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SENLISWELD welding table accessories complement the need for welders when using welding tables. We created these welding table accessories for welding works efficiency. Our production team has 10 years of experience to provide a great quality of welding table accessories to our customers.

  • Added on welding table in order to use in particular welding task.
  • SENLISWELD offers a wide range of welding table accessories.
  • We can produce specific types according to customer’s detailed requirements.
  • Useful enough to support the efficiency of the welder’s work.

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Why Choose SENLISWELD Welding Table Accessories

SENLISWELD is a professional welding automation manufacturer. It includes our best welding table accessories that are useful in the welding industry.

Our 20 years of experience in manufacturing and providing customers’ expectations is one of the proofs that SENLISWELD is a great manufacturing company.

We can assure you that you can have high-quality products at the best price. SENLISWELD is your perfect match for your welding table accessories.

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Welding Table Accessories: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Have you recently bought a welding table with holes and are worried that you might have accidentally purchased a wrong or defective product?

Do not worry, you have made the best decision, as this welding table will allow you to attach many different kinds of Welding Table Accessories to it that will help you in performing a much better job at welding.

If you are not familiar with Welding Table Accessories and want to know more about their usage and application, then you are at the right place.

We have constructed this guide for you to gain knowledge about Welding Table Accessories and use them efficiently.

Hence, you need to continue reading this guide for a deep understanding of Welding Table Accessories.

What is the Purpose of Using Welding Table Accessories?

Welding Table Accessories act as an extra set of hands for you to perform your welding job with much ease and accuracy.

The purpose of using Welding Table Accessories is to locate the welding material in a certain position and ensure that it remains fixed in that particular position.

You can use multiple Welding Table Accessories to ensure that the setting of your welding material does not get affected by the impact of the force applied through welding.

Welding Table Accessories will also enable you to set the welding material at such angles that make it easier for you to reach even the parts that are usually deemed inaccessible.

In this way, using Welding Table Accessories would reduce the prospect of errors and will also allow you to make smoother and thorough welds.

An intricate set up of welding table accessories in order to secure a shapeless welding material

An intricate set up of welding table accessories in order to secure a shapeless welding material

What are the Different Kinds of Welding Table Accessories that You can Choose from?

Welding Table Accessories come in a number of kinds that allow you to display versatility in your end product and allow you to explore the various ways you can use them.

You have the freedom to experiment and choose which Welding Table Accessories would suit your job the best and provide the most reliable outcome.

The different categories from which you can choose your desired Welding Table Accessories are as follows:

  • Welding Stops
  • Welding Squares
  • Welding Cast Squares
  • Heavy Duty Welding Cast Squares
  • Welding Pliers
  • Welding Magnets
  • Welding Extension Blocks
  • Welding Fixture Elements
  • Welding Flange Mounting
  • Welding Bolts
  • Welding Prisms
  • Welding Prism Extensions
  • Welding Clamps
  • Welding Clamps Accessories
  • Lifting Bracket
  • Welding Tool Cart
  • Ground Connection
  • Protective Welding Wall
  • Burner Holder
  • Bench vise

Different kinds of welding table accessories

Different kinds of welding table accessories

What Applications Can You Use a Welding Magnet for?

Prior to starting the welding process, all you need to do is to place the welding magnet between two or more workpieces that you want to join together.

The welding magnet will ensure that your welding materials are held together at an appropriate angle and ensure a precise weld.

Where welding clamps use force and pressure to hold the welding material in place, welding magnets, on the other hand, use electromagnetism to keep the welding material intact.

However, welding magnets do have a downfall, which is that they are not as reliable as welding clamps as they can lose their magnetic capabilities after a while of consistent use.

The different types of welding magnets are as follows:

  • Welding magnets with switches
  • Multi-angle welding magnets
  • Arrow welding magnets
  • Adjustable welding magnets
  • Magnetic welding clamps
  • Sheet metal magnets
  • Snake magnets

A welding table accessories magnet used to angle welding material and hold them at a specific position

A welding magnet used to angle welding material and hold them at a specific position

What is a Welding Plier and What is its Function?

You can use a welding plier for a number of tasks during the welding process, from wire cutting, work-piece holding, and hammering to replacing delicate components of the welding equipment, such as the tip, and cleaning the nozzle.

They have the appearance of regular pliers, but they are considerably more durable and dependable.

Welding pliers constructed of hardened steel are incredibly durable and you can use them for an extended period of time.

Their steel jaws maintain a firm hold on the welding material while you are applying considerable pressure to lock them in position.

The different kinds of welding pliers include:

  • Multi-Purpose Pliers
  • Locking C-Clamp
  • Pipe Pliers
  • Long Reach Pliers
  • Expand-O Pliers
  • Joint Master
  • Strong Grip Pliers
  • MIG Pliers

Locking welding table accessories pliers

Locking welding pliers

What is a Welding Clamp and How Many Kinds of Welding Clamps are Available for You?

Welding clamps offer variety in their applications as they have a number of different types that can be used on different occasions.

For instance, there are such welding clamps that have the ability to rotate at a 360-degree angle, and hence, they can align themselves according to the welding material itself.

You can use a welding clamp to secure the welding workpiece so that when you apply pressure over it, it does not lose its specified position.

Welding clamps are an absolute necessity in the welding industry and you can probably not complete any task without their assistance.

Welding clamps are pretty affordable and are especially helpful for big sheets and components that would be exceedingly difficult to keep together by hand.

Welding table accessories clamp with the ability to rotate on a 360 degree

Welding clamp with the ability to rotate on a 360 degree

The different kinds of welding clamps include:

  • C clamp
  • F clamp
  • Locking clamp
  • Spring clamp
  • Two-axis clamp
  • Quick action clamp
  • Pipe clamp
  • Vice grip
  • Dimide clamp
  • Kant-twist clamps
  • Bench clamps
  • Edge clamps
  • MagSpring clamps

Welding table accessories clamps holding welding material in place

Welding clamps holding welding material in place

What is a Welding Fixture and What can You Use it for?

Unlike welding clamps, which are responsible for securing the workpiece to the welding table, welding fixtures are responsible for holding the workpiece precisely where it needs to be throughout the welding process.

A welding fixture is ideal for holding the workpiece at a precise 90-degree angle, and hence, if your job requires you to perform a 90-degree weld, we suggest that you opt for a welding fixture.

Welding fixtures are widely used for 3d models of workpieces and can also handle extra heights.

A welding fixture offers a stable mounting for the workpiece and allows the workpiece to move in relation to the fixture.

A welding fixture is suitable for low-volume assembly or big and heavy components.

Welding table accessories fixtures

Welding fixtures

What is a Welding Jig and Why is it Attached to a Welding Table?

A welding jig is a more advanced kind of Welding Table Accessory as compared to basic clamps and is responsible for moving your workpiece while the tool stays fixed.

It is required by welders in order to ensure that a welding job is completed as planned, with no defects or damage.

When pressure, heat, motion, and force are applied to the welding material, a welding jig acts as a huge brace to keep the entire project steady and maintain its original position.

A high-quality jig will expedite welding operations by holding components together in a tight grasp while they are being welded.

Due to the robustness and reliability of welding jigs, they are usually attached to welding tables and perform a frame welding fixture function.

Welding jigs make welding operations simpler, safer, faster, more precise, more comfortable, and more cost-effective.

Welding table accessories jig

Welding jig

Why Should You Purchase a Welding Tool Cart?

A welding tool cart is a Welding Table Accessory that acts as a storage device for your other Welding Table Accessories, such as welding clamps, welding magnets, welding pliers, etc.

It provides enough room for your Welding Table Accessories to be kept safe and makes sure that your tools are always within reach and that you never lose sight of them.

The inner area of the welding tool cart is ideal for storing huge-sized angles and clamps conveniently and securely.

Because of the casters attached to the welding tool cart, you can also quickly move tools to various locations for usage.

We advise you to purchase a welding tool cart as it organizes your tools all in one place and you never have to search for a tool when you are in need and hence, you can avoid emergency situations easily.

If you have multiple welding tables in your company for an increased rate of production, a welding tool cart would prove to be extremely beneficial as you can share the Welding Table Accessories without causing a mess.

Welding table accessories stored on a welding tool cart

Welding table accessories stored on a welding tool cart

What is a Lifting Bracket and Why is it Necessary for You to Buy One?

A lifting bracket is a kind of Welding Table Accessory that is responsible for the transportation of large components such as welding tables and other heavy equipment in a safe and simple manner.

You can also transport your welding table along with all the welding clamps and fixtures setup if its location does not seem appropriate to you, and the lifting bracket will ensure that the welding table is relocated without any issue.

This feature makes them an efficient tool that is worthy of investment and their usage makes it necessary for you to buy a lifting bracket.

The lifting bracket when attached to a fastening plate, possesses a load limit of about 700 kg, when it is attached to an eye nut, it possesses a load limit of about 1,800 kg, and when it is attached to a safety hoist ring, it possesses a load limit of about 2,200 kg.

A lifting bracket is secured with four clamping bolts, which make it easier to fasten and unfasten it onto a welding table without investing too much time.

You need to make sure that you do not elevate the welding table beyond 100 mm during travel, and no one is permitted to stand beneath the welding table during transit.

Lifting bracket for welding table accessories

Lifting bracket for welding table

In What Quantity Should You Purchase Different Welding Table Accessories?

The amount of Welding Table Accessories that you need to buy is completely up to you and dependent on the nature of your work.

However, there is a golden rule associated with some of the Welding Table Accessories such as welding clamps, welding magnets, welding fixtures, etc, and that golden rule is that you can never have enough of them.

This implies that you need to stock your tool kit with a variety of Welding Table Accessories of different shapes and sizes for a better outcome.

At the beginning of your welding journey, however, we would suggest that you start off with about 5 pieces each of some of the basic essential Welding Table Accessories that you are bound to use in a majority of welding processes.

You can later build your own collection of Welding Table Accessories and add more tools in it depending upon your experience and after figuring out which Welding Table Accessories suit your job better.

You should also always stay on the lookout for advanced Welding Table Accessories and continually seek out even better alternatives than the ones you already own.

What are Some of the Most Useful Welding Table Accessories that You Should Necessarily Purchase?

You can not perform a good job at welding based on just skill and talent even though they play a great role in your development as a welder.

However, you will definitely require tools and equipment that can assist you and share your workload while also increasing your production rate and output quality.

In that case, you need some specific Welding Table Accessories that can make your welding job much easier no matter if you are a beginner or a professional welder.

Some of these Welding Table Accessories include:

  • A welding tool cart- You can use it to carry welding tools from one place to another or store them in one place for easy access.
  • Welding magnets- You can use them to join multiple pieces of metal together and form an angle without any effort.
  • Welding clamps- They are necessary to be used on a welding table for proper alignment and precise welds by holding the welding material in place.
  • Welding jig- A welding jig is much more efficient for you if you are a beginner welder. You can utilize it by inserting the rear ends of your metal welding material into the jig and tightening it to make sure the welding material does not move.
  • Welding braces- They are more than a clamp but less sticky than a magnet, and assist in keeping your workpiece in place by supporting them in various ways.
  • Welding weight- The objective of purchasing a welding weight is just that: to weigh down your workpiece in order to create a strong connection.

Can You Customize Your Welding Table Accessories?

Customized Welding Table Accessories have always been in high demand due to their distinguishing factor and the immense versatility that they depict.

Customizations also help you alter the Welding Table Accessories according to your requirements and job specifications to be more accurate and smooth with your welds.

You can decide the material and methods of production for your Welding Table Accessories.

You can even add or remove features or materials of your Welding Table Accessories according to your budget.

If you are a retailer looking to sell Welding Table Accessories to the consumer, you should definitely buy customized Welding Table Accessories as they usually attract more attention.

Can You Make Your Welding Table Accessories on Your Own?

Welding Table Accessories provide a lot of room for experimentation and can be made on your own at home easily with a bit of consultation from an expert.

However, we would not suggest you make your own Welding Table Accessories if you are a professional welder. You need advanced equipment and tools for precision and can not afford to make any sort of errors.

The only way you can use Welding Table Accessories made by yourself is if you are doing a basic welding job that does not possess any hazards.

Welding Table Accessories such as welding clamps and welding pliers are fairly easy to make on your own as several tools can be altered to take their shape and functionality.

What is the Price Range of Different Kinds of Welding Table Accessories?

The price range differs for different kinds of Welding Table Accessories amongst different manufacturers depending on what material and what processes they choose to produce their Welding Table Accessories.

Different Welding Table Accessories also have different functions and applications which is why their price range is miles apart from each other.

However, you can purchase different kinds of Welding Table Accessories as a kit and get them at a much reasonable price.

Following are the prices of different kits of Welding Table Accessories:

  • A 28 piece set for about $1400
  • A 54 piece set for about $2500
  • A 72 piece set for about $3600
  • A 99 piece set for about $5500
  • A 117 piece set for about $7200

You can even ask your manufacturer to create a special Welding Table Accessories kit exclusively for you that consists of all the equipment that you deem necessary according to your job requirement.

How Many Welding Table Accessories can a Welding Table Handle at Once?

The amount of Welding Table Accessories that a welding table can handle at once depends upon the loading capacity of the welding table.

The loading capacity usually varies amongst different welding tables depending on the welding table’s sizes and the Welding Table Accessories mounted on them.

You should always ensure that you do not put more weight upon your welding table as compared to what it is capable of handling.

Otherwise, it would have adverse effects upon your end product and the outcome will not be up to your company’s standards and might even taint your overall reputation in the welding industry.

In case your workpiece consists of a number of metal bars that need to be combined on a 3D setting, we suggest that you opt for a large-sized welding table so you will be free to use as many Welding Table Accessories that you require.

How can You Contact SENLISWELD in Case of Any Sort of Queries Regarding Welding Table Accessories?

The experts at SENLISWELD are 24/7 available for your guidance and assistance and can provide you with unlimited suggestions regarding your choice of Welding Table Accessories.

Even if you are having difficulty in determining which kind of Welding Table Accessories would suit your welding job, you can reach out to the experts, explain your requirement, and they will assist you accordingly.

Make sure to contact your manufacturer before confirming your order of Welding Table Accessories and pay attention to their policies and rules to understand better what kind of equipment they will provide you.

You can contact SENLISWELD by simply visiting the contact tab on our website by clicking here, and filling out the requirements in the inquiry form so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope that this FAQ guide successfully cleared out most of your queries and familiarised you with all the different kinds of Welding Table Accessories.

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