Anti-drift Turning Rolls Manufacturer

When you consider the use of anti-drift turning rolls, the accuracy of lateral movement, the degree of automation of PLC control, the quality of products, and the actual load are all things you need to consider.

  • Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC automation control
  • The loading capacity ranges from 10 tons to 1200 tons
  • Lateral movement accuracy reaches ±2mm, ±3mm
  • 30 days leading time, fast reply, and best after-sales service

Anti-drift Turning Rolls

The anti-drift turning rolls are mainly used for workpieces with high thickness, narrow gap cylinders, or require high accuracy of lateral movement. The precision of anti-drift is required to be ±3mm.

Since it is impossible to ensure that the workpiece is 100% circular, or that the returning roll is 100% horizontal, the workpiece will move laterally when it rotates on the turning rolls.

Therefore, a sensor is placed at one end, connected to the PLC control cabinet, and a servo motor is used on the anti-drift turning rolls to control the up or down of the roller on one side.

When the workpiece deviates laterally, the sensor receives the signal, and through PLC automatic control, the servo motor drives the roller to rise or fall, so that the workpiece returns to its original position. To achieve the function of anti-drift.

SENLISWELD provides different capacities of anti-drift turning rolls, high-quality control, and the best after-sale service. Contact us and get more information.

250T Anti-drift Turning Rolls

For the 250 tons of anti-drift turning rolls, we use steel material wheel rollers and Mitsubishi PLC control.

We provide 10 tons ~ 1200 tons loading capacity anti-drift turning rolls. Wheel rollers could be PU or Steel material. Normally above 200 tons capacity, we suggest using steel roller.

SENLISWELD focuses on quality as the first place of the machine. Using the best brand of accessories and reliable raw materials, the debugging and inspection are repeated many times.

anti-drift turning rolls in china

Production Process Details

Frame of Anti-drift Turning Rolls

The two frames of our machine quality are high-standard control and top-level.

assembly process

We will load a big-size cylinder ready to test the machine. Before that, assemble and make all wires connected.

testing process

Testing is an important process during the whole production, make sure the machine operating very well and then deliver it to customer’s side.

anti-drift sensor parts

When the lateral deviation of the cylinder touches the black iron ring, the sensor senses the signal and sends it to the PLC control, so that the up or down of the wheel is automatically adjusted through the servo motor, and the cylinder returns to its original position.

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