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SENLISWELD is an expert in the manufacturing of Skyhook Positioner. Our professional technical team supports customization and makes your welding fabrication more efficient.

  • Design the suitable type of Skyhook Positioner for you.
  • Different lifting strokes and skyhook sizes.
  • Loading capacity from 100KGS to 20,000KGS.
  • Professional engineers handle all of your requests.

Skyhook Welding Positioner

The skyhook welding positioner (Also could be called L-Type Welding Positioner) is a welding positioner that allows multi-angle welding with 2-axis or 3-axis motion. The PLC control and the servo motor can be used to memorize the welding position and realize the function of using with welding robot.

It is usually necessary to consider the load bearing of the workpiece, the position of the center of gravity of the workpiece, to design the length of the skyhook and the lift stroke, so as to give the customer the selection and production of the most suitable skyhook positioner.

SENLISWELD has more than 20 years of experience in the field of skyhook welding positioners and can design the most suitable products according to the customer’s workpiece and requirements. High-standard quality products are always our pursuit.

3-Axis Skyhook Positioner

The 3-axis skyhook positioner can achieve rise and fall, ±180° tilt, and 360° rotation of the workbench.

It can achieve various angles of welding in a smaller space, saving floor space and improving welding efficiency at the same time.

SENLISWELD can customize for you various load-bearing, different directions, as well as achieve PLC automation welding.

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PLC Automatic Control

PLC Automatic Control

PLC automatic control can realize the function of memory action and position, so that one key can reach the welding position you set.

Show the real-time angle of lifting, flip and real-time speed of rotation.

More efficient and accurate to reach the desired welding position.

The program can be directly modified remotely, and the functions can be changed at any time according to the requirements.

Anti-fall Device

The principle of the anti-fall device is that when the equipment is overloaded and the two chains break at the same time, the spring of the anti-fall device pops open and the snap works, catching the latch and preventing the fall.

SENLISWELD skyhook positioner is designed with an increased load margin. At the same time the protection of anti-fall device, and safety has been enhanced.

We focus on the safety and stability of our equipment to ensure reliability in the welding process.

Anti-fall device

Skyhook Welding Positioner From SENLISWELD

control system for skyhook welding positioner
assemble process skyhook positioner

The skyhook welding positioner PLC we use is a SIEMENS brand and all other components are from SIEMENS to ensure the high quality of the electronic control system.

SENLISWELD also provides wireless remote control for convenient operate, when you need to adjust the better welding positions.

During the process of skyhook positioner installation and commissioning, we are constantly improving and innovating, and are able to design more efficient operation methods that are simpler for our customers to use, and that exclude all possible errors.

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Best Skyhook Positioner Supplier

SENLISWELD can design different styles of Skyhook Welding Positioners according to your workpiece. Due to the different load capacities, it is possible to design lightweight designs, as well as high load capacity designs.

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