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If you are looking for the best Welding Turntable supplier in China, SENLISWELD is your first choice. SENLISWELD provides various types of welding turntables, the strong technical ability to support your special request.

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SENLISWELD provides various types of rotary welding turntable positioners, capacity range from 10kg to 500Tons, support your special requirements with our strong technical ability. With many years of experience, we could understand your needs better and support your business.

Welding Turntables From SENLISWELD

Welding turntable is essential to achieve efficient welding procedures, maximize deposition rate and meet the welder’s demand for fast, safe, and efficient production requirements.

10kg Welding Turntable SENLISWELD
10kg loading capacity in 0° and 5kg loading capacity in 90°, 15w motor power with 2-10rpm rotation speed.
BY-10T Welding Turntable
Same loading capacity as BY-10, it is easy to use and can be furnished to fix the position of welding torch.
Light-duty welding turntable supplier
Loading capacity ranges from 50 to 600 kg, easy to operate, and cheap price. Widely used.
Tilt Gear Welding Turntable
Tilt gear welding turntable provides the quickest means of both rotating and tilting while allowing maximum access to the workpiece.
3-axis Hydrualic Weld Turntable
It can realize the lifting, rotating, and tilting functions of the welding turntable, which is more suitable for more types of workpieces.
Head & Tail Stock Turntable
Through the head and tail connection, the weld turntable is mainly suitable for long and complex workpieces.
L-type Welding Turntable
L-type welding turntable supports 360° rotation, used for welding of special workpieces. OEM & ODM for different needs.
Height-adjust Weld Turntable
This model cannot be tilted, it can be rotated 360° and lifted by hydraulic pressure, so it has a wide range of uses.
Horizontal Welding Turntable
The weld turntable can rotate 360°, and the load is from 1 to 50 tons, and it also supports customization and different requirements.

SENLISWELD Welding Turntables Details

Welding turntable SENLISWELD Workshop

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SENLISWELD is Your Best Choice in Welding Turntable Positioner

SENLISWELD welding turntable enables large, bulky, or awkward workpieces to be accurately positioned to achieve the welding position without the need for overhead cranes or additional manpower or handling equipment.

Efficient welding procedures, maximize deposition rate, and meet the welder’s demand for fast, safe, and different production requirements. SENLISWELD will handle all of these.

Within 8 hours quick response with technical support, quotation reply, and other requirements. Make sure you are faster than any other of your competitors. Ensure that you will not delay your production schedule due to not responding in time.

SENLISWELD provides high-quality welding turntables which also bring us trust.
The normal type output of welding turntable is 200~300 units within one month.
Fast reply with great after-sales service, one-year quality warranty with free wear replacement.
SENLISWELD focuses on the service and technical consualting with 24/7 quick response.

Welding Turntable: The Ultimate Guide

In industrial welding applications, welding turntables play a vital role. Facilitating the process of welding reduces the involvement of labor.

Mainly used while making welding on different shape workpieces. Welding turntables help in attaining high welding accuracy with excellent positioning.

What is a Welding Turntable?

The welding turntable is primarily used for welding and mounting work material and is commonly used in the manufacture of pressure vessels, the gas industry, the chemical industry, power stations, freight,  shipping industry, the steelworks, and so on.

While connecting the work material to the rotary table, the work materials are turned in immediately to complete the welding process.

It is also an effective way to enhance the efficiency of the welding and to minimize the It is also an effective way to enhance the efficiency of the welding and to minimize the work pressure.

welding turntable 2 axis type

welding turntable 2 axis type

This welding rotary table comprises primarily a working table, a bearing, a frame, a motor, and a motion reducer. Its worktable may be tailored to the individual specifications of customers.

Also, several unique welding circuit boards may be used in containment vessel welding, round framework welding, and even rotating welding.

It is primarily seen in occupations such as the construction of steel frames and the installation of mechanical components. Multiple steel structures, like flanges, pipe joints, etc., are commonly utilized in the automotive sector.

It may also be utilized as a peripheral device and a machine for automated welding. It is among the most widely employed devices in the current pipeline, container, and metal structure production companies.

Steeples speed control by frequency transfer is adopted by the revolving of the workpiece. The worktable is powered to be tilted by higher stability or a hydraulic pump.

The directional angle of the working table is 0 ~ 120 °. Joint control of an operating system or a welding machine may be realized.

The power system may be equipped with three module types: capacitive touch press, digitally controlled switch, and electromechanical relay switch.

The welding table may be utilized for a variety of automated welding or manual welding and may be used for welding pipes and pipe backsides, pipe soldering, and assorted shafts, tubes, valves, and other assemblies.

It has a minimalistic design, a stunning look, and a convenient service. The welding rotary table is undoubtedly the most frequently used structural type.

In manufacturing, it will not only increase the accuracy of the welding process but also decrease the number of job transitions. It helps to eliminate unnecessary intensity and rapidly boost the production process.

What are the Features of Welding Turntable?

  1. There are several T-shaped positions on the welding turntable to rectify the workpieces closely.
  2. Six clamps are welded to the rear surface, so the stiffness is vastly increased and the fracture incidence of the welding turntable is significantly decreased.
  3. The worm gearbox can be undertaken by this welding turntable.
  4. To maintain its consistency and secure efficiency, it adopts the speed control system.
  5. It is simple to monitor and manage and can satisfy the different welding needs of customers.
  6. The foundation is sturdy enough to guarantee a steady turn-off of the unit.
  7. The work activity surface is rendered by the precise welding of the castings, and cannot be readily destroyed by the welding stains.
  8. The body has a seat framework and the general strength of the machine is strong.

What are the Advantages of Using a Welding Turntable?

A welding turntable can be a perfect way to finish the next job – culminating in reductions in time and expense as well as smooth, completed metal tubing.

Think about it as a combination of automatic and manual welding, as a welding torch finishes the weld instead of the radial welding head within the unit.

The usage of the welding turntable helps the welder to hold the welding puddle inside the weld zone without utilizing the torch.

The weld turntable works by clamping the tube joint, spinning the tube, while the worker smoothly welds the joint in a steeper place.

Welding turntable is a human-controlled method of welding, but it has several positive features:

  1. Welders centralize the emphasis on the welding joint, instead of fixing it on the arc span or other hand welding components. This concentration results in incredibly smooth welding.
  2. There’s a decent regulation pace along the tunnel (our welders in SENLISWELD often perform actions on 300 series steel tubes in a wide range of dimensions).
  3. There is manageable regulation over how much capacitance goes through the weld, based on the direction of rotation of the welding turntable.
  4. This may become hands-free welding by fastening the torch of the welder to a fixed location, ensuring that there is little room for torch trembling or wobbling that can arise while a human hand is wielded.
  5. The method ensures accurate placement in lateral or plain positions. Welding is of the highest standard since the procedure requires no elevated or vertical placement.

Any of the following benefits our clients in terms of time-, labor-and financial means:

  1. The welding turntable method enables workers to finish welds quicker than done by hand alone.
  2. Any of the work is done by the welding turntable, meaning there are fewer man-hours required to complete the job.
  3. Welding carried out on a welding turntable is long-lasting, reducing the requirement for adjustments to the device and elongating the period before the replacement of the tube elements.

2 axis welding turntable in stock

2 axis welding turntable in stock

One point to bear in mind is that the welding turntable practice does not guarantee that welding is as simple as an orbital welding unit, as turntable welding is not conducted in a fully enclosed space, but instead the part is welded in an area defined by a welding torch.

The inner surface does not provide as much resistance from inert gases like Argon to guard against oxidation as within an orbital welding unit. Some customers ask technicians to apply the orbital welding method to manufacture ultra-pure parts.

However, automatic orbital welding might not be the optimal option based on a range of considerations, such as the number of components to be produced, the size of the base structure, and the magnitude of welds or joints per structure.

Instead, welding turntables provide a low-cost, high-precision system of welding hardened steel pipes for a range of tasks.

What is the Usage of Welding Turning Table?

horizontal welding turntable

horizontal welding turntable

Welding turntables significantly improve efficiency while welding rods, valves, wheels, edges, and other circular fixtures.  When spinning or placing work materials with huge offset weights, the rotating turntables of the pipe including the welding rotary tables are especially useful.

Welding pipes or circular items may be challenging without the help of a welding turntable. Consistent, high-quality weld turntables are rendered simpler on rounded parts.

Learning to switch on the welded object to reach the right spot will lead to a launch and a pause in the process of the weld. In cases when a number of parts are to be affixed, this may lead the welder to get tired and reduce its effectiveness.

For a welding turntable, the machinist will remain in one place while the job is rotating. A firm hand and right welding settings will help in a reliable and smooth weld.

Welding turntables may be utilized for cleaning, painting, and blowing.

If you are looking for a welding turntable for a particular operation, definitely try to get in contact with SENLISWELD. At SENLISWELD, customized solutions are readily accessible.

heavy-duty welding turntable

heavy-duty welding turntable

Which Things To Know When Working on Welding Turntable Positioners?

The operating theory of the weld turntable is the same for all work projects whether large or tiny. They shape a rotation plane, which is 90 degrees to the ground. You may put massive tooling sets on these welding turntable positioners.

However,  the weld positioner turntable is beyond a revolving table. Its performance depends on the production limits of the constant torque. It will spin at enormous speeds with a large amount of load.

Here are few aspects that workers can bear in mind when welding a welding turntable positioner:

Taking into consideration the pivot point or the gravitational pull: the center of gravity is the position at which the weight of the material is held.

So, when selecting the weld turntable, it is necessary to remember the gravitational pull of the work material along with its weight and volume. This makes the work material’s alignment on both axes easier. This also defines the starting torque of the plate.

The Center of gravity changes as the welder applies pieces of different weights and measurements to the welding turntable. This argument still needs to be taken into account.

welding turntable on workshop

welding turntable on workshop

Right alignment of the work material: the manner in which the work material is fixed to the welding turntable positioner is a key aspect. This is often the direction in which it can be removed until the work material is finished.

Any complex activities that need to be replicated in order to manufacture components for standard applications use special manufacturing fixtures.

Apart from this, for oval-shaped work materials, a three-jaw bolt will normally be used for connection to the turntable. Some of the parts ought to be screwed.

So, this has to be determined by the form and scale of the work material.

Plain even ground: make sure that the entire welding turntable positioner assembly is placed on a firm, even ground. Otherwise, the work material could break off, and it may be risky.

Why Use Welding Turntable?

There are many factors for the use of welding turntable positioners aside from the increased comfort zone of the worker. Here are a few of them:

  • Enhanced Quality

Setting the welding turntable positioner promotes precision; this ensures that there is a low risk of a mistake on the part of the worker.

  • Staff Protection

The configuration of the weld turntable positioner guarantees the safety of employees. This is because the work material to be welded is well fixed in the positioner such that it can not move.

Instead of attaching the part, if we tie it or sling it, there are possibilities of unregulated motion, which may be risky.

  • Less Fatigue

The welding turntable configuration requires the worker to stay in one place and function. It is tailored to their size and degree of comfort. As a result, their exhaustion or strain is likely to reduce which will serve to increase efficiency.

  • Simple Footprint

These welding turntable positioners may be adjusted in tight environments, helping to reduce the congestion on the factory floor.

  • Semi-Automatic Operation

Welding turntables may be maneuvered as a semi-automatic system by attaching it to a power supply. This helps improve the tempo and, in exchange, the efficiency of the welder.

  • Robust Welding Efficiency

Collecting all its uses will ensure a tangible result. All would be more consistent, more detailed, and the movement of the work material will be much more regulated.

  • Greater Productivity

When using a welding turntable positioner, you should hope to finish the job quicker and faster. If you equate it to physical handling, it would be quicker, more efficient, and of a better standard.

To sum up, you will use welding turntable positioners to achieve a market edge and advantage over your rivals. You can get top-quality welding positioner turntables for a reasonable cost!

Why Choose SENLISWELD Positioner Welding Turntables?



You may use SENLISWELD turntable positioners with several different methods. Mainly, however, it is utilized for welding.

SENLISWELD has all kinds of welding positioners, from handheld, semi-automatic, and automatic! The best choice you may use will rely on the way you use it.

SENLISWELD positioners have full specs, varying from rotating speeds and engine strength of 0.23 rpm and 2.2 kW to spinning speed and motor power of 0.05 to 0.5 rpm and 1.5 kW, respectively.

The system frames of the turntable positioners are vulcanized before being mounted. This makes it possible for the computer to remain secure from sudden abrasive wear.

You should expect the following benefits of turntables:

  • Increased productivity levels
  • Improved labor rates = fewer labor costs
  • More stable and sound welders
  • More ground room
  • Enhanced weld quality

To conclude, you will use SENLISWELD turntables to obtain a business edge and superiority over your rivals.

What is Involved in The Welding Process?

The welding method entails a series of activities that emphasis placed on the work material to the welding system (or vice versa), generating linear movement between the work material and the welding machine, regulating the weld quality, e.g. rpm, orientation, current, etc., and realigning the work material for the next welding.

Automated welding is known as the automated regulation of the rotational motion between the welding head and the work material. Automatic welding is used for a range of welding processes like metallic inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), and submerged arc welding (SAW).

The key advantages linked to automatic welding are the enhanced efficiency arising from shorter cycle periods and consistent efficiency resulting in a reduced degree of welding flaw due to more accurate regulation of the welding operation.

On the drawback, welding layout continues to be limited to plain neat lines, and timeframe allocation is improved.

Will you require assistance deciding the most fitting positioning devices for your task? Would you like to bring warmth to your welder while enhancing productivity?

Welding turntables stock comes in a variety of dimensions and capacities. At SENLISWELD, we stock the entire collection.

welding turntable application

welding turntable application

What to Consider When Buying Welding Turntables for Sale?

Regardless of the scale, correctly placed welding saves space and improves protection and efficiency. This machine also helps to reduce welding fatigue, which in turn increases the welding accuracy.

By being able to adjust the welding mechanically to align it within your relaxed range of motion, you are not required to weld at awkward angles, enabling you to perform longer at your optimum.

By stabilizing your weld to a suitable device, you will further increase the protection of the workspace. Slings, ropes, cranes, and other modern techniques can cause unregulated motion, which can be hazardous.

By using an appropriate placement system, eliminate the need to put yourself under the most probable heavy weld. Reduce the chance of damage from a possible defective device, as well as from collapsing slag and flares.

headstock and tailstock welding turntable

headstock and tailstock welding turntable

No matter the shape of the weld, you can consider the following when selecting, running, and managing a welding turntable:

  • Fixed connection

How you connect the weld to the unit is just as critical as the turntable itself. Welding turntables have firmly attached specimens built for precise, repetitive actions, and their particular shapes enable simple alignment of the component.

Fixtures and bolts contribute extra weight and width to the blade and should be taken into account when positioning and dimensioning.

Often bear in mind that when the welding weight adds the tension to the positioner, the range at which the weight is added magnifies the torque by increasing the distance, which might involve a larger device.

  • Cylinders

Moving rolls are helpful if the welding you’re operating on is cylindrical. There are two kinds of roller positioners, idler and drive. Powered rollers have a stable, continuous rotating to help offer you even boundary welds.

Idler rolls, though, are not automated and should be attached to driven rolls to help broader cylindrical welds.

This mixture provides greater protection because of flexibility. Since the rollers have two touchpoints, the weight is equally dispersed and the center of gravity is sufficiently protected.

  • Guidance

Keep it straight, also with a tiny positioning system. The machinery must be placed on an even, flat surface to prevent the whole device from falling over while facing an unpredictable force. Where given, use the mounting holes and be careful to secure the turntables.

  • Link Currents To the Ground

When welding, make sure that all ground currents are attached to the system to prevent mechanical failure and also remove the welding clamp.

The ground current would be transferred from the table to the chassis of the positioner, saving the electrical components of the machinery from being affected and thereby preventing welding.

It would also spare you the burden – and expense – of constant extraction and replacement of welding clamps.

Through utilizing welding turntable positioners, you would be able to create high-quality welds regularly. These devices will enable diminished rejection rates with improved precision for complicated projects and workers, while at the same time offering welder comfort.

In comparison, the production costs of the positioners appear to be smaller than that of the conventional rotary table.

welding turntable easy to operate

welding turntable easy to operate

What is the Competitive Advantage of Owning a Welding Turntable?

  1. The most favorable price.
  2. Attractive after-sales support.
  3. A quick time of distribution.
  4. Enhanced quality management.
  5. Personalized voltage, color, spinning rate, and diameter, and the center hole may be built according to consumer specifications.
  6. Have one-step operation from layout, production and quality assurance, sales, and distribution.

height-adjust welding turntable

height-adjust welding turntable

How To Use Welding Positioner Turntables?

Take these measures to allow more powerful and productive use of your welding turntables.

  1. Prepare the work material to be worked on and adjust the size of the welding turntable to the height and shape of the work material.
  2. Switch on and trigger the turntable for welding.
  3. Power the welding machine/equipment.
  4. Proceed to weld.
  5. Using a welding turntable positioner is very simple; it’s almost like running a normal device.

Where Can You Apply the Usage of Welding Turntables?

Many companies trust the welding positioner turntables that SENLISWELD has. It is acquired and purchased by companies in different fields, including:

  • Automotive field
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Building business
  • Mining Industries
  • The railway line and transport sectors

If you need a traditional positioner or a more modern automated positioner, we’re happy to assist! You need never question the efficacy and reliability of our weld positioner turntables; they are recognized worldwide!

L-type welding turntable

L-type welding turntable

How Can You Benefit From Using a Small Welding Turntable?

Some common perks can be found by the usage of small welding turntables.

Among the most important ones you might count are:

  • Rapid and Shorter Time To Place

One of the key advantages and rewards that you would get by using it will be efficiency; flexibility in terms of positioning and performance.

The technology that it provides would make it simpler for your welders to obtain additional welding positions. They wouldn’t have to test because the work material might have been spread out straight.

As a consequence, you should assume shorter welding intervals and processing times for performance.

  • Less in Labor

If you choose to use a welding turntable positioner, you would only require one welder or operator. If the work material has been mounted to the table, it’s as simple as the letter.

Whether the computers are semi-automatic or automatic, the welder may be used on its own.

  • Safety and Protection of the Welders

Going back to the aforementioned point, it encourages the protection and safety of your welders. You wouldn’t have to think about the hazards of holding the work material, even though it’s too massive.

  • Effective and More Reliable Results

Last but not least, it will deliver promising outcomes. The simplicity of the welding tasks that you have would enable you to produce better results.

What Are the Parts of a Welding Positioner Turntable?

Although, if we had to call the most common pieces of the welding positioners, they would include:

  • Mounting Plate
  • Power of the engine
  • The pivotal system
  • Torch
  • Collet
  • Adjusting Lever
  • Theta Bloc

2 axis welding turntable application

2 axis welding turntable application

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