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SENLISWELD is China’s leading welding automation and CNC cutting machine company for over two decades. We have manufactured the most reliable welding machines for both our local and international clients.

Along with the skills and experience, we have the trust of our loyal customers in 40 countries across all 7 continents. We put customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of our company’s vision and mission.

Since 1999. SENLSIWELD has excelled in manufacturing all varieties of the most widely used welding automation machines for a diverse range of industries.

SENLISWELD is the ONE-STOP-SHOP to upgrade your business’s welding operations. We are not merely suppliers but also your business partners.

Milestones of SENLISWELD

SENLISWELD was established in 1999 by a team of visionaries. This team set out their mission to innovate the welding world. They manufactured the earliest welding automation machines and gradually build a local customer base in China.
For the next decade, SENLISWELD worked on bringing innovation in their welding equipment while capturing a great portion of the local market share. The Internet started to evolve and so did SENLIWELD.
SENLISWELD entered the international market with the highest level of motivation and commitment. We also connected our business to the digital world and established our website. Just like the domestic market, we quickly earned long-lasting goodwill and customer loyalty among its international customers.
SENLISWELD stretched its supply of the three most widely demanded welding automation machines across all continents. Keeping in mind that the sky’s the limit, we embarked on a journey to tap into the most remote markets in the world.
The novel coronal virus swept the entire earth and hit hard various industries. It brought down our sales, but not our commitment! SENLISWELD put the safety and security of its workers at the forefront and was the first company to adopt the required SOPs.
As the world recovered from the epidemic, we have decided to come back stronger than ever. We have joined forces with GIEGY WELDING to bring the best of both companies in one package. We have created a new website to provide the best customer services to our international clients.
After the Chinese New Year Festival, SENLISWELD upgraded the logo. The new logo looks simple and meaningful, it always reminds us to provide the best service and high-quality products. The new logo is also more connected with welding automation. Let's go, SENLISWELD!
After three years of the epidemic, 2023 has completely returned to normal. SENLISWELD began to visit customers all over the place. At the same time, this year we got the right to use the Chenta reducer, which can bring customers a higher quality Welding Rotator.



“Standard Is A Quality Not A Goal”

SENLISWELD ensures a high standard in all of its operations. We integrate our customer’s specific needs into our manufacturing processes to ensure the requested quality. We also provide a FREE replacement for normal wear and tear parts for 1 year!

We, at SENLISWELD, maintain a high standard in our customers’ services as well. We highly respect the privacy of our customers and don’t ask for too much information. We don’t take extensive hours to connect with them. We respond with 8 hours!


What Else Can SENLISWELD Do For You?

Provide Buyer Service
Over many years of production and domestic business experience, we have a huge variety of product supplier resources and machinery and equipment procurement resources. We can save you more time and more money.
Factory Inspection Service
We are in the developed Yangtze River Delta region with convenient transportation and can reach any place in the country within one day. Rich experience in factory inspection also saves your time.
Project Consultant
SENLIS provides automatic welding center, wind tower project, oil platform project, large pressure vessel project, whole plant welding production line planning, etc. Our technical team will handle this and help you with them easily.

SENLISWELD’s Customization Service

A strong technical team and production team can customize many types of machinery and equipment. Whether it is welding equipment or not. For example, some cutting equipment, automation equipment, strapping machine, packaging machine and so on.

Main Products from SENLISWELD

Turning Rolls
Welding Positioner
Welding Manipulator

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