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SENLISWELD provides the whole types and loading capacity of welding rotators. Support OEM and ODM better your business. As a leading welding rotator manufacturer with the best technical team, we will be your first choice.

  • The loading capacity ranges from 200kg to 2000 tons.
  • Provide CE certification with a 13-monthly warranty.
  • Working and providing a one-stop solution consulting for you.
  • 24/7 customer service is available for concerns and inquiries.

SENLISWELD Welding Rotator

The welding rotator is a device used to rotate the cylindrical workpiece to realize efficient and automated welding.

Through the rotation of the roller, only the welding torch needs to be fixed at one point, and the automatic welding of the inner and outer circumferential seams and the inner and outer longitudinal seams can be realized.

No matter whether you are an end-user, distributor, or brand company, SENLISWELD will support you 100%. Great quality always with the appropriate price, SENLISWELD concerns more about our customers.

With more than 20 years of experience in the welding automation industry, we have been able to satisfy our customers, making a wide variety and range of welding rotators available.

Welding Rotators Series From SENLISWELD

Light duty welding rotator high-quality

This type of welding rotator is suitable for welding and cutting the elongated workpiece. Stepless adjustable speed with AC motor, widely speed adjustable range.

Lead Screw Welding Rotator

Lead screw welding rotator through the screw to adjust the wheel roller’s position, easy to operate. This type is also could motorized travel on the rail.

Self Aligning Welding Rotator no.1 quality

Self-aligning rotator sizes range from 5 to 500 tons. This special design allows the welding rotator to be automatically aligned to different vessel diameters.

Conventional welding Rotator From Senlisweld china

The conventional welding rotator usually consists of two parts, the driving unit, and the idle unit. The driving unit supplies power to the device and for speed regulation.

Fit-up Weld Rotator

The fit-up weld rotator is supported by hydraulic cylinders that are connected to a hydraulic pump station. This type works together with the conventional or self-aligning rotator.

Anti-drift Welding Rotator

Anti-drift weld rotator is for big diameter pipe connection welding. PLC controls the roller through the sensor to adjust the workpiece, ensuring welding position. Loading capacity depends on your request.

Welding Rotator Production Details (5)

SENLISWELD Welding Rotator Advantages

stable quality
Hight Quality

SENLISWELD understands trust comes from the quality and the value of the products.

High quality standard process
High Output

Our monthly welding rotator output is 100-300 units, with prompt delivery.

one year warranty

We provide a one-year quality warranty, free replacement, and maintenance of wearing parts.

design OEM ability
Technical Support

Professional engineers with more than 20 years of experience always serving you.

SENLISWELD is Your First Choice in Welding Rotator

With over two decades of welding rotator manufacturing experience, we bring satisfaction to our customers through manufacturing and also customization.

SENLISWELD cares about you and your company, we are good at welding rotator design, also we provide the best welding positioners for your welding.

welding rotator video
welding rotator for delivery

Guaranteed Delivery Time

SENLISWELD controls the production process, for each manufacturing process, we will pay much attention to it. Take a photo, make a record.

Before delivery, we will send you a QC report, make sure each size were manufactured according to your request size and drawing.

After delivery, we also send you the user manual for easy operation. In addition, a one-year quality warranty and free spare parts replacement.

Customized Screw Welding Rotator

According to the customer’s request, a large workpiece diameter of up to 5000mm needs to make the base bigger and higher.

SENLISWELD screw welding rotator has a high-quality standard, each detail we will focus on and make perfect.

Customization is one of our biggest advantages, just contact us to know more.

customized Screw Welding rotator

High-standard Quality From SENLISWELD Welding Rotator

Welding rotator electir box
Danfoss Inverter for welding rotator

SENLISWELD has very high-quality requirements, we generally use Schneider or Danfoss. There are some suppliers that will use lower-quality electrical brands in order to reduce costs. We never do that thing.

We never cut corners on the use of raw materials for the equipment, and we absolutely guarantee high standards for the thickness of the board and the loading of the equipment.

Welding Automation Production Line Proposal Ability

Wind Turbine Production Line Layout

The welding rotator plays an important role in the automatic welding production line of the wind turbine.

Through different types of welding rotaors, the welding connection of the wind tower can be realized one by one.

According to the customer’s annual output & size of the wind turbine, and the layout of the production workshop, we design the capacity of welding rotators and welding manipulators.

Welding Automation Production Line Proposal

The automatic welding production line of the pressure vessel also needs the cooperation of the welding rotators and welding manipulators.

Unlike the wind turbine welding, the pressure vessel needs to cut the nozzle on the cylinder body and weld the heads at both ends.

The automatic nozzle equipment is realized by the CNC plasma tube cutter, any requirements could contact us and get a perfect proposal.

Welding Rotators Details and Components

lead screw details

Lead screw welding rotator details, good quality lead screw, dust parts, strict production process.

Wheel Rollers

The material of welding rotator wheel rollers has steel type and PU type. It depends on your needs and the workpiece material.

Bearing of roller

Bearings are manufactured and processed with high precision to ensure stable rotation of the rollers.

Remote Control

For each welding rotator from SENLISWELD will provide hand remote control and wireless remote control.

high quality motor

We normally use INVERTEK brand motor, we cooperate with them for over 15 years.

15 years welding rotators repair

This 5 tons self-aligning welding rotator has been used for over 15 years, and only needs to replace the rollers.

Welding Rotator 120T Self aligning rotators
Welding Rotator Best Manufacturer In China

SENLISWELD saves your money and time and understands better welding rollers for pipes and different size workpieces. All the welding rotators from SENLISWELD manufacturers come along with a 12-month warranty.

SENLISWELD Welding Rotator Manufacturer

Welding Rotator Production Process

welding rotator CE certification

  • “It’s a nice order, we used to purchase from China many times for welding rotators. But I have to admit that SENLISWELD is the best supplier ever! I like them!”

    Mohammed From Saudi Arabia
  • “We purchased 2 tons turning roller from them, about 3 sets. At first, the reducer was broken, we didn’t know if we use it not correctly or for other reasons, but they still replaced a new one and delivered it to us for free, really a good supplier! Thanks.”

    Joy From Singapore
  • “SENLISWELD is a great supplier, we purchased 10 tons and 30 tons welding rotator from them, good quality! All the details were according to our requests.”

    Jin From Malaysia
Self-aligning Rotator Technical Parameter
Loading Capacity (T)5102030406080100150200
Workpiece DiameterMin Diameter (mm)250320450450600750850100012001500
Max Diameter (mm)2300280035003500420048005000550065008000
Rubber RollerDiameter (mm)250300350350400450500500
Width (mm)100120120120120120120120
Metal RollerDiameter (mm)240290340340390440490490500550
Width (mm)1525303040506070260260
Linear Speed (m/h)6-60
Speed ControlVFD Speed Control
Motor Power (KW)0.751.51.52.23445.55.57.5
DimensionDrive RollerLength (mm)1500180021802180250027803040345039504300
Width (mm)800830960960115012401170140017001800
Idler RollerLength (mm)135016019101910217024002670293034803800
Length (mm)420420490490530590620730900930
Height (mm)650800940940103011401200132015501700
Conventional Rotator Technical Parameter
Loading Capacity (T)25102030406080100160200250300400500630800
Workpiece DiameterMin Diameter (mm)20025032050055060070070070010001000100010001000100010001500
Max Diameter (mm)18002300280035003800420050005500600060006000750075007500800085009000
Rubber RollerDiameter (mm)200250300350350400450500500
Width (mm)80100120120120120120120120
Metal RollerWidth (mm)1902402903403403904404904905505507007008008008501000
Width (mm)152025303545607080260260260260300300350350
Linear Speed (m/h)6-60
Speed ControlVFD Speed Control
Motor Power (KW)2×0.182×0.372×0.552×0.752×1.12×1.52×2.22×32×32×42×42×5.52×5.52×5.52×5.52×7.52×7.5
DimensionDrive RollerLength (mm)19502090277031503150330041704370467049004950650065506600685072007700
Width (mm)46050067068068071087090096010001000100012001280128014501500
Idler RollerLength (mm)14601800230024502450290035003700400040004100550055005500580060006500
Width (mm)2803004005205205306507007608008009209501000100012601260
Height (mm)35043051068068068083089096010601080110013001350135013501550

Welding Rotator – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Welding Rotator is an auxiliary welding machine commonly used to weld round objects.

It will enable you to minimize tension, job toil, and manufacturing costs. They aid in the conservation of resources, allowing you to save money.

In this FAQ guide, we have covered everything you need to know about Welding Rotators.

What is a Welding Rotator?

A welding rotator is auxiliary welding equipment, it rotates the cylindrical workpiece normally.

According to the adjustment method, it is divided into self-aligning rotator and conventional rotator. There are some other types, for example, fit-up rotator, tank rotator, track wheel rotator, and so on. It depends on your workpiece and requirement.

Welding rotators consist of 5 parts:

  1. Base foundation
  2. Wheel roller
  3. Motor and bearing
  4. Electric box
  5. Remote control

If it is a fit-up rotator, there will be a hydraulic system.

A welding rotator consists of one driving wheel and one idler wheel, the 4 wheel rollers support and rotate the workpiece. The material depends on your workpiece.

You could control the speed through the remote hand control or foot panel, it can rotate forward and reverse.

welding Rotators Drawing

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

conventional rotator drawing

Conventional Welding Rotator

Working Principle of a Welding Rotator.

A Welding Rotator is a machine used to increase welding efficiency and decrease the manufacturing rate.

In those situations when you have to handle heavy round objects for welding, it plays a crucial role. All performance of the Weld Rotator depends on its wheel roller, motor, reducer, and base frame.

Once the object is all set to rotate, the machine then starts the automated welding process. There is a thing to be noted that the Welding Rotator is normally suitable for round object welding because of its rotating movement.

welding rotator self aligningSelf-aligning Rotator

Applications of Welding Rotators.

The welding rotator is generally used for the assembly, sharpening, and welding of tubing, tanks, oil tanks, and other containers.

A welding rotator may be used in combination with a column and boom and a SAW device to obtain in and out longitudinal welding.

The unit may do all types of auto or manual welding. It’s able to enhance welding accuracy, reduce welding labor, and increase productivity.

Self-Aligning Welding Rotator.

Welding Rotator SENLIS

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

This type of welding rotator can work on several sizes of metal works without adjusting or changing the distance of wheel rollers.

The self-aligned rotator can be used for rotating cylindrical parts such as fuel drums, pressurized containers, silos, oil tankers, pipelines, etc.

Self-aligning rotators are made of two units. One drive unit and one idler unit, each unit has four wheel rollers.

Conventional Welding Rotator.

welding rotators SENLISWELD

Conventional Welding Rotator

Conventional Rotator varies from 2 to 2000 tons with greater loads and larger diameter ranges, for both Polyurethane wheels with excess disk and all steel wheels depending on the performance.

Adapt to workpieces of various diameters by manually adjusting the distance between the rollers.

The structure and rotator base are carefully crafted to ensure proper balance to support the weight of the vessel or workpiece.

Features of Conventional Welding Rotator

  • Applications such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, pipe welding, and so on.
  • More productive and reliable options for expanded power in energy, engine, shipbuilding, other sectors, etc.
  • Rapid development and efficiency enhancements
  • Welder exhaustion may be minimized.
Fit-Up Welding Rotator.

SENLIS welding rotator fit-up

Fit-up Welding Rotator

Fit-up welding rotator normally used to pipe-to-pipe connection welding process. It will operate with at least one set of the drive unit, for example, a conventional rotator or a self-aligning rotator.

Place the 2-section pipes on the welding rotators, and adjust the height of the rollers through the hydraulic system, so as to realize the alignment of the docking positions of the 2-section pipes.

Self-Aligning & Conventional Rotator.

The primary difference between a self-aligning rotator and a conventional rotator is the automatic adjust and manual adjust wheel roller distance.

Self-aligning rotator has four wheel rollers for each unit, and the conventional rotator has two wheel rollers for each unit.

When we say one set of welding rotators, there always have one drive unit and an idler unit. The drive unit has power to make the wheel roller rotate.

Structural Parts of the Welding Rotator.

Welding rotators have several structural parts that are quite distinct from others due to the design of the welding rotator. Generally, the structural parts of a welding rotator include;

  • The rotating vessel, usually wheels – is the part that turns or rotates the cylindrical vessels and circular materials to be worked on.
  • The power motor – This part supplies power to the machine and also aids in speed regulation.
  • The idler – this part that supports the rotation of the device and as such can alter the direction of the output shaft.
  • Motor – it provides the power to drive and rotate the workpiece.
  • Reducer– this part is connected to the motor so that the speed of rotation can be adjusted.
  • The remote controller – wireless remote, hand remote, foot remote. Could adjust the rotation direction and speed.
  • The electric box – these are the integral parts and as such are needed for the effective running of the welding rotator.
Maintenance of Welding Rotators.

Welding rotators are typically powerful, and as such, maintenance cannot be overlooked.

Here are a couple of ideas for maintenance:

  • When using any unit, such as a welding rotator, search it for loose screws, nuts, and nails. Before you use the machine, tighten the screws.
  • Before starting a new project, make sure there are no weld bits or remains on the unit. This can result in an obstacle in the system.
  • Keep an eye out for odd and unexpected noises and movements from the unit, as well as unpleasant scents. Until you use it, do the required repairs.
  • Ensure that the welding operation’s job load is appropriate for the welding rotator in usage. For hard welding products, do not use a welding rotator with a lower capacity.
Avoid Accidental Damage.

You can effortlessly avoid accidental damages during transportation by using proper safety protocols. The safety protocols you need to apply;

  • Wearing proper leather gloves: Always follow the general rule of thumb, and apply your safety first. Whether you are welding round objects or any irregular shape object; make sure that you are wearing welding leather gloves for your hand protection.
  • Eye protection: How can you neglect the importance of eye protection in the welding process? Whether you are a welding expert or a beginner, wearing eye protection is a must. Wear high-quality eye protection so that the rays don’t pass it.

So, if you apply the mentioned safety protocols perfectly, then we guarantee, you can perform and transport safely during welding.

Welding Rotator vs Welding Positioner.

Many people get confused with these two terms and also about the fact that they have few similarities. They both rotate spherical and cylindrical welding materials but differently. They increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your welding operation.

Welding PositionerSome objects are complex in shape so you have to wonder how to weld and position them. A Welding Positioner is a welding tool used to rotate, move, and hold two complex shape objects for the deep and precise weld.

The welding rotator is quite similar to a welding rotator but they are not the same. The welding positioner is a device that carries out its welding operation by grasping and limiting the motion of the welding material at a fixed point but rotating it according to the degree of the angle.

Due to this structure of the welding positioner, it can be used for any shape and form of welding material. However, for welding rotators, the case is different. The welding rotator tends to be operational only on spherical or cylindrical welding materials due to the constant rotary movement of the wheels.

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