Light-duty Welding Rotator

  • Polyurethane wheel, wear-resistant and heat-resistant
  • Stepless adjustable speed with AC motor
  • Simple structure adapts to many working environments
  • Manual control box or foot panel control
  • Widely used for elongated workpieces
  • 6000kg type could adjust the position to fit larger workpieces
  • Separation structure is suitable for any length workpieces
  • Model: HGK-1
  • Loading Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Turning Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Max Speed: 1500 mm/min
  • Motor Power: 120w
  • Workpiece Diameter Range: 20-700 mm
  • Wheel Roller Size: 50mm (W) x 200 mm
  • Dimension: 520 (L) x 470 (w) x 390 (H) mm
  • Model: HGK-3
  • Loading Capacity: 3000 kg
  • Turning Capacity: 3000 kg
  • Max Speed: 1500 mm/min
  • Motor Power: 200w
  • Workpiece Diameter Range: 40-1400 mm
  • Wheel Roller Size: 50mm (W) x 200 mm
  • Drive Dimension: 800 (L) x 370 (w) x 360 (H) mm
  • Idler Dimension: 800 (L) x 260 (w) x 360 (H) mm
  • Model: HGK-6
  • Loading Capacity: 6000 kg
  • Turning Capacity: 6000 kg
  • Max Speed: 1500 mm/min
  • Motor Power: 370w
  • Workpiece Diameter Range: 160-4000 mm
  • Wheel Roller Size: 100mm (W) x 300 mm
  • Dimension: 1800 (L) x 700 (w) x 350 (H) mm

Light-duty Welding Rotator

In the last few years, there has been a lot of progress in electrical and mechanical machinery. If you have high-quality machinery, you will make a lot of money in the long run. Because a large percentage of an industry’s revenue is dependent on the efficiency of its equipment, every manufacturer desires a cost-effective and efficient device.

This welding rotator is a fantastic creation. It gives you a lot of bang for your buck. A welding rotator is a device that aids in the welding of cylindrical or spherical objects. It may be used to weld both small and large circular shapes.

A light-duty welding rotator is an electrical machine that is primarily used for precise measurements and welds. There are multiple types of these rotators. All of the light-duty welding rotators are one of the kinds that we produce with perfection.

Its loading capacity varies as per application like it can be 10 tons, 30 tons, etc. having motor power accordingly. Bearing finely made components, the light-duty welding rotators bear different loads and can be utilized for various purposes including pipe welding.

The principal application of a light-duty welding rotator for all types is very basic and understandable. Its function is to handle and weld metal containers. To be more precise, we may say that circular metal sheets are welded by using this particular equipment, a light-duty welding rotator.

These welding rotators can withstand high temperatures. It implies that they don’t become hot right away if they’re working on something. This machine is also wear-resistant, ensuring that the machine’s surface is not damaged by friction or other external impacts.

Light-duty welding rotators also have an AC motor in the design. AC motors have a longer lifespan and are more durable. So, this indicates that this machine is durable and has a low initial power need.

A light-duty welding rotator is a reliable device. It entertains you with a lot of features. For example, very little noise is produced while this machine is performing tasks using metal. Another great feature of this device is that it is easy to operate. You do not have to become a highly trained and skilled operator if you are willing to operate a light-duty welding rotator.

Our light-duty welding rotators produce less wastage and work in every type of environment even in harsh conditions as well. Such light-duty welding rotators are anti-bending means any external damage will have minimum effect on the machine parts as they do not bend or produces dents when force is applied to them.

All this is because of the prime quality manufacturing material used in making these light-duty welding rotators.

Some important facts and features that are related to light-duty welding rotators are given below:

  • These welding rotators are resistant to heat.
  • They are also wear-resistant. This prevents the machine from becoming scratched.
  • The wheel’s position can be adjusted to accommodate a wider range of workpieces.
  • Adapts to a variety of working environments. Thanks to its tiny, simple, and light build.
  • Its speed can be adjusted manually.
  • It can be customized. The color and voltage of the machine can be customized to the preferences of the customer.
  • If you’re not sure whether to use a light-duty welding rotator, read the evaluations. This equipment will undoubtedly satisfy you as it has a wide range of capacities and features.
  • It has a unique design which makes it a lot easier to weld circular metal sheets as compared to conventional welding machines.
  • Hence, a light-duty welding rotator is a reliable and authentic machine for performing welding jobs with precision and accuracy. It undoubtedly generates error-free work and, as a result, boosts your company’s revenue.
  • With advanced technology, the manufacturing material used to make such light-duty welding rotators is accessible and produces a fine finishing.
  • The light-duty welding rotator is quite burr-free and has anti-corrosive property as it repels water and humidity that damages the rotator’s various compartments.
  • As you can adjust them manually, operators find this machine extremely durable and convenient.
  • Our light-duty welding rotators are quite compatible with various welding materials and perform with the same efficiency for all of them.
  • The efficacy of AC motors used by light-duty welding rotators is on spot with brilliant output.
  • All our customized light-duty welding rotators work well with several welding machines and they produce burr-free welding at the areas where rotation is required.
  • Different kinds of light-duty welding rotators come with approval and are CE, ISO, etc. certified ensuring complete security and quality compliance to the customers.
  • The installing of light-duty welding rotators is simple with regard to its unique and user-friendly design saving your money in buying high-end tools.
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