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2-axis and 3-axis Types of Welding Positioner, Skyhook Positioner, Headstock & Tailstock Positioner
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Welding Automation

Provide different types of welding automation machines. Welding rotator, welding positioner, or welding manipulator, and customization.

weld rotator advantage
CNC Cutting Machine

No matter whether plasma, flame, or laser cutting machine, SENLISWELD could manufacture them all with the best quality.

welding automation advantage
H Beam Production Line

Provide a whole H beam production line or single set machine. Manufacture according to your beam size.

welding automation machines SENLISWELD

Your Best Welding Automation Machines Supplier

After years of experience in the welding automation industry, SENLISWELD understands that the trust of customers comes from product quality, after-sales service, technical solution support, and whether you can trust customers first.

The welding automation industry includes so much that no one company can include all products. SENLISWELD specializes in Welding Rotator, Welding Positioner, Welding Manipulator, CNC cutting machines, and H Beam Production Line.

Whether you have purchased products from SENLISWELD or not, or have cooperated before. I think once you get in touch with us, you will definitely become long-term friends with us.

why choose SENLISWELD


With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, SENLISWELD provides OEM & ODM to support your business. High-quality control during the whole production process.

  • 24/7 online quick response to solve all your questions
  • A strong & stable technical team supports your project
  • Cooperate with top 3 brand welding automation company
  • One-stop professional solution  for welding automation machine
  • 12-13 months warranty, free replacement parts during the period

Not only manufactures the best welding automation machines, but also provides high-quality CNC cutting machines. SENLISWELD is your best partener.

Products From SENLISWELD

Chenta welding Rotator

We have the purchasing right of the Chenta Worm Gear Reducer and can produce high-quality Welding Rotators. And the price is very competitive. Loading capacity from 10T to 200.

conventional rotator motorized

Conventional Rotator adjusts the roller distance through bolts to adapt to workpieces of different diameters. Traveling components can be added to move on the rail.

self-aligning rotator motorized

The Self-aligning Rotator can adapt to workpieces in various diameter ranges without manual adjustment. There are 4 rollers on each, traveling components can also be added.

2-axis welding positioner

The 2-axis Welding Positioner mainly rotates and tilts the worktable to achieve the ideal welding position. If you need to add other functions, it can be realized.

3-axis welding positioner

The function of 3-axis Welding Positioner is to rotate, tilt and lift. The devices that realize these three functions can have various forms, and the figure only shows one of them.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator also called Column and Boom, automatic welding can be realized by raising, lowering, and stretching the boom to reach the welding position.


As a welding automation machines manufacturer, the most important thing is to be able to solve customer problems and produce products that meet customer requirements. While high quality, the price is also very reasonable.


According to the shape, size, and weight of different workpieces, the corresponding equipment also needs to be customized. This is the most important capability of a factory.


Due to customized requirements, some equipment needs to be developed and designed, and we can create products that meet the needs of customers.

PLC Automatic
PLC Automatic

The realization of PLC automation solves the cumbersome manual operation of customers every time, and improves production efficiency and quality.

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How SENLISWELD Support You

SENLISWELD is structured to provide reliable, elevated industrial automation products and solutions to satisfy consumer needs in a way that meets their demands, regardless of the business segment.

design ability
Design Ability

Sometimes you only need an idea or a function that needs to be implemented, and we can design it.

manufacture ability
Manufacture Ability

If you have already designed it yourself, but need a factory with strong manufacturing capacity, YES, contact us!

Inspect Ability
Inspect Ability

If you not only buy equipment from SENLISWELD, but also buy things from other suppliers, we can provide free inspection service.

  • Wind Turbine Welding

    Wind Turbine Welding is an important link in the wind tower production process. According to the annual output and the size of the wind tower, the size of the production workshop and the number of equipment used can be designed.

    • CNC Cutting Machine
    • Edge Milling Machine
    • Plate Rolling Machine
    • Single Pipe Welding
    • Fit-up Welding Station
    • Several Pipes Welding
    • Sand Blasting Process
    • Full Painting Process
  • Pressure Vessel Welding

    The welding automation center of the welding rotator and welding manipulator is the main equipment in the pressure vessel manufacturing process.

    • CNC Cutting Machine
    • Plate Rolling Machine
    • Self-aligning Rotator
    • Conventional Rotator
    • Fit-up Rotator
    • Welding Manipulator
CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

There are many styles of CNC Cutting Machines, and the products are also very mature. Whether it is for plate cutting or pipe fitting cutting, it can achieve high precision and high efficiency.

Especially in the automatic cutting of pipe, SENLISWELD can achieve automatic nozzle cutting of pipe fittings with a diameter of 3 meters

  • High Precision
  • Fast Cutting Speed
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Install
  • Support Multi-axis Cutting
  • Flame & Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Size Customization

Check the Comments From Our Customers

  • Since 2019, we have cooperated with SENLISWELD. From the purchase order of a single 5-ton welding rotator to the current annual purchase volume of 200,000 US dollars. Their devices are currently running stable.

  • Canadian equipment requires CSA certification. In fact, I didn’t consider SENLISWELD’s products at the beginning, but when the final product arrived at our factory, everything was very satisfactory.

  • We purchased some Welding Positioners from SENLISWELD, one of them had some problems with the PLC control, but they made a solution in time, and so far everything is very good. Thanks for all your effort.

  • What impresses me the most about SENLISWELD is their quotation plan, which almost makes me unable to fault it, and the price is also very competitive. So I directly purchased 4 sets of welding rotators.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose type
    How to choose type?

    We will provide regular models for you to choose from, but we will communicate the shape, weight, and size of your workpiece. Then choose the model that suits you best.

  • How is your quality
    How is your quality?

    1. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing 2. Our technical team is the earliest and stable 3. One-year product quality guarantee 4. High standard quality control during the production process

  • Leading time
    Leading time?

    The normal standard products need about 15 days and some customized products about 25-30 days. Our monthly production output of us is 100 units

  • How you do inspect
    How you do inspect?

    Check the quality report of raw materials, check the drawings for each process in the production process, debug multiple times to ensure stability, and test again before delivery.

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  • Miller Electric
  • ESAB
  • Space X
  • Samsung
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