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If you are having a hard time choosing the right supplier of a horizontal turntable supplier, SENLISWELD is the best solution. You can rely on us for all your issues and problem regarding your welding production line.

Our production team ensures the lead time of horizontal turntable machines. We provide excellent after-sale service for all our customers. SENLISWELD cares and gives value to the customers who trust us.

SENLISWELD Horizontal Turntable

1 Tons Horizontal Turntable

This horizontal turntable is commonly used in any welding and assembling parts. It has a capacity to load 1 ton. Customize large capacity.

2 Tons Horizontal Turntable

SENLISWELD horizontal turntable can be designed according to your specific requirement. This can improve the quality of the welding workpiece.

5 Tons Horizontal Turntable

Any kind of workpiece attached to the horizontal turntable can complete the procedure automatically. The workload can possibly reduce by this.

10 Tons Horizontal Turntable

Using this horizontal turntable is an efficient way to upgrade your welding quality. It has reliable and well-built performance.

20 Tons Horizontal Turntable

This kind of horizontal turntable is convenient to use and easy to maintain. This is applicable to various welding requirements.

30 Tons Horizontal Turntable

The worktable of this horizontal turntable has a circular structure. This is widely used in the special project industry. Loading capacity could be larger.

Horizontal Turntable Supplier

SENLISWELD mastered the development and production of the horizontal turntable for 2 decades. We are continuously establishing the best technical and production team to produce high-quality machines. 

We have already transported our products to our local and international customers. If you choose us as your horizontal turntable manufacturer you are choosing a trustworthy and supportive manufacturer to serve you.

We are accessible and easy to work with. Send an inquiry now and let us know how we can help you.

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More About SENLISWELD Horizontal Turntable

Horizontal Turntable senlisweld workshop

Technical ParameterModel
Max Loading Capacity (kg)30050010002000300050001000020000
Work Table Size (mm)Φ600Φ800Φ1000Φ1200Φ1400Φ1500Φ1800Φ2000
Max Eccentricity (mm)100200
Swing Speed (rpm)0.1~10.05~0.5
Rotating Power (kW)0.180.370.751.11.5
Speed ModeRotary frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
Voltage380V-50HZ-3PH(Other voltages can be customized)

Horizontal Turntable: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you know that you can even swiftly handle even a 100-ton workpiece while performing your welding operations?

Choosing the perfect horizontal turntable can make your job so much easier. The horizontal turntable has created a massive impact in the field of welding. It is now a vital appliance that welders use to perform their professional welding activities.

What Is A Horizontal Turntable?

A horizontal turntable is a mechanical appliance that provides a flexible platform for your business’s welding activities.

It efficiently assists in handling your workpiece. During the professional welding operations, just place the weldment on the horizontal platform.

While handling, you no longer have to concern yourself with the weight or complexity of the weldment.

Rotating the platform around the vertical axis will provide you with the most convenient and desired working position.

Handling heavy loads with horizontal turntable

Handling heavy loads with horizontal turntable

How Does A Horizontal Turntable Help In Welder’s Ergonomics?

Due to the limitless benefits, the modern manufacturing world dramatically focuses on how effectively it can improve the worker’s ergonomics.

The horizontal turntable is a vital piece of appliance that provides absolute ergonomic features in performing your welder’s professional welding operations.

So, how does this appliance help in providing so much flexibility? Well, how its defining terms express the device function.

A horizontal turntable comes with a flat platform that you can turn around a vertical axis, i.e., clockwise or anti-clockwise in the horizontal directions.

Rotate the horizontal platform in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions

Rotate the horizontal platform in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions

It isn’t convenient to hold the workpiece manually or place it on the floor while simultaneously working on it.

During the welding operations, you need a suitable and convenient position on the working surface. Once you place the weldment on the turntable, just clamp it and forget the weight of the weldment.

Rotate the turntable in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions until you get the desired position. Once you start using the horizontal turntable, you will find how effective it has reduced your worker’s fatigue.

What Are The Applications Of Horizontal Turntable Welding Positioner?

A horizontal turntable can provide a considerable advantage in performing various applications in the field of professional welding.

So, it is extensively being used in many sectors like pipe, oil and gas industry, railroad and transportation industry, marine and wildlife industry, etc.

The commonly applicable scopes for the appliance include:

●    Accurate positioning and rotation

You can use the low-height horizontal turntables where applications require accurate positioning in horizontal position and rotation.

●    To gain a cost-effective solution

You can be assured to receive a highly economical method to perform welding operations on rotating pipe, vessel, or industrial weldment.

●    Decrease rework scope with quality welding

Are you having trouble in producing quality welding at first instance? If you want to decrease rework scopes and refine the quality of welding, ease your operations using the automated handling features of the horizontal turntable.

●    Circumferential and persistent welding

While the horizontal platform rotates about its own axis at fixed or variable speed, you can perform consistent quality welding on a selected pathway or the circumferential path.

Performing circumferential welding

Performing circumferential welding

●    Paint jobs and Thermal spray

The horizontal turntables that come with high-speed rotational features can assist you in rotating the workpiece at high speed. So, you can apply thermal sprays or perform regular paint jobs on the workpiece.

●    Rotating the large and heavy workpiece

If you choose the horizontal turntable that comes with a large diameter with a higher load-bearing capacity, you can easily handle your exceptionally large weldments.

Is It Possible To Automate The Manufacturing System Using A Horizontal Turntable?

Yes, the modern manufacturing industries use a horizontal turntable positioner to reach the automation process in many welding applications.

As you understand, any automatic process doesn’t involve only one type of job. When you want complete automation on any manufacturing system, you have to depend on a set of operations. And the location of operations must be operating simultaneously in a synchronized manner.

You can combine the column and boom manipulators with the horizontal turntable to automate the manufacturing process.

Automated welding system

Automated welding system

During the process, the manipulator will help you to perform the welding from a fixed position. And with the horizontal turntable, you can handle and rotate the workpiece.

The instruction on what pace both of the appliances will perform operations will come from a central unit. The command from the central unit will relay instruction in a synchronized pattern to achieve the targeted welding operation.

Moreover, you can also integrate welding robotic arms with the units to achieve further automation. This will help you to automate complex operations very easily.

Do The Horizontal Turntable Come With Bi-directional Rotation Feature?

Yes, in the majority of the horizontal turntable units, this feature is available. With the bi-directional rotation feature, you can rotate the platform both in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Most of the manufacturing companies producing horizontal turntables enable this feature for more flexible operation of the users.

And integrating this additional feature requires a small additional gear option which doesn’t cost much. So why wouldn’t the companies include this small part that primarily impacts handling weldments?

Does The Horizontal Turntable Come With A Variable And High-Speed Feature?

Different applications require different kinds of the feature. Depending on the kind of application you expect to handle, you can order the horizontal turntable.

All the horizontal turntable comes with a variable speed option. You can set the target speed based on the handling application or the type of workpiece you are working on. For example, if you want to handle different types of weldment involving variable applications, the variable speed option is a necessary option you can use.

Speaking of high-speed feature, all the horizontal turntable doesn’t come with the high-speed option unless you order requested feature.

Variable height features of horizontal turntable

Variable height features of the horizontal turntable

For general applications, the average speed is sufficient. Since the high-speed options are not standard in all kinds of applications, so if you require, you have to request a high-speed feature in the ordered horizontal turntable.

In applications involving spray paint jobs, you can continue the spray from a fixed position while the workpiece rotates at high speed. This ensures uniform spray throughout the surface.

Can I Modify The Ordered Horizontal Turntable With Special Clamping Technology?

The horizontal turntable is used to efficiently handle the workpiece you are using during the welding operation.

When you rotate the workpiece using the horizontal turntable, you must firmly attach the unit’s workpiece. This is to ensure that the weldment is not slipped during the welding operations.

Typically, the horizontal turntable comes with grippers and a chuck system to hold the workpiece. But if you want a specialized clamping option or other modified version to hold your weldment, modification options are still available.

Clamping system

Clamping system

How Does Horizontal Turntable Work?

Well, the basic working principle of a horizontal turntable is very simple. During the welding operations, just place the workpiece on the horizontal platform or the turntable.

You have to ensure a better grip to avoid slipping of the workpiece. With the built-in clamping option that comes with the horizontal turntable, bind the weldment appropriately.

You can mechanically rotate the turntable to spin the weldment. You can turn the weldment both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to position the workpiece according to the convenient position you desire.

You can use the device’s continuous spin option to operate at a consistent pace. If you want to just reposition the weldment and work still in a fixed position, stop the unit and lock the rotation.

Moreover, if you require high-speed rotational options for particular kinds of applications, select the appliance that comes with the available feature.

But if you want a specialized clamping option or other modified version to hold your weldment, modification options are still available.

Is It Possible To Set Up A Horizontal Turntable On A Ground Floor With A Tilting Issue?

One of the common issues the professional welders often face is the proper alignment and balancing of the interactive welding appliance.

With leveling issues on the floor or ground where the horizontal turntable is being set up, you will face difficulty operating the appliance.

Moreover, it is risky to operate an appliance that is not correctly balanced and aligned. So before proceeding with the operation, you must solve the leveling issue.

So how do you solve it? The professional welders use different simplified techniques to solve the problem. One of such techniques involves using the unit’s built-in system of re-alignment and balancing.

The stand or legs that support the unit can be adjusting in variable lengths until you can perfectly align the unit. So, this solves the issue. But not all units come with this kind of adjustability feature.

You have to manually set up clamps of variable sizes that can help align your unit.

You can lock the clamps with the floor to get a fixed setup that will remain undisturbed during the welding operations. So, following the proper steps, you can easily set up the horizontal turntable on the floor with leveling issues.

What Are The Types Of Horizontal Turntable?

The manufacturers offer a great deal of variation in horizontal turntables to function on a variety of applications.

With different features, some of the common types of horizontal turntables are:

●    Low profile horizontal floor turntable

It’s a very low and fixed height turntable where the horizontal platform is positioned on the appliance just above the floor. The advantage of this feature is that you get a highly cost-effective method to handle and rotate the weldment. Here please see for yourself

Low Profile Horizontal turntable

Low Profile Horizontal turntable

●    Adjustable height horizontal turntable

With this feature, you can adjust the horizontal platform to a provided height to better handle the workpiece.

●    High-speed horizontal turntable

The high-speed horizontal turntable will provide you with rotational capability with higher rpm of the flat platform. So you can rotate your workpiece at a higher speed.

High-speed horizontal turntable

High-speed horizontal turntable

●    Large diameter horizontal turntable

To handle large pieces of weldment with higher weight, you can use the large diameter horizontal turntable.

How Do I Choose The Right Horizontal Turntable For My Work?

Manufacturers provide a wide range of features on different types of horizontal turntables. They offer you variability in types to perfectly suit your application.

So, you should also choose a suitable unit to assist your business efficiently. How do you choose the suitable unit of the horizontal turntable?

Here are some quick points to consider:

Your first and foremost task should be to set up the target of the operation. Each unique feature of the horizontal turntable will offer you flexibility in a unique application. So, first, decide your application range and select the type most suitable to assist your target.

Consider the diameter of the turntable so that it is suitable for the size of your target workpiece.

For convenient and efficient handling, choose the required table height suitable for you to handle the weldment.

Each of the models of horizontal turntables is designed to deal with the load within a fixed range. Choose the model that will be suitable to deal with your weldment’s weight.

The rotational speed capacity is also an essential factor you should consider. Since you need to rotate the weldment at different speed levels in various applications, choose the model with a speed range suitable to your application.

Along with speed, you should also justify the rotating motor power that is sufficient to deal with the target weldment.

Finally, carefully follow the complete specification of the product. There are many factors like input and output current-voltage, torque, the center of gravity, etc., in the specification you want to justify before choosing the product.

What Table Diameter Should I Choose For The Horizontal Turntable Unit?

The general welding jobs that people handle using a horizontal turntable involve an average-sized workpiece. So, the typical horizontal turntables all have an average-sized platform.

If you are dealing with welding operations where you have to handle the workpiece of average size, it is okay for you to choose the turntable with average diameter.

However, if you introduce large objects on the low-diameter turntable, you have to face the center of gravity with load shift. So, choose the large diameter horizontal turntable if you have to deal with large-sized weldment.

Large diameter horizontal turntableLarge diameter horizontal turntable

Is The Horizontal Turntable And Welding Manipulator Same?

This is a common misconception! A horizontal turntable is not the same as a welding manipulator.

The horizontal turntable falls under the category of welding positioner. It helps to position the weldment however convenient for you.

Whereas the manipulator assists in performing the welding job from a fixed position, the positioner holds the weldment at the proper angle for the manipulator. So, the two units have individual and separate purposes.

Should I Choose A Tilt-gear Turntable Or Horizontal Turntable?

When choosing, consider which one is fit for your purpose and provide the most efficient solution. Since a horizontal turntable can only rotate on a single axis, it is a highly cost-effective solution if it serves your purpose.

Comparatively, a tilt-gear turntable serves a similar purpose, with an additional tilting feature of the platform. So, the cost rises for the appliance, resulting in an inefficient investment.

If your application requires to tilt the platform, choose the tilt-gear turntable in case of the welding operation. But if the horizontal turntable is sufficient, you should choose the flat platform to avail the cost-effective approach.

How Can The Horizontal Turntable Benefit By Business?

Are you considering the best options to maximize your business profits? Choosing a suitable appliance can help you so much for your business.

Let’s discuss how it can benefit your business, and you will indeed dive in optimize your productivity as well:

  • Faster production: Are you still in manual mode of material handling? Drastically speed up your production line with the proper use of horizontal turntables.
  • Flexibility: Are your workers tired after work? With a horizontal turntable at your side to assist in handling, your workers can work for a much longer time with much less effort. This will be a great advantage in your production line.
  • Professional output: Due to automated and variable handling options, your business can now ensure a high-quality product. This will help you to lead your business with a competitive edge.
  • Increased safety and efficiency: Safety is one of the vital aspects of every production business. With the efficient usage of the horizontal turntable, you can significantly eliminate the risky factors that your workers have to deal with daily.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your target and get a quick quote now!

Are you highly interested in a horizontal turntable? You can even make a DIY turntable using this video.

What Are The Additional Accessories That Come With A Horizontal Turntable To Control The Unit Efficiently?

The horizontal turntable comes with some built-in accessories. You can use the accessories to control the unit efficiently.

The unit has a wired remote system. You can control different features of the unit by holding the remote with your hand. Moreover, controlling the horizontal turntable with the hand while simultaneously working on the weldment seems non-practical, right?

To solve this problem, the horizontal turntable comes with a footswitch. Keep your hands free while controlling the unit with your legs.

Attaching the workpiece on the horizontal working platform can also be controlled using the hand remote and footswitches. Other than these features, you can also upgrade other control options for more handling opportunities.

How Is The Workpiece Attached On The Horizontal Turntable Ensuring Sufficient Safety Of Operation?

Most of the horizontal turntables come with two kinds of gripping options.

●    Three-jaw self-centering scroll chuck system.

This system utilizes adjustable jaws. These jaws will offer you a practical and high-quality gripping solution. Moreover, the lathe grips and chucks are an economical approach to deal with the handling of the weldment.

Speaking of safety, you can relax entirely while leaving your workpiece in the system’s hand. Each of the jaws engages in three levels of grip perfectly relocatable during full motion.

Self-centering scroll chucks with reversible top jawsSelf-centering scroll chucks with reversible top jaws

These are primarily ideal for cylindrical and tube-shaped workpieces. But they can also adapt to other weldment shapes as well.

●    Gripper sets

With special gripper sets, you can hold your workpiece without damaging them. Coming with a steel frame, the adjustability is assured with a quality grip.

Moreover, due to the high durability feature, you can preserve the hardened weldment from tearing and wearing, while maintaining gripping capability.

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