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Since 1999, SENLISWELD produces a high standard 2 Axis Positioner in the industry. We concentrate on R&D to provide the best customization of different kinds and loading capacities of our 2 axis positioner.  

  • We have an experienced professional technical team for 20 years
  • Full OEM experience on top international welding automation company.
  • Solid production team with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Can easily respond to your issues and concerns without delays.

2 Axis Welding Positioner

Are you looking for a dependable 2 axis positioner supplier? SENLISWELD must be your first choice. We are a one-stop shop that can help and gives solutions to improve your welding operations.

SENLISWELD support you to achieve your desire specifications for 2 axis positioner. We ensure effective communication to understand your specific requirements. Send us a request now.

SENLISWELD 2 Axis Positioner

150kg 2 Axis Positioner

This 2-axis positioner loading capacity is 150 kg, stable construction with the best electronic components. Valtage: AC220V one phase 50 or 60 Hz.

HBJ 2 Axis Positioner

The 2 axis positioner can rotate 360 horizontally and can incline 90 degrees vertically. The remote control box is included.

Height-adjust 2 Axis Positioner

This height-adjust 2 axis positioner could adjust the height by bolt, the size and loading capacity could customize depend on your request.

2 Axis Positioner Customized

With the help of this 2 axis positioner, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation. More efficient with the special design.

20 Tons 2 Axis Positioner

This type of 2 axis positioner has the ability to rotate and flip. It is compatible with any kind of welding tool. Customize your different needs.

Heavy-duty 2 Axis Positioner

This is a high-performance heavy-duty 2 axis positioner incorporate with an automatic welding system. It is built with durability for long-term use.

10 Tons 2 Axis Welding Positioner (4)

SENLISWELD 2 Axis Welding Positioner Advantages

Easy to Install

Our 2-axis weld positioner only needs to plug in the power to use, follow the safety instructions will be fine.

High Quality Control
High-quality Control

During the production process each step, we pay more attention to every detail. Make sure all is perfect.

OEM Ability Advantage
OEM Ability

SENLISWELD could customize for you with different and special requests, we have strong OEM ability.

1 Year Warranty
1-year Warranty

We provide a one-year quality warranty and free replacement parts. Professional engineers always support you.

Why Choose SENLISWELD 2 Axis Welding Positioner

Our skills and experience make us build the trust of our customers for more than 20 years. SENLISWELD consistently conducts several tests for the whole production of 2 axis positioners.

We make sure that we always put our customer satisfaction first and be a good business partner to them. SENLISWELD gives a one-year warranty with free parts for 2 axis positioner and in any product that you purchase from us.

2-axis Welding Positioner video

High Standard Quality & Development Ability

2 Axis Weld Positioner workshop
2 axis welding turntable workshop

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, customization is one of our biggest advantages. Share with us your requirements, SENLISWELD will help you with your welding and other automation machines.

SENSLIWED 2-axis welding positioner could OEM for you, for example, 1) rotation speed 2) diameter of table 3) control way 4) welding chuck 5) loading capacity 6) overturning angle 7) some other requsts.

2 axis weld positioners From SENLISWELD
2 Axis Welding Positioner Manufacturer In China

Over 20 years of experience in welding positioner manufacturing. High-quality control. Competitive price. Fast reply and professional engineer support. OEM & ODM.

About SENLISWELD 2 Axis Positioner

2 axis Positioner Production Process

  • “They really help us a lot! As you know, the welding positioner is not a special machine, but our workpiece is special with a big length, we were confused about how to hold it. SENLISWELD great engineer helps us solve this problem, it works great!”

    Mike From USA
  • “After I bought the 2 axis welding positioner from SENLIWELD, they made a good impression on me. Actually, I didn’t purchase any machines made in China, because I have to wait for many days. But they have a fast reply anytime and made this machine very quick, I receive the welding positioner only for 30days.”

    Harry From New Zealand
  • “We had some good suppliers before, but since working with SENLISWELD, I found that I finally found the best supplier for me. They are fully custom made for my requirements and they are very high quality.”

    Mohammed From Saudi Arabia
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2 Axis Positioner: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the bombardment of new forms of automated machinery in the technological industry, you might get a bit overwhelmed as to what kind of machinery would be best suited for your job and your struggle is justified.

But don’t you worry because we understand your problems and we will try our level best to help you overcome them.

Allow us to introduce 2 Axis Positioners to you that have currently been trending on the market due to the easily distinguishable features that they offer. It is well known that 2 Axis Positioners have been popular equipment for the welding sector, and they are absolutely worth your attention.

Continue reading if you want to familiarize yourself with 2 Axis Positioners and learn more about their advantages and usage. We hope that this guide serves the purpose of choosing which kind of welding positioner you should opt for that fits your job perfectly.

What is a 2 Axis Positioner?

A 2 Axis Positioner is a kind of welding positioner that has the ability to simultaneously perform two kinds of movements along two axes, the movements being tilting of the table at 130 degrees while rotating the welding material at the same time.

A 2 Axis Positioner offers flexibility while enabling you to remain fixed in your position. In this way, it can save up a lot of your energy and make the job much easier for you.

2 Axis positioner packaging

2 axis positioner

It will also allow you to work with uneven surfaces unlike other kinds of welding positioners that necessitate the use of a flat surface as it is easier to weld upon.

But an easy job is not what a 2 Axis Positioner is looking for, instead, the whole purpose of a 2 Axis Positioner is to handle all the hard jobs and ease your tasks so that you can have a comfortable experience.

What is a Tilt Gear Welding Positioner?

A Tilt Gear Welding Positioner has the same tilting feature as a 2 Axis Positioner; however, Tilt Gear Welding Positioners do not have the rotatory features. You can find a combination of rotatory and tilting features only in 2 Axis Positioners.

A tilt gear welding positioner

A tilt gear welding positioner

Most people confuse Tilt Gear Welding Positioners and 2 Axis Positioners because of their similar characteristics however, that is not the case. Even with similar features, they are miles apart and perform completely different functions.

With the help of a Tilt Gear Welding Positioner, you will still need to change your position constantly in order to properly weld the material, whereas a 2 Axis Positioner rids you of this hassle and eases your job.

What can You Use a 2 Axis Positioner for?

Using a 2 Axis Positioner would greatly enhance the ergonomics while you work, and at the same time would boost the quality of the weld seam.

A 2 Axis Positioner will enable you to control the welding material completely and rotate it in any direction that you want or tilt it to whatever degree that suits you best.

You can use a 2 Axis Positioner for basically any kind of welding operation because of their added features. The main job of a positioner is to hold the welding material in place and ensure that a thorough job is done in performing two or more joints.

You can use a 2 Axis Positioner for welding the following materials: tubes, pipes, tanks, uneven vessels, etc.

2 axis positioner in the workshop

2 axis positioner in the workshop

Is a 2 Axis Positioner Necessary for Your Company?

Considering your work requirements, it is necessary for you to have either a 2 Axis Positioner or a 3 Axis Positioner present in your firm as they both are able to form multiple tasks at once and this multiplicity will greatly enhance your production output as well as the quality of your products.

A 2 Axis Positioner is ideal for your company as you would not have to purchase a Tilt Gear Welding Positioner and a Welding Rotator separately to get your job done.

It is also an automated machine that has remained in demand for a long while and will also continue to do so due to its unmatchable characteristics. Hence, it is wise for you to invest in a machine that people are willing to invest in and will ultimately provide you tons of profit.

How can You Operate a 2 Axis Positioner?

Remote control with a digital display

Remote control with a digital display

A 2 Axis Positioner usually comes with remote control with a digital display that can control its function and movement and is only operated by a single employee and is very easy to operate.

The digital remote control also allows you to adjust the rotation speed according to your own production output and enable you to work at your own pace.

You can also control the tilting capacity of your 2 Axis Positioner through its foot pedal switch that comes along with a 6m cable attached.

How is a 2 Axis Positioner Different from a 3 Axis Positioner?

As their names suggest, a 3 Axis Positioner consists of one additional axis as compared to a 2 Axis Positioner, which is the height adjustment axis. Due to this additional axis, it is ideal to be used as an assembly table.

A 3 Axis Positioner is able to move the welding material vertically in upwards and downwards motion as well in order to align its height.

This is indeed a useful feature, however, not many people require this feature, and hence, they usually opt for 2 Axis Positioners.

They also possess differences in load capacities and voltage levels, etc.

3 axis welding positioner

3 axis welding positioner

Is a 2 Axis Positioner an Electronic Automated Machinery?

The traditional 2 Axis Positioner is operated on hydraulic laws, however, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of electronic automated machinery, 2 Axis Positioners have also been converted into electronic devices for added preciseness and easily accessible resources.

They operate on a voltage level of 380 V- 480 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase.

Huge firms invest in electricity and hence, they are able to make good use of it through 2 Axis Positioners. An electric 2 Axis Positioner is also much more reliable and efficient than a hydraulic welding positioner.

Electricity is also much cheaper to consume, however, you do need to stay cautious while dealing with power and voltage as it might produce unwanted hazardous situations.

All the operational components of a 2 Axis Positioner

All the operational components of a 2 Axis Positioner

What are the Advantages of A 2 Axis Positioner?

2 Axis Positioners are widely known for the huge amount of advantages that they offer. Some of these advantages include:

  • 2 Axis Positioners vastly increase the quality of the welded products as they are able to access even the parts that are hard to reach through manual welding and hence, perform a more thorough job of making joints.
  • 2 Axis Positioners also increase your overall production speed and enable you to take up big orders and meet deadlines. Through this advantage, not only will you receive big investments but it will also increase your profit rate.
  • They are inexpensive as they provide much more than what they are worth. Moreover, if you purchase 2 Axis Positioners in bulk directly from a manufacturer, you will receive them at wholesale price which is even much less. Besides, you can ask your manufacturer to work around your budget.
  • 2 Axis Positioners also provide precise results and leave no room for error. On top of that, they are able to work consistently without stopping and do not need to recharge.
  • 2 Axis Positioners also save up on a lot of resources. Since they do not make any errors, they do not waste any raw material and since they do not require labor, they save up on labor costs.
  • 2 Axis Positioners are free from all sorts of hazards and also do not require you to invest much in their maintenance.
What is the Difference Between Manual 2 Axis Positioner and Automatic 2 Axis Positioner?

Figure 6- Manual 2 axis welding positioner that requires you to adjust the welding material yourself

Manual 2 axis welding positioner that requires you to adjust the welding material yourself

2 Axis Positioners are available for you with both automatic characteristics as well as manual characteristics. You need to decide which kind suits you best for your job and then go ahead and purchase it. However, we suggest that you opt for an automatic 2 Axis Positioner for your welding tasks.

An automatic 2 Axis Positioner would perform the tilting and rotating job itself for you and then you will just have to stand in one position and weld the material, whereas a manual 2 Axis Positioner would provide you the ability to tilt and rotate it but you will have to perform these functions on your own.

For instance, you will have to position the vessel onto the table yourself and then weld it and you will also have to adjust your own standing positions as well. This proves how a manual 2 Axis Positioner would take up more of your energy and effort.

With the current technology, automatic 2 Axis Positioners can even be aligned with a robotic welder which would result in no labor costs at all along with 100 percent accurate results.

What is the Price Range of a 2 Axis Positioner?

A 2 Axis Positioner is an extremely cost-effective and pocket-friendly automated machinery and provides you an opportunity to obtain great quality with low investment and a greater profit.

You can easily get a standard 2 Axis Positioner in a price range of about $1,000 to $30,000 based on its specifications.

The price range will differ amongst different manufacturers and is also based upon the size, material, and testing procedures adopted in its production.

Even if a 2 Axis Positioner does seem expensive to you, you should consider the fact that it will save up on a lot of other places. For instance labor cost, no fitting cost, etc.

2 axis welding positioner workshop

2 axis welding positioner

What is the Minimum Order Quantity that You can Get for 2 Axis Positioners?

In order to drastically increase the overall output capabilities of your company, we suggest that you purchase a good amount of 2 Axis Positioners from your manufacturer depending on the space available;e in your factory.

This will help in boosting your production speed and the total amount of vessels that you are able to weld on a daily basis.

Manufacturers often concentrate on B2B marketing, and therefore they will only offer their products to other business holders who are able to purchase in bulk.

SENLISWELD caters to high-end business firms along with small-end welding companies, hence, they have chosen to decrease the minimum order quantity for 2 Axis Positioners to a single complete set of machinery. However, you are free to order more if you want.

2 Axis Welding Positioner Application

2 Axis Welding Positioner Application

Can You Customize Your 2 Axis Positioner?

Customizations offered by SENLISWELD make it easier for you to experiment with the design and specifications of the 2 Axis Positioner, which is why you are free to input your ideas and clarify your desired outcome and leave it to the engineers to try to fulfill it.

The engineers will also assist you with all the safety precautions and ensure that your 2 Axis Positioner is easy to operate and free of all sorts of hazards.

In addition to that, you will also have the option to choose the materials and machine colors of your 2 Axis Positioner. You can also add or delete other features in your 2 Axis Positioner if you wish.

By designing a 2 Axis Positioner which is perfectly suited to your specific needs, you will stand out from the competition in the welding industry and be able to manufacture distinctive goods.

For instance, you can customize the tilting gear of your 2 Axis Positioner and increase it from 130 degrees to 360 degrees which will instantly increase the quality of the weld seam.

What is the Average Load Capacity of a 2 Axis Positioner?

The average load capacity of a 2  Axis Positioner depends upon its own size as it can only handle the amount of weight that is less than how much it weighs itself. The standard sizes available for 2 Axis Positioners range from around 150 kilograms to 30 tons.

For instance, a 1-ton 2 Axis Positioner would possess a load capacity of a maximum of 1000 kilograms, you can increase the load capacity as you increase the size of your 2 Axis Positioner.

What is the Average Life Span of a 2 Axis Positioner?

Considering the fact that electronic automated machinery does have an elongated life span, you can anticipate that you will be using your 2 Axis Positioner for a long time.

In order to achieve this extended life span, what you should do is remain on the lookout for any damages in your 2 Axis Positioner and get them replaces as soon as possible.

However, in order to avoid damages, you need to perform routine maintenance on your 2 Axis Positioner to help keep it in good condition. If you only use the equipment for a welding task that is right up to its lane, then you can expect your 2 Axis Positioner to provide service for about 36 to 72 months.

How Long of a Warranty Period Can You Get for a 2 Axis Positioner?

Warranties are common for all sorts of automated machinery with the majority of manufacturers offering an acceptable warranty period, however, there are some other companies that choose to give no warranty at all.

We highly encourage you to avoid purchasing anything from these companies and only consider those who provide warranties and services that are exceptional.

To make the best buying decision when purchasing a 2 Axis Positioner, it is highly recommended that you refer to a supplier that offers a minimum warranty period of at least a year.

SENLISWELD, a company focused on providing the best results to its customers, also offers you free replacement of worn-out components as well as service inspections while your 2 Axis Positioner is still under warranty, so you get to save a lot of money for maintenance.

What Different Kinds of Welding Positioners Can You Get Other Than 2 Axis Positioners?

SENLISWELD excels in providing you with multiple options so that you can examine and test which machinery will suit your job and provide you with the most precise results because as your manufacturer and your partner in business, we only want what is best for you.

Excluding 2 Axis Positioners, here are a few other kinds of welding positioners that you can get according to your job:

2 axis positioner L type

A kind of welding positioner: L-type welding positioner

What Benefits Does SENLISWELD Provide You As a 2 Axis Positioner Manufacturer and Supplier?

SENLISWELD is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for welding automated machinery and will always ensure that you get the highest quality material with the lowest investment.

They will offer you extremely economical prices for 2 Axis Positioners and can even replace materials to fit within your budget.

SENLISWELD is also well-known for its extensive collection of 2 Axis Positioners and offers a broad variety of models so that it can cater to every customer’s preferences and standards.

They will also allow you to have total freedom in customizing your own model of a 2 Axis Positioner that best suits your needs and the engineers will ensure that your desired product remains safe and even elevate the design further.

2 Axis Positioner Easy to Operate

2 Axis Positioner Easy to Operate

If you’re looking for precision and expertise at a low cost, SENLISWELD’s extensive assortment of 2 Axis Positioners is a great place to start your search and we hope that you would not have to look any further.

How Can You Contact SENLISWELD for Your Order of 2 Axis Positioners?

Here at SENLISWELD, we prioritize customer satisfaction and are willing to assist you every step of the way to make your job much easier. Our experts are available 24\7 to answer your queries and we excel in instant replies to avoid keeping you waiting.

You can contact us for suggestions regarding which kind of Welding Positioner you should opt for, or if you think a 2 Axis Positioner is the right choice for you, you can contact us for your order.

You can reach out to us through our social media accounts:

We look forward to hearing from you!

E-mail: info@senlisweld.com

Whatsapp: +86 18921215387

We hope all your queries and questions have been answered through this guide and you have certainly made up your mind regarding which welding positioner you have to opt for.

If we can further assist you in any decision, please feel free to contact us here.

If you have already made your decision and have been convinced that a 2 Axis Posiiotioner is what will suit your job the best, head on over to our vast collection of 2 Axis Positioners and pick the one you like best.

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