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SENLISWELD plasma metal cutting machine assembly easy-to-use CNC system for smooth economical cutting of a wide variety of metals.

  • Simple operation, high precision, and high work efficiency.
  • The frame adopts an all-welded structure, and the frame has high stability.
  • Customize for customers’ special requirements, support OEM.
  • Fast response to any questions and 24/7 technical consultation.

SENLISWELD Plasma Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Capability for flame, underwater, or dry plasma sheet metal cutting. Widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, and construction machinery fields.

The vertical cutting of any geometric shape of the steel plate can be realized by programming, and two parts with the same image or mirror image can be cut at the same time.

Extremely low processing cost, lightweight, and precise torch moving body.

SENLISWELD Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

platform plasma metal cutting machine

The platform type of plasma metal cutting machine is generally used for cutting metal plates within a small area, and the function is not much different from the gantry type.

cnc plasma cutting stainless steel

The thickness of plasma cutting stainless steel should not exceed 50mm as much as possible, and the larger thickness will easily cause the cutting surface to be curved.

cnc plasma cutting aluminum

The aluminum plate is generally thinner, and a CNC plasma cutting machine is a more economical way. Of course, CNC laser cutting machine will be better.

metal cnc plasma cutter

The CNC plasma metal cutting machine can cut metal plates up to 70mm, and the thicker the thickness, the cutting surface will have an arc shape. It’s better less than 50mm.

cnc metal plasma cutter

According to customer request, normally plasma metal cutting machine, we will be equipped with Hypertherm brand power supply. The reducer brand is Panasonic. The electrical part is mainly Schneider.

5-axis cnc plasma metal cutting machine

5-axis plasma metal cutting machine can cut more shapes of metal plates, bevels, and can do 4-axis plasma sheet cutting machine according to customer requirements.

Why SENLISWELD Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

CNC metal plasma cutting machine is a mature product that is widely used in the market. SENLISWELD can do more for you.

All-time technical support, manufacturing the best automatic plasma cutting machine according to your request.

As a plasma cutting machine supplier, SENLISWELD has over 20 years of experience in metal plasma cutting machine manufacturing.

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cnc plasma metal sheet cutting machine supplier
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Customization ability. High-quality standard control. Adopt first-line brand accessories. Quick response supports you.

Plasma Metal Cutting Machine: The Ultimate Guide FAQ

The metal plasma cutting machine can cut a wide variety of metal sheets, especially for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel), the cutting effect is better.

Plasma metal cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, general & construction machinery, steel structures, and other industries.

Through this FAQ, we will answer some commonly asked questions about CNC plasma metal cutting machines.

What is a Plasma Metal Cutting Machine?

Plasma cutters are a newer version of a thermal cutting machine for metal production that combines a working gas and a plasma arc featuring high-speed and high-temperature heating elements to melt the metal locally.

And then blast away the molten metal using high-speed airflow to make small plasma cut seams.

plasma metal cutting machine supplier china

Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, and other metals are all cut by this CNC plasma metal cutting machine.

It not only features thin cutting seams, a quick cutting speed, a small heat-affected zone, a flat cut, reduced workpiece deformation, and an easy operation.

But it also offers considerable benefits and an energy-saving effect.

It’s used in various projects and plans, including machinery, metal structure production, repair, and installation operations, sheet metal production, hole drilling, digging and repairing, beveling, and more.

What are the Key Features of a Plasma Sheet Cutting Machine?

The following are some key features of a plasma sheet cutting machine:

  • A light structural engineering beam has good rigidity, super light, exercise inertia, and is inexpensive.
  • Gantry-type construction with synchronized dual-motor drive on the Y-axis and circular rail on the X, Y, and Z axes (additional formula-type linear guiding), steady transmission, and excellent accuracy.
  • For promoting solid light, grooved metal panel and bottom plate for cutting, a strong indicators of cutting accuracy. The metal cutting machine can reach lower laser cutting speeds if fitted with the US Treasure plasma power.
  • High-configuration CNC system with automatic arc, reliable performance, and a 99 percent arc success rate.
How to Check the Quality of a CNC Metal Plasma Cutter Before Buying?

It’s not as simple as going to the hardware store and purchasing a CNC plasma sheet cutting machine.

Here are some key considerations that ensure the quality of the CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

  • Material

You’ll want to look at the frame’s materials to see if they’re good quality.

Is it made of steel? Aluminum? Is there anything else?

Steel is, in fact, more robust than aluminum, so the good-quality CNC plasma cutting stainless steel machines will use less material and be lighter, but they will appear flimsy.

CNC plasma cutting aluminum machines will be bigger, but they will look more durable.

Machines composed of any material will be more than capable of handling even the most demanding tasks.

  • Table Design

Examine the table’s design for quality.

Many aspects can affect the table’s efficiency, and even the tiniest change in even the smallest element can change the table’s performance.

For instance, if the gantry (the large, heavy bar that goes up and down the table length) is excessively heavy, controlling the torch using high speed and accuracy is problematic.

A lightweight gantry, however, may achieve incredible accuracy at fast speeds.

Consider rolling surfaces as well. Sealed ways keep more dust and grit out, but they cannot keep away all of the plasma dust.

That dust will ultimately mix with the oil, forming a gritty sludge that will eat away at the parts.

You need to replace the complete component because it’s sealed.

On the other hand, unsealed parts are much easier to work with.

  • Motor

What kind of motors are in charge of the torch?

The stepper motors are usually thought to be inferior to servo motors.

Plasma Sheet Cutter Motor

Plasma Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Motor

A servo motor can operate to an endless number of positions inside its range of motion.

And it gives input to the controller by telling it where it is currently.

A stepper motor can only move to a limited number of locations and provides no input to the controller.

As a result, the controller may occasionally command the stepper motor to move a given number of steps. However, the controller has no means of knowing whether or not the requested motion occurred.

The whole cut path will be misaligned from where the controller believes it is if the torch hits a snag or otherwise does not travel.

Servo motors are more costly than stepper motors.

Just make sure that your cost-cutting efforts don’t interfere with your capacity to cut high-quality designs.

What are the Benefits of Plasma Sheet Metal Cutting Machines?
  • It can cut thicker metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and its alloys, copper and its alloys, cast iron, and some other metals. Plasma guns can also cut insulated and non-metallic substances with thicknesses greater than 150mm.
  • Its cutting speed is quick, and production efficiency is high; particularly when cutting thinner metals using high power, production efficiency is considerably enhanced.
  • The cutting quality is excellent, with a smooth and flat slit, a thin incision, and a shorter heat-affected region and distortion than some other cutting methods.
  • It has a low cost because of the fast speed. The utilization of a cheap gas like nitrogen necessitates less raw resources and labor hours than other techniques of cutting the same material.
How Does a Plasma Cutting Machine Work?

Plasma cutting is a machine technique that involves melting a metal workpiece with the heat of an elevated plasma arc and then removing the molten metal with high-speed plasma motion to make a slit.

Plasma Cutter Working

Plasma Cutter Working

Plasma metal cutters use a gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, or pressurized air to create an electric arc.

It converts the gas to plasma and then blasts through metal using broadband to cut it.

A flame-cutting torch functions by saturating the flame with oxygen, which oxidizes the metal and transforms it into slag.

The plasma torch follows a computer-directed tool path.

The term “CNC” stands for “Computer Numerical Regulate,” and it refers to using a computer to direct the flow supported by G-code.

CNC metal plasma cutters, as opposed to portable plasma cutters, provide high working performance, high-speed, and good-quality automatic machining.

What is the Difference Between Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine?

Plasma cutting machines are substantially faster than flame cutting machines produce high-quality cuts.

Some plasma cutting machines can also have substantially smaller kerfs.

Most metals conducting electric current reasonably well can be cut with plasma.

Unlike flame cutting, plasma cutting machines are not confined to steel and cast iron.

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