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SENLISWELD’s Column and boom manufacturing standards in accordance with Romar Industry standards. Whether the heavy-duty or light-duty type of column & boom, we all have been highly evaluated by all customers.

  • Support full-time technical consulting service
  • The appropriate price with a one-year quality warranty
  • Various components can be customized upon request
  • Cooperate with international brands, for example, Lincoln Electric and Red-D-Arc

Column and Boom

The column and boom is a welding automation machine that helps reduce labor and increase efficiency. It carries out some welding conditions that are harsh and cannot be welded manually.

The welding head of the Column and boom is at one end of the boom, which is lifted and retracted by the boom to achieve the welding position.

According to the diameter and length of the workpiece, you can choose different sizes of column and boom, such as 3×3, 5×5, 8×8, etc.

SENLISWELD Column & Boom

Reasons for high-quality standards:

1- Production process inspection and review

2- All steel structures are tempered and stress relieved

3- Production requirements according to Romar Industry standards

4- All accessories and electrical parts are of the highest quality

Column and Boom China

SENLISWELD Column & Boom Details

When Need A Column and Boom

Automatic welding systems are designed to be mounted on a rigid structure and move from seam to seam providing a higher degree of accuracy and consistent repeatability over manual methods. True automatic welding requires the use of a manipulating device that brings the welding head to work.

Column and Boom automation center

Custom Options of Column & Boom

  • Control platform (Joystick or fully integrated touchscreen options)
  • SAW or GMAW welding systems (Single, Twin, or Tandem wire)
  • Cold Wire TIG Systems
  • Powered cross slides (1 or 2 axes)
  • Weld Camera systems (SAW or Open Arc)
  • Seam Tracking (Vision/Laser or Tactile/Mechanical)
  • Travel Car (Powered or Manual),
  • Pre-heating system (Rolling Induction Heater)
  • Flux Recovery and delivery systems Dual SAW or MIG/SAW set-ups

Column and boom welding center

Column and boom welding center

Automate Your Welding Operation

Welding automation is the integration of various welding machines that individually and collectively integrate into an organization’s welding operations to increase productivity, accuracy, and speed. These machines perform different welding operations.

As welding rotators are used in aligning, moving, placing, and rotating cylindrical objects, the welding positioner holds, lifts, and moves objects to enhance welding operations.

While other welding machines improve the overall welding operations, column and boom are no exception. This machine works individually as well as combines with other machinery to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Column and boom are so versatile that they can combine with any other welding machine. The following example demonstrates how column and boom assist in welding automation services.

One of the most common machines that are sold in the welding segment is the circumferential welding machines for welding round steel objects to each other. The circumferential welding operation is a process where the parts are clamped in a chuck that rotates during the welding process.

This circumferential welding machine can be combined with a boom welding module to for example create a pipe spool welding machine. The circumferential welding machine has the workpiece mounted on the rotating chuck during the welding.

When the spool is rotating the column and boom welding segment of the machine moves up and down on the column and changes position on the boom.

Also, various column and boom welding machines are equipped with operating software and also sell the column and boom welding machines as stand-alone welding machines.

Benefits of Using the Column and Boom

Overall, a welding manipulator improves work productivity, provides more flexibility, and lessens fatigue for your welders, all while ensuring the consistent quality of your welding operations.

  • Mobility

Manual manipulators are made to move faster with built-in swivel casters, while the mechanized ones can both be manually and computer-operated. Switching from one workstation to another won’t be as time-consuming and strenuous as it was before. Even a single welder can transfer the manipulator everywhere in the shop on his own.

  • Safe Working Environment

With its adjustable features and safety straps, you can safely move the weld head closer or more distant to the workpiece, which allows you to weld away from the heat zone. It also comes with safety bumpers to assure the gun, the boom, and the manipulator itself stay secured during the welding process.

  • Flexibility and Versatility

Column and boom are the most flexible piece of machinery that is designed to be integrated with other welding equipment. Welding operators can access uneasy locations and perform complex and difficult welding tasks.

With this machinery, they don’t have to worry about the size and structures of the underlying object. The welding head reaches any critical spot with the help of a remote controller.

  • Improved quality

One of the most integral advantages of welding automation is the accuracy that is immensely improved. Just like other welding machinery, column and boom increase the welding accuracy by a great margin. It helps welders in performing welding operations in difficult spots, where it is extremely difficult to reach the welding object.

Also, many operations are continuous and require to be performed again and again. Accuracy is drastically improved as column and boom can be adjusted to save similarly repeating welding operations.

  • Increased Productivity

As we discussed earlier, various welding operations require a lot of similar and continuous operations. Traditional welding forces you to start these operations all over again, every time. This means that welders have to adjust their equipment every time to achieve similar or improved accuracy with manual equipment.

This procedure is time-consuming and doesn’t help in improving the efficiency of production operations in a business. Column and boom solve this problem as they can save the repeating operations so that they can be continuously performed without the need for adjustment again and again.

This process widely helps in improving the production capacity of any business that involves a ton of welding operations.

  • Better User Experience

Welding can be improved if the welder is not comfortable doing its job with ease. Traditionally welders have to reach awkward spaces to perform difficult welds and have to deal with heavy objects. Handling such objects manually is not only dangerous but is extremely tidy as well.

Welders cannot work effectively for continuous periods. Traditional welding also doesn’t offer much in terms of learning new skills and thus, the learning curve remains straight. Column and boom improve the welder’s effectiveness as well.

It allows the chance to integrate human intelligence with mechanical strength. Thus welders can focus more on the technical aspects of the welding operations while column and boom take care of the heavy lifting and accessibility.

Heavy-duty Column and Boom

Heavy-duty Column and Boom

  • Reduced Floor Space

Not only the floor area, but these tools also require a lot of maintenance as well. Also, these were difficult to handle and less safe for workers. All these difficulties that were attached to traditional lifting equipment have been resolved by column and boom.

It is a highly reliable piece of machinery and extremely effective at delivering the welding head at tricky spots. Also, it covers a smaller area than traditional equipment.

  • Reduced Welding Costs

Through column and boom, the chances of failure and inaccuracy reduce by a great margin. A reduction in welding costs is inevitable once columns and boom are installed to assist welders.

It is a capital investment that is designed to reduce the operating expenses of any involved business.

  • Welding Automation

Column and boom work exactly like a skilled extra hand on your shop and allow repetitive, quality operations without needing as much manpower.

Pressure Vessel Welding With Column and Boom

Pressure Vessel Welding With Column and Boom

Applications of Column and Boom

The most common applications for our column & boom welding machines include:

  • Pressure vessels and pressure tanks
  • Boilers
  • Water tanks and storage
  • Automotive industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Mineral and coal mining industry
  • Oil & generation industry

Common Welding Operations

Column and boom can operate all types of welding operations including:

  • Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or MIG Welding
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

Fixed Column and Boom

Column and Boom

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