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Service and technology are the 2 points SENLISWELD cares about most. After years of development and customer service, we understand more about your concern about turning roll. We always support your business.

Turning Rolls From SENLISWELD

Continuous development and production experience have enabled SENLISWELD to complete all difficult tasks. We can provide various types of turning rollers.

1000kg Light-duty Turning Roll
This type is used for vessel diameter range from 20~700mm, Max speed is 1500mm/min.
3000kg Light-duty Turning Roll
This model of loading capacity is 3000kg, vessel diameter range from 40 to 1400mm.
6000kg Light-duty Turning Roll
This light-duty turning roll loading capacity is 6000kg, 160~4000mm range for vessel diameter.
Self Aligning Turning Rolls
This type of turning roller could be aligned to different workpiece diameters automatically, with a loading capacity range from 5~300 Tons.
Conventional Turning Roller
The driving and the idle unit are the important parts of the conventional turning roller. The loading capacity from 1~2000 Tons depends on the requirement.
Tank Turning Rollers
The tank turning rollers usually used for wind towers, pressure vessels, oil tankers, huge pipes, and cylinder workpieces, etc. The loading capacity from 50~300 Tons.
Tank Fit Up Turning Rolls
The tank fit up roll normally used together with conventional turning rollers. The four rollers supported by hydraulic cylinders that connected to the pump station.
Small Pipe Turning Rolls
Small turning rollers usually used for pipe and tube welding. The capacity of the pipe turning roller below 2 Tons. Could working with other welding automation equipment.
Tank Track Turning Rolls
The tank turning rolls used for special requirements, track wheel construction. SENLISWELD supports OEM & ODM for any customers with different requests.

SENLISWELD Turning Roll Details

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Self Aligning Turning Roll

Conventional Turning Roll

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SENLISWELD is Your Best Supplier in Turning Roll

Efficiency is a very important factor for a company. It saves time and can get the most benefits at the same time. So if there is a very good and stable turning roller, it will bring a lot for you.

SENLISWELD focuses on the high-quality and appropriate price turning rollers, with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we understand what customer care, SENLISWELD will always support your needs.

Technical support and quick response will be a key point for the end-users, SENLISWELD engineers are the first team in developing turning rollers, also our production team is very stable, 24 hours fast reply will solve all your problems in time.

We believes trust comes from the mutual cooperation of both sides.
The normal standard turning rolls monthly output is about 300 units.
One-year quality warranty with the wear parts replacement for free.
Permanent technical support and consulting, and 24/7 quick response.

Turning Roll: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for a top-notch turning roll supplier to boost your enterprises’ productions, we will provide you the perfect solution to your problem.

Experience is what matters the most, especially when we talk about essential products such as the turning roll. While availing yourself of our premier services, you must rest assured that you will get the most reliable product.

It is because we will serve you with almost a decade of experience that is going to be remarkable for your business growth and success.

Products in stock

Products in stock

What Is A Turning Roll?

Before you even purchase a tuning roll from us, we will like you to understand exactly what turning roll is. It will help you in making the right decision in the end. Turning roll is basically a machine.

It is a machine that aids you in handling extremely heavy materials. Those materials can be approximately 100 tons or more than that.

To boost productivity and enhance performance, turning rolls can prove to be very valuable. It can help you with your welding procedure in the most remarkable way.

Self-aligning turning roll in stock

Self-aligning turning roll in stock

What Are The Functions of Turning Roll?

There are various functions of a turning roll. You can use it for different purposes. Moreover, you can utilize tuning rolls in other industries to work effectively in those areas, especially where there is a lot of heavy equipment involved.

You can make use of tuning rolls for pipe section creations for different sizes. Also, it can be used for heavy machinery cladding and shipyard creations.

Along with that, turning roll can also help you with pressure vessel creations and boiler vessel creations. These are just a few of the functions of the turning roll that we have mentioned. There is a lot more that can help you and your enterprise.

Conventional turning roll in stock

Conventional turning roll in stock

What are the Types Of Turning Rolls?

There are various types of turning rolls that can be of great use to you. Two of the most common ones are Self-Aligning Welding Turning Rolls and Conventional Welding Turning Rolls. Let’s discuss the difference between the two types.

Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are adjusted automatically to the workpiece diameter. The most interesting thing about this turning roll is that it can be operated and used by a beginner-level welder. It is easy to use and user-friendly as well.

Self-aligning turning roll operating
Self-aligning turning roll operating

It is a fact that if the average force on each of the wheels is lower, it will result in a longer and better service life. However, if there is a lot of pressure on a wheel, it can increase the product’s chances of getting damaged. It will deteriorate its condition.

Therefore, we will provide you with a turning roll that has four wheels. It will help in reducing the average force on each wheel.

Moreover, it will also benefit you in holding the workpiece tightly. It will ensure that more efficiency is achieved.

Conventional Turning Rolls, on the other hand, are used for general purposes regarding the assembly and welding of the cylindrical parts. The Conventional Turning Rolls that are provided by SENLISWELD are efficient.

Conventional turning rolls

Conventional turning rolls

They can help you in enhancing your production levels. In addition to this, the Conventional Turning Rolls can adjust to changing a workpiece’s diameter. It can do that with the assistance of a drive-by cycloid or the worm gear reducer.

You can get this type of tining rolls in different sizes. We will offer you the product with a size range from 5 to 1000 tons. Purchase it taking into consideration your business and production needs.

  • Anti Drift System Rotator Turning Rolls

In order to maintain a constant centerline height position, Anti Drift System Rotator Turning Rolls would be an ideal type. It helps in minimizing and correcting the workpiece drift.

It is designed and manufactured in such a way that it can accommodate all of your business and production needs.

Whether you want anti drift system rotator turning rolls for continuous overlay welding or narrow gap welding, our top-rated company will provide you the perfect solution for your welding needs. You can rely on our premier-level services.

What are the Different Types of Turning Rolls?

There are amazingly various types of turning rolls available in the market. Turning rolls must be efficient and effective. They should be robust and powerful that can help you and your business by increasing its productivity.Self-aligning turning rolls

Self-aligning turning rolls

We understand your needs as our clients are most important to us. Their satisfaction is our goal and key to success. Therefore, we offer different kinds of turning rolls for you to choose from. Opt for the one that is best and ideal for you.

  • Standard Turning Rolls

As its name suggests, these are deemed as standard turning rolls. This turning roll can rotate and support vessels that range from 100 lbs to 400,000 lbs. The workpiece diameter can range from 6 inches to 30ft.Standard Turning Rolls

Standard Turning Rolls

  • Power Elevating Turning Rolls

Power Elevating Turning Rolls are one of the widely used turning rolls and are preferred by many business owners for their business use. These turning rolls feature up and down movement of rolls, which further facilitates the users and makes the tasks more efficient.

In those areas where high workpiece variability is available, the configuration dramatically enhances the set-up times. Multiple and different rolls are required at varying centerline heights for non-cylindrical workpieces.

Power Elevating Turning Rolls can work for that as well. To support and elevate the workpieces, custom bases may be needed.

Power Elevating Turning Rolls

Power Elevating Turning Rolls

  • Constant Centerline Turning Rolls

Constant Centerline Turning Rolls are the most effective types of turning rolls, especially for those users who want to adjust the wheel spacing. It can accommodate and assist workpieces with different diameters along with maintaining the position of the welding tip.

In addition to this, for the automated welding cells and in-line manufacturing processes, the configuration of constant centerline turning rolls is ideal and perfect. This is because repeatability and variability are required for that purpose.

If you do a comprehensive and detailed analysis of all of these types of turning rolls, it will be extremely convenient for you to choose an ideal turning roll for your organization or the business.

Opting for the right one is essential as it can put an impact on the productivity of your business. Choose the one that seems perfect for your business and its needs.

What Is A Tank Turning Roll?

Tank turning rolls 

Tank turning rolls 

Tank turning rolls are rubber wheels or the mounted steels that help rotate a cylindrical workpiece. It is widely used during the process of welding and can be extremely beneficial for you in that regard as well.

In the production of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and metal drums, tank turning rolls can prove out to be the game-changer. It can make your process amazingly efficient and can help in boosting productivity to a whole new level.

150T turning roll

150T turning roll

Personalizing Turning Roll For Difficult Manufacturing Condition And Situation

In order to make the process more effective and efficient and to further enhance the operations of your business, you should modify and personalize your turning rolls. The customization of the turning roll does not just include rotational torque or static capacity.

In fact, the modification of the turning roll for better performance must also consider the surface area, different sizes, and the center of gravity as well.

Without taking into account these factors, the customization may not be much convincing, and it won’t provide the results you are looking for.

Generally, the standard customization includes various things. Following are a few of these things that may be included:

  • Personalized or the customized controls
  • Frame turning rolls of different sizes
  • Sizing of wheels
  • Number of wheels
  • The paint color
  • Different adjustable bases

It would be best if you considered these essential things while customizing your turning roll. It will help in making your welding machine perform better.

It will ultimately help you in boosting the productivity of your business. We can assist you with the customization of your turning roll as well.

We will provide you with the best kind of customization services that will cater to your needs and provide you the solution to your problem. Moreover, you will also get the benefit of availing of the services

Growing line turning roll

Growing line turning roll

Which Ideal Wheels are Suitable For Your Machine?

The majority of the users around the globe confront various issues while operating the turning roll. The reason is quite common. They do not opt for suitable wheels for their welding machine.

In fact, they follow what the provider tells them to do. However, this approach is ineffective and may ultimately damage your productivity.

turning roll in workshop

turning roll in workshop

Choosing an ideal and suitable pair of wheels would help you avoid issues such as workpiece slippage. In addition to this, it will also provide you with consistent speed and wields.

As mentioned above, we always want you and your business to attain success as much as possible.

For that reason, we have compiled detailed information regarding the different types of wheels. You may analyze all of these and make a well-calculated decision before choosing the right one for your turning roll.

What are the Types of Wheels Rollers?

SENLISWELD offers three types of wheels for your business. They include rubber wheels, phenolic wheels, and steel wheels. Not just different types, but you can also get different sizes of wheels from our company.

Wheel rollers of turning roll

Wheel rollers of turning roll

  • Rubber Wheels

One of the most effective and widely used types of wheels is rubber wheels. They are the wheels having a higher coefficient of friction with surfaces of almost all types. In addition to this, rubber wheels also have got higher weight capacity.

  • Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic Wheels provided by our company are deemed as one of the finest wheels and can be best for your business. Users utilize this type of revolution in situations where rubber wheels, along with steel wheels, do not perform better.

Phenolic Wheels are used to match the workpiece engagement and the operating temperature. It is used to make an ideal combination of these two as it is essential for better productivity and performance.

  • Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are also one of the essential types of wheels used and fitted with turning rolls. Where there are higher temperatures and higher capacity, steel wheels can prove out to be extremely useful in that regard.

Having said that, you should only use steel wheels in those situations where the workpiece does not engage much with the surface area. Their engagement must be minimal or limited.

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