The conventional tank rotator has many size options, due to your request, SENLISWELD could customize for you. Adjust by manual and could be used in many size workpieces.

100 Tons Conventional Tank Rotaor

The conventional tank rotator loading capacity range from 2 Tons to 500 Tons. Conventional tank rotators will save your labor and make your welding process efficient.

200 Tons Conventional Tank Rotator

This type of conventional tank rotator normally is used in the wind tower welding process, big cylinder welding project, and some other heavy workpiece welding process.

Why SENLISWELD Tank Rotator

Since 1999, SENLISWELD committed to the design and production of tank rotators. With many years of manufacturing experience, SENLISWELD has become the best tank rotator manufacturer in China.

SENLISWELD could provide types of loading capacity tank rotators, also we provide a one-stop solution for the automatic welding production line. The tank rotator plays an important role in it.

With our professional technical team, SENLISWELD will handle all your problems in tank rotators.

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Tank Rotator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for rotators that can handle a wider diameter and can also deal with more weight without compromising on quality and speed?

In that case, Tank Rotators are your ultimate choice as they provide you with all these characteristics and more.

However, not much is known about Tank Rotators and many of their beneficial attributes are downplayed because of the underemphasis that they face.

This is why it is essential for us to highlight the key characteristics of Tank Rotators and determine whether you should opt for them or not.

Through this guide, we aim to make you familiar with the pros and cons of Tank Rotators and to make the decision of choice easier for you.

What is a Tank Rotator?

A Tank Rotator is ideal for processing wide diameter vessels and can also handle heavyweight tanks and rotate them at a stable pace in order to ensure that the structure of your vessel remains sturdy.

They possess a strong and durable build with long-lasting and dependable rollers that perform the job of rotating the vessel in different directions.

Tank Rotators eliminate the use of labor in workplaces and hence are reliable and provide no room for error.

They are also responsible for increasing efficiency and production output and hence are bound to bring in more profit for your business.

Tank Rotator China Made

Tank Rotator

Can You Use Tank Rotators for Welding Purposes?

Tank Rotators are mostly used for welding purposes to create a joint amongst a number of shorter vessels in order to come up with a larger vessel.

The rotatory feature is beneficial for you in Tank Welding Rotators as it ensures that an accurate and precise job is done in the welding of multiple vessels by rotating the vessel so that there is no part of the surface left that is disentangled.

By rotating the vessel through a Tank Rotator, you can also ensure that there is no labor fatigue involved as you can either weld through welding machinery or even if you manually weld the vessels.

Your labor would not have to frequently change places and directions as all these functions would be performed by the Tank Rotator and all your labor must do is stand in place and hold the welding equipment close to the vessel.

Once you have welded big enough vessels through a Tank Rotator, you can easily store goods and materials in it for their longevity and export purposes.

What Different Types of a Tank Rotator can You Get?

Tank Rotators offer various different types and functionalities so that all your requirements and demands are met with extreme preciseness and efficiency.

The different kinds of Tank Rotators include the following:

Self-Aligning rotator offers you the advantage of no manual adjustment and automatically aligns your vessel with the rotator.

Conventional rotator is the standard rotator that is a part of all types of tank rotator units and performs the operation of rotating the vessel.

Fit-up rotator offers you the advantage of positioning your vessel at the precise spot so that it doesn’t move during the welding process.

Tank Rotator Heavy capaicty

Conventional tank rotator

What are the Different Parts that Constitute a Tank Rotator?

Tank Rotators are marketed as a full kit, which includes all of the parts that make up a Tank Rotator and enable it to function properly.

Tank Rotators are comprised of two units: a drive unit and an idler unit. Depending on the operation you need to perform, you can determine the number of units you require and buy as many drive units and idler units as you want.

Your supplier will send you a complete package of your Tank Rotator, which would include the following items:

  • One unit of idler turning roll and one unit of power turning roll
  • An electric control system
  • A single control panel
  • A remote pendant

Are Tank Rotators Any Different from Pipe or Tube Rotators?

Tank Rotators might seem similar to you upon comparison with pipe and tube rotators but they actually differ a lot from them in the sense of their functionalities.

Tank Rotators are specially designed to cater to wide diameter vessels whereas pipe or tube rotators are usually fit to cater to small diameter vessels as the width of pipes and tubes is comparatively lesser than tanks.

Tank Rotators can also handle much more weight as compared to pipe or tube rotators as the wider the vessel, the stronger and heavyweight it gets.

Since Tank Rotators are used to operate on heavy vessels, the welding process is also longer as there is more surface to cover in tanks as compared to tubes or pipes.

What is the Purpose of a Tank Rotator?

The basic purpose of a Tank Rotator is to join two or more circular or cylindrical vessels during the process of welding.

A Tank Rotator might be used as a large storage device for materials.

A Tank Rotator might also serve the purpose of mixing materials inside a huge vessel such as a cement mixer. The ends of the vessel need to be closed for this operation.

Tank rotators operating

Tank rotators operating

What Benefits Does a Tank Rotator Offer You?

A Tank Rotator offers you the following benefits:

● A lower probability for errors:

Tank Rotators are specially built to provide you with accuracy and reliability during welding procedures, leaving little space for mistakes.

The method is ultimately much more accurate and it is performed with the aid of machines rather than people as it does not involve labor.

Tank Rotators often have the capacity to rotate in different directions, allowing them to work more effectively and provide you with your desired output.

● A labor-friendly alternative:

Manual welding methods are taxing, requiring workers to expend excessive effort in order to achieve the required performance.

Tank Rotators, on the other hand, are often operated by a single individual and are fully automatic equipment, reducing labor exhaustion and allowing workers time to relax.

● A pocket-friendly approach:

Tank Rotators can be deemed costly, and purchasing the complete unit can cost you a significant sum of money.

However, as you weigh its long-term benefits, buying a Fit-up Rotator is a financially sound investment since it decreases labor costs and improves production rate tenfolds.

which ensures you’re not just saving money but still generating performance with greater precision and pace, which is guaranteed to pull in heaps of profit for your business.

● Prone to hazards:

Tank Rotators are less prone to create any hazards for you by making mistakes since their work is precise.

Furthermore, with less labor, there are fewer risks that employees would be threatened by any possible hazards.

Since welding is already dangerous work, Tank Rotators go beyond and above to ensure that there are no additional risks in your workplace.

What is the Price Range of a Tank Rotator?

Tank Rotators are economical alternatives that offer you even better performance and also produce lesser errors. They are also bound to give you long-lasting and effective results.

The cost of a Tank Rotator can vary based on the components used in its production and also due to its functionality. They are also priced differently by various suppliers, based on their scale and the material used in their construction.

Tank Rotators are very cost-effective and have consistent performance over time. They also do not enable you to invest a lot of money in maintenance and upgrades because you can do them yourself.

Tank Rotators are widely available, with prices ranging between $2,000 to $30,000 for a single complete unit.

Customized Tank Rotators are also available for you; however, they are more expensive as compared to conventional Tank Rotators.

Can You Customize Your Tank Rotator?

Tank Rotators come in a variety of characteristics and appearances and are easy to customize as they comfortably fit the requirements and preferences of the people.

We suggest you customize the color of your Tank Rotator according to your brand’s logo and make the Tank Rotator a part of your business identity.

The material used in the production of your Tank Rotator can also be customized and upgraded to a higher level.

You can also opt for added certifications such as the CSA test for an added benefit that makes your products even more recognizable.

You can easily get your Tank Rotators customized according to your work environment and the nature of the tasks you want to perform.

Customized tank welding rotator

Customized tank welding rotator

How Long of a Warranty Period Should You Opt for While Purchasing a Tank Rotator?

The minimum warranty period that you should opt for while purchasing a Tank Rotator is about a year or more. Any less of a warranty period might result in a prolonged error in the operation of the Tank Rotator.

A warranty is a company’s insurance that their product has been tested and approved by recognized institutions and will not cause any harm to the user.

Hence it is extremely necessary and we advise you to only deal with a manufacturer that is willing to supply a suitable warranty for his Tank Rotator.

During the warranty period, any errors found in the Tank Rotator will be compensated by the manufacturer.

SELISWELD also offers you added benefits which include a year of free maintenance of your Tank Rotator as long as it is under warranty.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Tank Rotators?

We would like to suggest that you should buy a fair amount of different kinds of Tank Rotators in order to display versatility in your production and also to increase your production quantity.

Most manufacturers only deal in B2B marketing, which is to say that they will only process business deals with other business holders and not cater to the general public.

Since Tank Rotators are usually only required by business firms, this does not come off as an issue.

The minimum order quantity for Tank Rotators is usually 1, which means that you need to buy at least one complete set of tank rotators.

However, you can order as many Tank Rotators as you want as the maximum limit is not defined and manufacturers will cater to all your demands.

Where can You Use a Tank Rotator?

You can use a Tank Rotator for the production of the following cylindrical parts:

  • Wind tower
  • Oil platform
  • Heavy pressure vessel
  • Silos
  • Huge pipelines

The following industries necessitate the use of Tank Rotators:

  • Tank manufacturing industries
  • Chemical petrol industries
  • Wind power fabrication
  • Offshore and onshore gas industries
  • Chemical & fuel storage tank fabrication
  • Conventional power industries
  • General and other fabrication industries
  • Welding repair industry
  • Any heavy cylindrical job

Tank rotator in wind tower

Tank rotator in wind tower

How Much Weight Are You Supposed to Load on a Tank Rotator?

Tank Rotators are specifically designed to be able to handle heavyweight vessels,

The weight that a Tank Rotator can support is determined by the size of the Tank Rotator itself. Tank Rotators in various sizes consist of varying capacities.

Tank Rotators can accommodate weights ranging from around 2 tons to 1200 tons, depending on their scale.

If you require improved performance and better output, we suggest that you always load less weight than the Tank Rotator’s capability.

How do You Operate a Tank Rotator?

A Tank Rotator usually comes with a remote control to facilitate its performance and requires the assistance of an employee for its operation.

You can easily control your Tank Rotator with the help of this remote control and handle functions such as the rotation and the speed of the Tank Rotator.

The following operations can be performed through a remote pendant of the Tank Rotator:

  • Idler unit forward, stop or reverse
  • Drive unit forward, stop or reverse
  • Rotation speed
  • Emergency stop

Tank Rotators also come with a control unit that supervises all the operations being performed and ensures that there is no room for error.

Functions of a Tank Rotator

Functions of a Tank Rotator

What is the Rotation Speed of a Tank Rotator?

Tank Rotators also possess the advantage of being able to control their rpm, allowing you to raise or decrease the speed of your Tank Rotator according to your factory’s output volume.

Regardless of the scale or motor capacity of the Tank Rotator, the typical speed that they are capable of offering you is about 6 to 60 meters per hour.

You should set the rotation speed of your Tank Rotator according to your own pace as they are able to adapt to quickly with your production rate.

You may also extend the rotation range of your Tank Rotator to achieve your required speed and complete the welding process more quickly.

To change the speed of your Tank Rotator, you can make use of the electromagnetic step-less speed control that it offers.

How to Find a Supplier for Tank Rotators?

Finding a supplier for your order of Tank Rotator is necessary as your supplier is the one who will facilitate your business and can even customize your desired product according to your preferences.

In order to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier, you need to ensure that you are dealing with a certified company that manufactures its own Tank Rotators rather than dealing with a third-party service.

It is better for you to have direct contact with the manufacturer in order to achieve your precise product.

It is also important for you to focus on the price range and the production rate of the company along with the certifications and quality of the Tank Rotators that they offer you.

Experience in the field matters a lot and you should only opt for companies that can hire sudden hurdles and not get carried away in the face of pressure.

Other than that, your preferred period of warranty and the life span of the Tank Rotator is also essential.

Tank Rotator rolls

Tank Rotator

How can You Maintain Your Tank Rotator?

Firstly, you need to make sure that the motor is switched off and the control plug is disconnected before doing any inspection or repair on your Tank Rotators.

The following are several recommendations that you must follow in order to prolong the lifespan of your Tank Rotator.

You should avoid putting rubber rollers in contact with oil or exposing them to high temperatures. You should also ensure that the turning rolls of the Tank Rotator are free of all obstacles.

You need to make sure that you replace the oil of your Tank Rotator every month for increased efficiency.

There are also several environmental standards for Tank Rotoatrs that you must adhere to. These include no contact with rainwater or the presence of any corrosive gas, as well as ensuring that the temperature meets the requirements outlined in the instruction manual.

Lubricating the pieces of your Tank Rotator on a regular basis will help them last longer and extend the life of your Tank Rotator.

Before beginning the welding operation, you need to make sure that there are no loose screws and that the vessel’s load is equal to the Tank Rotator’s ability.

Reading the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer and following its requirements is also mandatory.

We suggest you opt for PU wheel rollers if your tank material is made up of stainless steel in order to provide ease in rotation and stable productivity.

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