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Your Best Welding Automation & Cutting Supplier

  • With over 20 years of manufacturing experience
  • SENLISWELD provides OEM & ODM to support your business
  • High-quality control through the whole production process
  • 24/7 online quick response to solve all your questions
  • A strong & stable technical team support your project
  • Cooperate with top 3 brand welding automation company
  • The best supplier and manufacturer of top university
  • One-stop solution expert for welding automation machine

SENLISWELD Welding Automation & Equipment Products

Since 1999, SENLISWELD has been focusing on the manufacture and R&D of welding automation. Automatic welding can reduce labor and improve efficiency and welding quality. There are three main products, welding rotator, welding positioner, and welding manipulator with a wide range of uses. SENLISWELD can customize the model you need and be your first choice for welding automation.

welding automation weld rotator
To solder and connect the cylinder-vessel, a self-aligning rotator is required. When placed on the vessel, it will self-align according to the scale of the vessel. It has the benefits of adjustable speed, low noise delivery, and safe turning within the context of welding parameters.
Welding automation conventional rotator
The Conventional Rotator has been widely used in welding automation. Vessels of different wide range sizes could use this conventional rotator. This machine has the attributes of a compact frame, and simple functioning, among other items.
welding automation fi-up
Fit-up welding rotators are supported by hydraulic cylinders, which connect to a hydraulic pump station. Normally the fit-up welding rotators work together with the conventional welding rotators, combined with standard conventional power and idler rollers.
welding automation positioners
Welding positioners are mostly used for special frames, building machinery, small circular workpieces, and other applications. Its turning mechanism is primarily made up of an engine, a speed reducer, and a swing set. We will develop and manufactureto meet your individual needs.
3-axis positioner automation machine
3 Axis welding positioner is mostly used for welding and installing workpieces, and they are extensively used in pressure vessel manufacturing, the shipbuilding sector, and other industries. It is an effective way to increase welding efficiency while still reducing job load.
welding automation manipulator
Welding manipulators, also known as column boom, are often used in TIG and MIG welding machines. We may also add further features to this welding manipulator, such as tracing, tracking, and solder processing. We provide different sizes of welding manipulators to meet the unique needs of our customers.
CNC Flasma Cutting Machine SENLISWELD
The CNC plasma cutting machine combines a simple and easy-to-use CNC system to ionize the high-speed airflow ejected from the nozzle at high temperature to form electrical conductors. Slender and stable plasma arc using annular airflow technology ensures smooth and economical cutting of any conductive metal.
H Beam Production Line SENLISWELD Made
SENLISLWED H Beam production line can produce H beam with a height of 3 meters. H beam production line contains more equipment, such as H Beam Aeesmbly machine, Straightening machine, Gantry welding machine, Edge Face Milling machine, etc. Send us your H beam size, we could customize for you.
modular welding table SENLISWELD Made
Modular Welding Table has 3D welding table, 2D welding table, 28D and 26D according to the aperture. In addition, various fixtures are required to fix the workpiece. The wide application of welding table can fix workpieces of various shapes. In order to increase the hardness and strength of the welding table, it can be treated with nitriding.

SENLISWELDYour First Choice In Welding Products

SENLISWELD is associated with world-class experience in the key segments:

1. Welding Rotator 2. Welding Positioner 3. Welding Manipulator 4. Welding Equipment 5. CNC Cutting Machine 6. Wind Tower Production Line

At SENLISWELD, the continuous evolution of processes, products, and expertise is being geared toward each specialty in order to face the demands raised by the variety of business sectors we represent. SENLISWELD is structured to provide reliable, elevated industrial automation products and solutions to satisfy consumer needs in a way that meets their demands, regardless of the business segment.

SENLISWELD has a wide range of products and tools for almost every automated welding and cutting procedure or operation. We support businesses that function across the whole globe.

  • welding automation system
  • 2000T welding automation
  • welding automation wind tower

Welding Automation Project

One-stop project solution for welding automation

SENLISWELD’S welding automation project is designed with cutting-edge automation technology. The automation project has revolutionary integrated milling stations for root preparation. SENLISWEKD’s technically sophisticated control device on each welding line captures output and quality assurance data.

The SENLISWELD Welding Automation Projects

At SENLISWELD, there is a great technical team focus on the whole production line and project solution. As opposed to manual welding, our automatic welding projects improve efficiency, accuracy, and consistency while reducing the possibility of failures or inaccurate welds.

Automation Welding Project
Type:7m x 7m

Features: Welding manipulator normally working with rotator or positioner, the automation center is widely used in many industries.

welding automation projects
Type:2000 tons

Features: The wind tower project is designed by our engineers, uses the self-aligning welding rotator and fit-up rotator.

welding automation center
Type:20 tons

Features: According to the workpiece shape and weight, we could customize the special type welding positioner for you.

Automation Welding System Project
Location:Saudi Arabia
Type:4m x 4 m

Features: Column and boom automation center will improve the productivity of welding, achieving more precision.

The Production Processs Of Welding Automation

welding automation CNC Cutting
CNC Cutting
The CNC cutting process is a type of metal welding in which written code regulates the equipment in the production process. The quality of the first step determines the quality of all the following.
Welding automation process
Welding is the act of joining two parts of metal together. Welding does not just bind 2 parts together, as brazing and soldering do, but allows the metallic surfaces of the two parts to join together and become one by using intense heat.
welding automation Machining
Machining is an industrial concept that refers to a variety of procedures and technologies. It is the method of extracting material from a work-material using energy-driven equipment tools to mold it into the desired form.
welding automation Painting
Painting is performed to protect the steel. The first step is to remove rust and then spray anti-rust paint. Ensure that the equipment does not rust and does not affect the use.
welding automation Assembling
It is important to use the proper technique during the assembly process. We create options for particular parts and projects. We at SENLISWELD, produce assemblies using cutting-edge systems and manufacturing techniques.
welding automation Testing
To ensure that the welding automation products perform satisfactorily, SENLISWELD pays more attention to the testing process. It avoids unnecessary mistakes before delivery and users.

SENLISWELD Provides The Whole Welding Porduction Line

With a great technical team and many years’ experience, SENLISWELD provides a complete plant solution, welding production line design, planning programming, manufacturing, and service.

SENLISWELD Products Video

SENLISWELD Automated Production Line Demonstration
Welding Automation self-aligning rotator
Welding Rotator
We provide excellent quality welding rotators to get your workpiece done ahead of time.
welding automation 2-axis positioiner
Welding Positioner
SENLISWELD designs welding positioners keeping in mind the welder’s comfort.
Welding automation c&b manipulator
Welding Manipulator
Welding manipulators help operations improve efficiency and profitability.
welding automation center machines
Welding Automation
We focus on welding automation to simplify the whole welding process.

SENLISWELD Evaluates The Need of Your Operation

Are you looking to complete big, time-sensitive tasks with more durable components, or tiny one-time parts for a client once a year? At SENLISWELD, automation excels at accurately and exactly executing the same pieces over and over. You can move forward with us knowing the benefits and shortcomings of any equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type should I choose?
We will provide regular models for you to choose from, but we will communicate the shape, weight, and size of your workpiece. Then choose the model that suits you best.
How is your product quality?
1. With over 20 years experience in manufacturing 2. Our technical team is the earliest and stable 3. One-year product quality guarantee 4. High standard quality control during the production process
What service do you provide?
One year product warranty, 24/7 online service, timely follow-up of the product production process, project on-site installation and commissioning
What's the leading time of your products?
The normal standard products need about 5-7 days, some customized products about 15-20 days. The monthly production output of us is 300 units
Could I be your products agency in my local regional?
Regional agency is a very good idea, and we are very willing to have such cooperation. We will communicate the specific details together, and then reach a consensus.
Do you provide the whole plant welding automation planning?
SENLISWELD is an expert in the welding production line, and we provide heavy-duty welding automation products, for example, wind tower, and oil platforms. Our technical team will be on-site service.
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