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SENLISWELD is a well-known manufacturer of Tank Turning Rolls since 1999. In 20 years of experience, SENLISWELD established advanced R&D to produce high-quality Tank Turning Rolls. Technical support always.

  • We can help you to customize tank turning rolls suitable for your needs.
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  • Provide one year warranty that includes free parts to all of our products.
  • We consistently create 200-300 machines per month for our customers.

Your Well-established Tank Turning Rolls Supplier

If you are looking for a tank turning rolls supplier, SENLISWELD is a must-have supplier. We can go beyond your expectation by providing our full service and high-quality tank turning rolls for you.

We have satisfied all our client’s special requests and create a good relationship before and after-sale. SENLISWELD is a trusted supplier of tank turning rolls. Send us your request now.

SENLISWELD Tank Turning Rolls

60 Tons Self-aligning Tank Turning Rolls

This type of tank turning rolls usually used in cylindrical tanks for welding. It has a carrying capacity of 60 Tons.

100 Tons Self-aligning Tank Turning Rolls

Tank turning rolls are normally used in the huge workpiece. SENLISWELD can customize it according to your request.

100 Tons Fit-up Tank Turning Rolls

This Tank Turning rolls can be easily used by the operator. It has a wireless remote control and a manual that is easy to comprehend.

60 Tons Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

This kind of tank turning rolls provides a significant effect on heavy industry production. Perform with fewer workers.

100 Tons Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

SENLISWELD tank turning rolls can operate even the heaviest workpiece. We give value to our customer’s needs.

200 Tons Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

These are the tank turning rolls that can bear up to 200 tons. This is widely used in some big projects in all industries.

Why SENLISWELD Tank Turning Rolls

SENLISWELD is an established manufacturing company of tank turning rolls in China. We are a leading welding company trusted by our local and international clients.

We have been exporting our tank turning rolls to more than 40 countries. SENLISWELD always provides a one-stop service solution to your welding needs.

We have our Professional technical that can handle your problems and question about the machine. A great production team that focuses on the lead time of your tank turning rolls.

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About SENLISWELD Tank Turning Rolls

Tank turning rolls Factory SENLISWELD

Tank Turning Rolls: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In the production line of cylindrical objects, the use of Tank Turning Rolls has created an enormous impact. It has made possible how you can view the welding jobs of cylindrical objects.

Jump into this FAQ guide to find all that you want to know about the tank turning rolls.

What Is Tank Turning Rolls?

Tank Turning Rolls are a specifically designed set of wheels that assist in handling cylindrical or tube-shaped weldments.

You can easily rotate and manage the tank or vessel you are working on to position according to your convenient arrangement.

With the proper utilization of these appliances, you can easily manage Cylindrical workpieces of large diameters.

Tank Turning Rolls China Made

Tank Turning Rolls

Where can I Use Tank Turning Rolls?

You can use tank turning rolls for rotating and handling any cylindrical or tube-shaped workpiece having a large radius. In the world of the advanced welding process, the use of tank turning rolls is irreplaceable.

Huge sizes of tanks or vessels have a large radius. These weldments are very critical and challenging to handle at a suitable pace. You can use tank turning rolls to control the cylindrical-shaped weldments effectively.

Application of Tank Turning Rolls to handle large diameter vessels.

Application of Tank Turning Rolls to handle large diameter vessels.

In suitable cases, you can often use tank turning rolls for individual purposes. In addition, you can use the units in combination with other welding appliances like welding positioner or column and boom.

Can I Find Used Tank Turning Rolls For Sale?

Yes, you can find used tank turning rolls available for sale. Many manufacturing companies and other third-party companies offer used tank turning rolls at competitive prices and fantastic deals.

Most of these companies publish a listing with a considerable variation of used tank turning rolls. The interpretations differ in size, handling capability, or type of application you might be interested in.

So, you can easily choose the high-quality, automatic, and unique sets of appliances from a wide range of products you are searching for.

Can I Rent Tank Turning Rolls?

Yes, you can easily find tank turning rolls available for rent. Many businesses require short-term usage of tank turning rolls for their production cycles.

And the demand for these kinds of requests is also increasing day by day. Considering these facts, many manufacturing companies offer tank turning rolls for rent.

With convenient terms of rent, you can easily rent the particular type of tank turning rolls you are searching for.

For small to large scale operations, variance in the type of application, or new to used units, you can rent from all categories for differences in price levels.

How Do Tank Turning Rolls Work?

As simple as it sounds from the defining terms, the function of tank turning rolls is quite similar. It rolls or rotates your workpiece.

It helps you to rotate and arrange the workpiece according to your desired position of work. Moreover, it also provides you with automatic rotation options with variable or fixed speeds to continue your work without controlling the device now and then.

With the tank turning rolls, you can rotate any cylindrical or tube-shaped objects. You can handle regular cylindrical things with a uniform diameter throughout the length.

Working with Tank Turning Rolls

Working with Tank Turning Rolls

There might be cases where you have to work on irregular-shaped cylindrical objects, where the diameter is variable throughout the length. With specially customized tank turning rolls, you can also work on these kinds of workpieces.

Can I Use A Portable Welding Manipulator With Tank Turning Rolls?

Integrating alignment rolls with a portable welding manipulator will grant you an automatic welding feature.

You can use this automated feature for welding operations like longitudinal and circumferential welds. Moreover, you can expect weld boom rigidity and steadiness in the welding head, providing high-quality welding.

With the combination of two appliances, you can gain an advanced operating control feature that will simplify the regulation of the device.

So, to reduce manual control with maximized productivity and efficiency, it is your best choice to combine a portable welding manipulator with a portable welding manipulator.

Can I Use a Column and Boom Welding Manipulator With Tank Turning Rolls?

Yes, you can also use a column and boom welding manipulator in combination with tank turning rolls, which will give you a complete automated system.

You can use this automated feature for welding operations like tank fit-up applications. You might be involved in welding operations where the regular turning rolls are not sufficient to handle thin-walled tanks or vessels. Extra support is required to manage these workpieces.

In these cases, the tube-rolls system will assist you in supporting throughout the complete longitudinal direction of the cylindrical workpiece.

So, if you combine column and boom welding manipulators with tube rolls, you will get an excellent system to continue welding operations on the delicate workpiece.

What Are The Types Of Tank Turning Rolls?

Different types of tank turning rolls manufactured by the manufacturing companies offer to serve all kinds of purposes that you might intend to. The common types include:

There is a single set of wheels stationed at each side of the unit. So, you can rotate the workpiece according to your convenient pace with the rotation of these wheels.

For balancing the large-shaped tank or vessel workpiece, you need to slide the wheel station freely along the supporting base until the required arrangement is met.

Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

It performs the same function as the conventional turning rolls. The only difference is, there are two sets of wheels at each side of the unit.

Due to this, the appliance can auto-align itself according to the diameter of the tank or vessel. So, you don’t have to adjust every time for a new piece manually.

Self-aligning Tank Turning Rolls

Self-aligning Tank Turning Rolls

  • Alignment Rolls

These units will allow you quicker but accurate alignment opportunities for your tank and vessel workpiece. With advanced leveling capability, you can use the unit’s short side shifting option for a speedier fit-up job.

Alignment Rolls

Alignment Rolls

Due to the smooth aligning features of these units, you can overlook the ground leveling inconsistencies and continue your operation at ease.

  • Fit up Bed Rollers

Fit-up bed rollers are used in the growing line system used in joining sections of wind towers, silos, tanks, or vessels. The unit can significantly reduce your dependability on cranes and speed up your welding operation by up to 65%.

Fit-up Bed Roll

Fit-up Bed Roll

The tank fit-up rolls are suitable if you intend to work on cylindrical workpieces with thin-walled sections or challenging to handle. The tube rolls of the unit can provide extra lateral support throughout the entire length of the weldment you are working with.

Fit-up Tank Turning Rolls For Wind Tower Welding

Fit-up Tank Turning Rolls For Wind Tower Welding

  • Fixed Height Turning Rolls

Fixed Height Turning Rolls offer simplicity in control due to their fixed height platform.

So, you can easily and quickly change different sizes of workpieces. Moreover, due to the synchronized rotation among adjacent units, your weldment handling will be considerably eased while maintaining the quality.

  • Height adjustable turning rolls

There are many jobs where the height of the platform needs to be adjusted for suitable adjustment and positioning. You can use the adjustable height turning rolls for dealing with these kinds of welding jobs.

Height adjust turning Rolls

Height adjust turning Rolls

How Can I Automate The Manufacturing Process With Tank Turning Rolls?

In the complete automation of the manufacturing process you are dealing with, many simultaneous processes are involved. Tank turning rolls play a part in achieving one of these processes.

This unit or sets of units are used in handling cylindrical or tube-shaped weldments. You need to combine tank turning rolls with other suitable appliances to complete automation in the manufacturing process.

For example, if you combine a Column and Boom welding manipulator with tank turning rolls, you will get a complete manufacturing cell for tank fit-up applications.

Automated process with a combination of turning rolls with other units.

Automated process with a combination of turning rolls with other units.

The turning rolls help you in handling the cylindrical weldment and provide an automatic rotation capability.

While the column and boom welding manipulator continues to do your welding seam remaining in a stationary position, the weldment is simultaneously being rotated.

In this way, with the combination of different suitable units with the tank turning rolls, you can achieve complete automation in the manufacturing process.

What Are Tank and Vessel Modular Alignment Rolls?

The alignment rolls will assist you in handling and rotating large-scale cylindrical or tube-shaped workpieces. This unit helps to turn your weldment to provide a suitable position for performing the welding operation.

With the efficient use of these units, you can achieve quicker but accurate alignment opportunities. With advanced leveling capability, you can use the unit’s short side shifting option for a faster fit-up job.

Moreover, in many cases, manufacturers struggle to use the welding appliances due to inconsistent floor leveling where the units are installed. Due to the smooth aligning features of these units, you can overlook the ground leveling inconsistencies and continue your operation at ease.

How To Automate Growing Line Welding System With Tank Turning Rolls?

The individual cylindrical or tube-shaped tank, vessels, or pipelines are joined to form a long object in the growing line systems.

In the traditional method of growing line welding operations, the companies were largely dependent on crane functions, which resulted in an inefficient production cycle.

But due to the advanced automated systems, these drawbacks are now drastically removed.

Using the growing line fit-up bed systems, you can reduce the production cycle time at significant levels.

Integration of fit-up bedrolls will offer you fast alignment and fit-up capabilities for your workpiece. Moreover, with refined leveling and automated indexing of weldment sizes, your work pace will fasten up.

Growing Line system

Growing Line system

Considering all these, imagine how much the fit-up bed rolls reduce your dependency on the crane operations.

Studies showed that integrating fit-up bed rolls into the growing line will reduce the fit-up time of weldments up to 65% if compared with the typical methods.

Are Tank Turning Rolls the Same as Pipe Turning Rolls?

There is a common misconception between tank turning rolls and pipe turning rolls. Many think they refer to the same thing. They might be suitable to a certain extent since the working principles of these units are the same.

Both of them are welding rollers. You can use both of the units to automate the handling of a cylindrical or tube-shaped workpiece. But the difference is defined in terms of the size of the material you can handle with them.

The term ‘pipe turning rolls’ describes welding rollers used for handling standard-sized workpieces. Comparatively, you can use the Tank turning rolls for handling cylindrical objects with large diameters, like tanks or vessels.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing the Suitable Tank Turning Rolls?

Choosing the tank turning rolls suitable for your welding operations will give you advantages over many factors.

  • Speed: Choosing suitable turning rolls to handle your welding operations can significantly speed up your production time.
  • Precision: Different welding jobs require different levels of accuracy according to the target. Since the tank turning rolls help handle your weldment, you must choose the suitable unit to expect the precision you target.
  • Flexibility: Are you looking for the perfect flexibility while handling your weldment? Sure, you aren’t looking to fall behind in handling the workpiece. Choosing a suitable unit will assist you in obtaining a flexible and convenient working scope.
  • Consistency: As a company, you must have invested much in your business. Your customers must be looking into the quality of the product you are regularly offering. Choose the suitable unit to consistently maintain the product quality to maintain your client’s trust.
  • Safety: The manufacturing process is involved in many risky processes. Choosing the wrong working appliances will put your security at risk. Always choose a suitable unit to ensure the factors of safety.
  • Competitive edge: Choosing the most suitable product will provide you with an efficiency that other units will never be able to deliver. Moreover, you can maintain the target quality of your products. So, your business can lead the market by a competitive edge.
  • Low maintenance: Using a unit only for the purpose it was intended to use for, you can ensure the product’s longevity. It might result in minor wearing of the unit and will require very little maintenances.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is a critical factor that every business tries to achieve to get the most out of its investment. All the elements discussed above help in attaining a great deal of efficiency. So, choosing the suitable unit will help you achieve the best efficiency you may not even think about.

Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

Conventional Tank Turning Rolls

How do I choose the Right Tank Turning Rolls for My Work?

Always ensure the essential factors before choosing the suitable Tank turning rolls for your welding operation. Here are some of the factors summarized for your convenience:

  • Tank turning rolls are used in combination with other welding appliances to achieve an automation process. Consider the unit you are choosing whether it matches appropriately with the different devices you want to use.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your targeted production. Specify the purpose that you expect from the unit. Please go through the list of available companies that serve the ordinary sense, but understand the differences they characterize. Finally, carefully choose the unit that will help to reach your goal.
  • Tank turning rolls are manufactured to deal with a range of weldments that vary in size and weight. To obtain maximum efficiency, choose the unit depending on the size and weight of the target workpiece you want to handle.
  • Always follow the product specifications and policies of the manufacturer you are choosing from to avoid any future complications.

Can I Use Tank Turning Rolls independently Without Combining With Other Units?

Although tank turning rolls are an essential part of welding automation and combined with other units, it doesn’t mean you cannot use them for individual purposes.

Tank turning rolls are heavy-duty appliances to handle your cylindrical-shaped objects. Apart from welding automation, you can use them to handle any large-scale cylindrical things for other purposes.

In the present industrial sectors, tank turning rolls are used to clean, paint, sort, or inspect cylindrical vessels, etc.

What Turning Rolls Should I Choose for Quick Changeovers Between Different-sized Workpieces?

If you require quick change-overs between different sized weldments, you should choose the self-aligning ability.

In self-aligning units, you don’t have to think about the variation in the weldment’s diameter. There are twin sets of wheels on each side of the supporting base.

The self-aligning unit will automatically adjust the angle and balance the object automatically. It will ensure you an efficient production cycle.

How to Choose a Reliable Manufacturer of Tank Turning Rolls?

Choosing your appliance from a reliable manufacturer is an essential factor in ensuring your business’s bright future.

Try to justify these factors within a manufacturer to determine whether you can genuinely rely on them for any future scopes. A reliable manufacturer will always-

  • Ensure service at the quickest notice from the client.
  • Always maintain their product quality and exceed the standard specifications.
  • Keep updated with the track of time.
  • Establish a reasonable and convenient service policy.
  • Ensure the customer’s feedback is optimistic regarding the manufacturer’s quality, service, and coordination with clients.

Can I Use Tank Turning Rolls For Spray Paint Jobs?

Yes, you can perform spraying operations on large-scale tanks or vessels using tank turning rolls.

Spray Paint

Spray Paint

You can use tank turning rolls to handle and rotate cylindrical or tube-shaped objects. You can position the thing according to your desired position and continue rotation at a fixed or variable speed.

Simultaneously with the rotation, you can perform the spraying operation from a convenient position.

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