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If you are confused when choosing a good Rotary Welding Table supplier, SENLISWELD will be your best choice. Since 1999, SENLISWELD committed to the production and research of rotary welding table. The experienced technology and strong production capacity will support your business.

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SENLISWELD provides a range from 10kg to 500Tons rotary welding positioner, also called welding turntable. For better your welding, we could customize your requirements, design for you with our strong technical ability.

Rotary Welding Table From SENLISWELD

SENLISWELD focuses on rotary welding table development and manufacturing since 1999, stable production and technical engineer team support you with OEM & ODM.

10kg Rotary Welding Table SENLISWELD
This type of loading capacity is 10 kg, for some small workpiece welding. Motor power is 15W. Tilt angle is 0~90° with manual control.
Light-duty rotary welding table supplier
There are 50, 100, and 300 kg types for you to choose from, also could be customized with different workbenches and loading capacities.
BY-10T Rotary Welding Table
This model is for some special welding situations, some workpieces need to be fixed in the position of the welding torch.
Tilt Gear rotary welding positioner
The rotary positioner table has two axes to tilt and rotate different workpieces. Angle range from 0~120°. Loading capacity from 0.1 ~ 50 Tons.
3 Axis rotary welding positioner
This type has three axes to lift, tilt, and rotate the workpieces. The loading capacity depends on your request with a wide application.
head & tail stock rotary welding positioner
The power from the head side would rotate the long length workpiece. Customize your special needs and different load capacity.
L type rotary welding positioner
The L-type rotary welding table could rotate the workpiece to different angles. The load capacity depends on your requirements.
Height-adjust rotary welding positioner
The rotary welding turntable could lift and rotate the workpiece at a good position. Easy to use and good quality.
rotary welding positioners
The welding turntable would rotate the workpiece at 360-degree angles. It is easy to operate with many different load capacities.

SENLISWELD Rotary Welding Tables Details

Rotary Welding Table Workshop and factory

rotary welding table process

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SENLISWELD is Your Best Rotary Welding Tables Supplier

SENLISWELD has been dedicated to rotary welding tables for over two decades. The professional engineers keep innovating and updating the products all the time, we support OEM & ODM for your special request.

High-quality comes from SENLISWELD each production process control and testing, avoid mistakes due to communicating immediately between customers and us. Efficiency is important for any position in the supply chain.

Technical consulting about rotary welding table all the time and within 8 hours quick reply, SENLISWELD also provide machinery sourcing and be your best partner in China will save your time and energy.

Welding automation one-stop solution solves all your welding problems.
Over 40 countries customers and 200~300 sets welding positioners monthly output.
SENLIS WELDING provides a one-year quality warranty and wears replace for free.
The professional technical engineers support your request and fast response.

Rotary Welding Table: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you planning to buy a top-notch rotary welding table? If yes, you may likely come across various rotary welding table products.

It becomes an extremely complex situation as there are multiple options available in the market. Choosing the right one becomes complicated and challenging.

This guide will tell you what is this machine, how it works, and how to choose the right one.

What Is A Rotary Welding Table?

A rotary welding table is a device or a machine that facilitates welders by providing them with a comfortable and accessible position in order for them to execute and perform their welding operations.

The welders do these welding tasks on industrial parts that are in two different shapes.

Before you purchase a rotary welding table for your business, we at SENLISWELD suggest you know first what exactly is a rotary welding table.

This will ensure that you are well versed regarding the rotary welding table. Most people buy this valuable machinery but do not know what it is and what is the purpose of this helpful tool.

2 axis rotary welding table

 2 axis rotary welding table

They are in a spherical and tubular shape, for example, the pipelines and flanges. Various top-rated organizations utilize this excellent machine.

Those companies who look to enhance their productivity levels make use of rotary welding tables. This phenomenal device can help in reducing the fatigue of the worker who does the welding operations.

2 axis rotary welding table application

2 axis rotary welding table application

What are the Different Options And Features In Rotary Welding Table?

A rotary welding table provides you with different options, such as the option of rotating the tubular equipment. You can rotate it through 360 degrees.

This way, the welder can easily adjust the pipelines’ angle or the flanges as per their needs. This will ultimately make the work more accessible and efficient.

L type height-adjust Rotary Welding Table

L type height-adjust Rotary Welding Table

This fantastic machine provided by SENLISWELD is available in turn and tilt welding positions. They are extremely useful as they can offer better welding seam accessibility on the pipeline. This, as a result, creates increased rates of deposition.

Along with that, it also assists those welders who are not well-experienced. It helps them perform tasks and operate them more safely and efficiently.

What are the Size, Shape, And Safety Features Of Rotary Welding Table?

In addition to providing help to the welders, the size of the rotary welding table is also fantastic. It is in a box shape, which as a result, helps in occupying less space.

This not just saves the room but also facilitates the welders and units to move smoothly without any hurdle or hindrance.

There are many safety features installed in different parts of the rotary welding tables. This further ensures better operations and security of the welder. It also helps in avoiding any unfortunate accident or event.

In addition to the safety features, you may get to witness a few other exciting features as well.

rotary welding table easy to operate

rotary welding table easy to operate

How Can A Rotary Welding Table Be Beneficial For Your Business?

Rotary welding tables are pretty valuable and beneficial in many ways to your business. Following are the most common and distinct benefits of the rotary welding table.

These benefits encompass faster and shorter positioning time, speed and productivity, less labor due to automation, safety and protection of a welder, security, better and more accurate results, economic, lower operational cost, and many more.

Why Rotary Welding Table Help You Faster and Shorter Positioning Time?

If you have a semi-automated or fully-automated rotary welding table, your welder will gain an improved and better position while carrying out welding because the rotary welding table’s automation provides the welders to assume a proper positioning at a faster speed.

Irrespective of the volume of work, this Automated machine yields effective productivity. If a welder is appropriately trained and guided in respect of its appropriate use, you can get a host of benefits and advantages, incredibly faster welding and shorter positioning time.

Therefore many businesses are taking advantage owing to its speed and having done their desired tasked expeditiously.

2 axis rotary welding table in stock

2 axis rotary welding table in stock

How To Maneuver Hefty And Unusual Workpiece?

Furthermore, the rotary welding table is immensely helpful to maneuver sizable and hefty workpieces. Also, its mechanical positioning is vitally beneficial for unusually shaped objects as well as smaller ones.

What are the Benefits Of The Proper Position?

Your welders with fewer traits and diligence can access the flat surface of the rotary welding table. If the welders use the proper position of welding equipment can obtain higher quality welds. Moreover, it also enhances productivity manifolds with less cleaning up in respect of welding splashes.

  • Safety

Admittedly, safety is significant, especially in this industry. Undoubtedly, comfort is sought after, but protection is more vital while working with welding machines.

In this respect, you can use a positioner to have the workpiece anchored firmly to a device, whereby it would be easier to approach the welded area without any risk of injury and hazards.

  • Less labor

The use of a rotary welding table reduces the effort drastically that laborers need to exert to gain access in respect of parts of the weldment.

The rotary welding table makes welding relatively faster and easier for laborers, and the organization gets the desired productivity and outcomes with fewer laborers.

In fact, one welder can operate the machine once the object is loaded to the table. Furthermore, the welder can also let the device operate itself, provided it is automatic or semi-automatic.

  • Better And More Accurate Results

Better and more accurate results are achieved when the rotary welding table is used. Moreover, this also provides quality welds because the welding position can be rotated to the perfect and absolute location, whereby accurate and the best results are obtained.

  • Increase In Production

The most significant benefit of the rotary welding table is its vast production. This factor is the most important motivating aspect for businesses to use it owing to its increased yielding.

  • Easier To Operate

The rotary welding table is also easy to operate. This allows laborers to deal with it smartly. Moreover, it provides ergonomics whereby making welding more straightforward for every experienced and fresh labor

As a matter of fact, the rotary welding table has, indeed, proved to be the best choice for any facility that carries out welding of considerable size.

Its incomparable features provide several benefits like improved quality,  enhanced safety, reduced workload and fatigue, and reduced process time. These all benefits are good enough for your business and would be beneficial to a greater extent.

What are the Types Of Rotary Welding Table?

There are various types of rotary welding tables available in the market. However, as mentioned above, different and a lot of types can create issues for you in choosing the right one for your business.

In fact, it may confuse your mind in selecting the wrong type of device for your enterprise. This will ultimately hurt your business by reducing productivity as it may not work for you.

You will get appropriate advice as to which device will be ideal for you and your business, taking into account your specific requirements and needs.

Following are a few of the most prominent and widely used rotary welding tables that may prove out to be highly beneficial for you.

Heavy-duty 2 axis rotary welding table

Heavy-duty 2 axis rotary welding table

  • Rotary Welding Table Indexer

The rotary indexer is one of the most renowned types of rotary welding tables. It is a widely used standard rotary welding positioner utilized by a lot of organizations in order to enhance productivity levels and ensure the safety of their workers.

Even though a rotary indexer is one of the most famous rotary welding tables, they are a type of device that does not have many features and moving parts.

If you are searching for a type of rotary welding table that you can utilize for round objects, a rotary indexer should be your go-to option. It will prove out to be extremely useful for you and your company.

  • Multi-Axis Rotary Indexer

If you are a top-notch business that wants to let their workers or the operators and wants to make their job easier, you must opt to purchase a multi-axis rotary indexer.

It is a fantastic type of rotary welding table that allows the users to access each and every area of the weldment without any hurdle or hindrance. It grants them the freedom they want.

In addition to this, those workpieces that are non-symmetrical can easily be worked upon using this type of rotary welding table. This unique rotary welding table helps enhance the welders’ productivity as it has tailstocks and a pair of headstocks that are parallelly arranged.

They ultimately help in rotating the workpiece about 180 degrees. Indeed, this fantastic rotary welding table can prove out to be remarkably beneficial for you and your enterprise.

Where Can You Utilize The Rotary Welding Table?

The excellent rotary welding table can be used in various scenarios, situations, and places. It can help you boost the productivity levels of your business remarkably.

There is a vast range of applications where you can utilize the rotary welding table. Whatever the situation is, one thing is sure, that you will witness a drastic change and improvement in the productivity and efficiency of your welders or the operators.

Rotary Welding Table Uses In Different Industries

One of the most common uses of rotary welding tables is in the creation of components and equipment for various industries.

Rotary welding tables are used to create equipment and components for industries such as the automotive industry, petrol industry, shipyard or the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, gas, and oil industry, and the list goes on.

These are just a few of the big industries that we have mentioned. There are various others as well that utilize rotary welding tables in order to boost the efficiency of their work team and ultimately to get the benefits in the production.

One of the most challenging and thought objects to work with are cylindrical and round objects. Industries make use of rotary welding tables in order to deal with these objects as well.

rotary welding table operating

rotary welding table operating

How Can You Use A Rotary Welding Table?

Most people believe that using a rotary welding table is a really tough and challenging task. They have a prevalent misconception that in order to operate the rotary welding table, you would need to be an expert.

If you aren’t an expert and have no knowledge regarding it, you may fail badly or even harm yourself. But the reality is the other way around. In fact, one of the most straightforward welding devices to use is a rotary welding table.

As you want to purchase a rotary welding table, you would be thinking about how you would operate it. You may not be getting accurate information regarding the procedure of how to use rotary welding tables.

But in this guide, we will help you with that. Following is a step-by-step process that you may observe and operate a rotary welding table.

Step-by-step Guide of Rotary Welding Table

First, on the table, you need to load the workpiece. You have to do that before you even start the process of welding.

Then, using the bolts and chucks, the workpiece is held. After that, by using the pedal or the controllers, the process of rotation would begin. You may set a speed or a pace at this step. You may need to set the pace if you are not using a manual rotary welding table.

Otherwise, you may need to hold the weld head. That’s it; after the process is completed, you need to unload the workpiece, and you are good to go. Your weld is finally finished.

If you still find issues while operating the rotary welding table, SENLISWELD is there to help you with that. You don’t need to panic or worry about it.

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