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The turning roll is also called welding rotator, the basic function is to rotate the workpiece.  Turning rolls can be used regardless of the diameter and weight of the workpiece, making it easier for you to weld.

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Turning Rolls

When choosing a turning roll, the first thing to consider is the loading capacity, diameter, and length of your workpiece. Whether it is a small pipe or a heavy tank, there are suitable turning rolls.

A turning roll usually has a drive unit and an idler unit. If the length of the workpiece is large, it is recommended to use more than one idler unit to prevent bending deformation in the middle of the workpiece.

Some workpieces have a large weight, and although the corresponding turning rolls meet the driving force and load, a larger model would be a safer and more stable choice.

Turning Rolls From SENLISWELD

Conventional Turning Roll

Depending on the style of reducer, you can choose either a special reducer for turning roll or a Chenta Worm Gear reducer.

self-aligning turning roll

Self-aligning turning roll automatic adjustment of wheel spacing, the wheel can be steel or PU wheels.

anti-drift turning roll

The cylinder usually drifts when rotating on the turning roll, and this model can prevent the cylinder from drifting by PLC control.

Chenta Worm Gear Reducer Type

Advantages than using a normal reducer:

1- Quieter than ordinary reducers

2- Self-lock function, more resistant to impact force

3- Smaller appearance and better outlooking

4- The gears in the reducer are made of copper

Chenta Reducer Turning Roll
self-aligning turning roll

Self-aligning Turning Roll Type

Why choose self-aligning turning roll:

– No manual adjustment of roller distance, adaptive to workpiece diameter.

– 4 wheels for more stability and to prevent the workpiece from tipping over.

– More styles of workpieces are available and more convenient.

Anti-drift Turning Roll Type

When you need to consider the anti-drift turning rolls

a) Welding workpieces with very high precision requirements

b) Manufacturing of high-standard pressure vessel

c) No drifting when welding workpieces

d) The working environment is very demanding for welding

anti-drift turning roll
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