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SENLISWELD is a leading manufacturer of pipe turning rolls. We have expertise in producing standard pipe turning rolls or any special requests from our clients. Our production team undergoes on workshop to assure the quality of our pipe turning rolls.

  • Our customer service operates 24/7 for immediate response to your concerns.
  • All products have a one-year warranty accompanied by free parts.
  • We ensure high-quality control of the pipe turning roll production.
  • We can export our pipe turning rolls worldwide.

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Looking for a reliable pipe turning rolls supplier? Worry no more, SENLISWELD is here for you. Our objective is to produce high-quality and reliable pipe turning rolls for our clients.

SENLISWELD support R&D to enhance the production of our pipe turning rolls. We support OEM and ODM according to our client’s specific requirements.

SENLISWELD is the right supplier to consider that can give you the best pipe turning rolls. We don’t just build great products but a good relationship with our clients.

SENLISWELD Pipe Turning Rolls

1000kg light-duty pipe turning rolls

This type of pipe turning rolls loading capacity and turning capacity is 1000 kg, Max speed is 1500 mm/min.

3000kg light-duty pipe turning rolls

This model of pipe turning rolls diameter ranges from 40~1400 mm, loading capacity and turning capacity is 3000 kg.

6000kg light-duty pipe turning rolls

This kind of pipe turning rolls max speed is 1500 mm/min, diameter range from 160~4000 mm. Loading capacity is 6000 kg.

5 Tons Self-aligning Pipe Turning Rolls

This type of pipe turning rolls include a hand control box and foot pedal. It can be adjusted for different diameters.

20 Tons Conventional Pipe Turning Rolls

This type of pipe turning rolls has a loading capacity of 20 tons. The machine’s dimension is can be customized.

60 Tons Self-aligning Pipe Turning Rolls

This pipe turning rolls is consists of one drive and one idler. It can easily use with one remote hand control.

Why Choose SENLISWELD Pipe Turning Rolls

SENLISWELD understands that choosing the right manufacturer of pipe turning rolls may be difficult. We consider this a major decision since it has a significant impact on your business.

SENLISWELD has 20 years of experience in manufacturing pipe turning rolls.  We want to help our clients to create a product that has the special requirement they needed.

Our pipe turning rolls undergo several tests before we deliver to our client. We can produce up to 300 machines per month. Send us a message and let SENLISWELD help you.

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About SENLISWELD Pipe Turning Rolls

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Pipe Turning Rolls: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the different kinds of turning rolls available in the market, it might get a bit confusing for you to decide which turning roll you should opt for, which is why we are here to erase your confusion and present you with a type of turning roll which we think would suit your workplace the best.

Allow us to introduce Pipe Turning Rolls to you. They have been popular machinery in the welding industry and are definitely worthy of your attention.

We seek to lay out the pros and cons of Pipe Turning Rolls for you so that you can determine whether they will be suitable for your workplace or not. In order to get to know more about Pipe Turning Rolls, continue reading this guide.

What is a Pipe Turning Roll?

A Pipe Turning Roll is a piece of automated machinery that operates on round or cylindrical pipes and helps in performing the welding process in order to combine two or more separate pipes.

It is ideal for processing small-diameter cylindrical pipes so that the Pipe Turning Roll is able to grip the pipe with a firm hold to keep the cylindrical pipe stable and remain in place.

Pipe Turning Rolls are in charge of increasing the overall production rate and the efficiency of your firm which leads to a major increase in the profit for your company.

A complete set of a pipe turning roll

Pipe Turning Rolls

What are the Different Types of a Pipe Turning Roll?

The different types of a Pipe Turning Roll include:

All these different kinds of Pipe Turning Rolls are responsible for different tasks and you need to decide which one suits best for your company.

What Sizes of a Pipe Turning Roll are Available for You to Purchase?

Pipe Turning Rolls offer a huge variety in their sizes and are manufactured to fit into all sorts of environments. You can also customize your required size Pipe Turning Roll and the experts would design it under your requirements.

SENLISWELD also offers you the advantage of factory inspection through which our experts can visit your company and determine which kind and size of a Pipe Turning Roll would suit you best for your environment and job.

The standard small, medium and large sizes are available for you with the division as Small Pipe Turning Roll, Conventional Turning Roll, and Heavy Duty Self-Aligning Pipe Turning Roll.

How Big of a Pipe Turning Roll do You Need?

In order to determine what size of a Pipe Turning Roll you should be opting for, you first need to determine what kind of Pipe Turning Roll do you require along with what task needs to be carried out in your company.

Pipe Turning Rolls are available in all sizes but they are mainly used to operate on small diameter pipes. If you require wide-diameter turning rolls, you should check out Tank Turning Rolls as tanks are generally heavy and larger.

A heavy-duty self-aligning Pipe Turning Roll would easily climb to the size of more than 50 metric tonnes.

Heavy-duty self-aligning pipe turning roll

Heavy-duty self-aligning pipe turning roll

What are the Advantages of a Pipe Turning Roll?

A Pipe Turning Roll consists of a number of advantages that ultimately make them far superior as compared to other kinds of turning rolls. These advantages mainly include:

  • It does not require work, instead, it will only require one employee to operate it and govern its functions.
  • It provides no room for error and hence saves up on a lot of resources.
  • It also saves up on a lot of costs as they are not that expensive and even increase productivity and profit ratio.
  • It minimizes the hazards during welding in the workplace as they perform their job with the most accuracy.
  • It offers preciseness and due to their fast-paced production, they produce much more products.
  • It is lightweight machinery but it can handle heavyweight materials.

What Activities can a Pipe Turning Roll Perform for You?

The basic activity that a Pipe Turning Roll is responsible to perform is the rotating task in order to carry out the welding process. It holds the pipe in place and rotates it at a suitable speed so that a thorough job is performed to join the two ends of pipes.

You can use Pipe Turning Rolls for welding the following objects: API pipes, heat exchangers, mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels, etc.

They can also manually adjust or position the pipe on their own without any assistance.

Welding automation machinery such as a welding positioner can also be used in conjunction with a Pipe Turning Roll to automate not only the rotation of pipes but also to perform circular welds on vessels.

Pipe Turning Rolls are also used for some activities that are not connected with welding at all, such as, cleaning, painting, and inspection of workpieces.

Pipe turning rolls for pressure vessel

Pipe turning rolls for pressure vessel

In What Industries can You Use a Pipe Turning Roll?

If you belong to any of the following industries, you definitely require a Pipe Turning Roll as these industries usually require cylindrical vessels and prefer manufacturing it themselves. Those industries include:

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Railroad industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Infrastructure industry

The use of pipes and vessels in the aerospace industry

The use of pipes and vessels in the aerospace industry

What are the Different Types of Welding Processes that You can Perform with the help of a Pipe Turning Roll?

The different types of welding processes that can be performed with the help of Pipe Turning Rolls include the following:

  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)– It employs the use of an electric arc for the purpose of creating heat that can melt and join various materials.
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding- It requires welding of the rotating material through the use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode.
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding- It employs the use of a constant solid wire electrode which is further heated and served into the weld pool through a welding gun.

What are the Important Elements of a Pipe Turning Roll?

Pipe Turning Rolls are usually marketed as a complete set that consists of several elements. They are compact in form and construction.

However, their variety of elements will not frustrate you as they are already neatly stacked when they will be delivered and you would not have to perform installation of any sort. Their design makes it simple and effective for you to operate them.

The Pipe Turning Rolls are made up of five main components which are as follows:

  • Idler
  • Driving Wheels
  • Wheel Frames
  • Transmission Device
  • Controller Direct Current (DC) Motor

You can also add or subtract your required elements in your set of Pipe Turning Roll but you should be cautious and seek the advice of the experts as it could really affect your production output.

Power roll and idler roll- two of the various elements of a pipe turning roll

Power roll and idler roll- two of the various elements of a pipe turning roll

What is the Price Range of Pipe Turning Rolls?

The price range of Pipe Turning Rolls is determined by the manufacturer itself and it is different for every company depending on what materials and procedures they use for the production of their respective Pipe Turning Roll.

If you buy a bulk amount of Pipe Turning Rolls directly from a verified manufacturer, it will help you in saving a lot of money as you would be purchasing Pipe Turning Rolls in the wholesale amount that is much less than the standard amount.

Pipe Turning Rolls are, nevertheless, extremely cost-effective as they save up on labor and operational costs as well as saving up on minerals and energy.

You can easily find a Pipe Turning Roll that fits your requirements under the price range of $1,000 to $30,000 depending on what units and elements you select. The more advanced functions and elements that you require, the more the cost would increase.

How Many Pipe Turning Rolls can You Order From a Manufacturer?

Our experts recommend that you purchase a variety of Pipe Turning Rolls from your supplier so that your brand is able to demonstrate versatility in its outcomes and also to increase your production speed as well as your total amount of produced pipes.

Manufacturers are usually interested in B2B marketing, which means that they will only sell their product to other business holders who can further sell the product to the local consumers.

However, in the case of Pipe Turning Rolls, they are only sold to business firms that are involved in the production of pipes.

There is no limit as to how many Pipe Turning Rolls you would like to purchase from your supplier. You can get as many as you want but there is generally a number set regarding the minimum amount of Pipe Turning Rolls that you can purchase and it usually varies amongst different manufacturers depending on their production rate.

Manufacturers in B2B marketing sell their products in bulk in a wholesale amount which saves a lot of money, whereas since Pipe Turning Rolls are sold as a complete set, amongst most manufacturers their minimum order quantity is settled to 1 complete set of Pipe Turning Rolls with all its different elements.

Is There a Warranty Available for Pipe Turning Rolls?

Most manufacturers do offer a suitable warranty for their Pipe Turning Rolls, however, there are also some that do not. We strongly urge you to avoid such suppliers and only opt for the ones that offer good warranty and services.

When buying a Pipe Turning Roll, you should choose a warranty duration that is at least a year long. A shorter warranty term may eventually result in an extended fault in the Pipe Turning Roll’s function.

The warranty period determines what is the minimum life span of a machine and is decided after various testing procedures by recognized institutions such as CE, ISO, etc.

SENLISWELD also offers free replacement of the worn-out parts of your Pipe Turning Roll as well as service checks to you as long as the Pipe Turning Roll is under warranty, hence, saving up on a lot of your money.

What is the Difference Between Pipe Turning Rolls and Tank Turning Rolls?

A tank turning roll

A tank turning roll

Upon first glance, Pipe Turning Rolls may seem similar to tank turning rolls, but their functions differ vastly upon comparison and further investigation.

Pipe Turning Rolls are intended to operate specifically on small diameter vessels, but tank turning rolls are used to operate on a wider diameter vessel as the width of a tank is visibly more stretched out as compared to a pipe.

Pipe Turning Rolls also offer a much quicker welding process as the area to weld is smaller in pipes and hence, a more thorough job can be done through Pipe Turning Rolls.

Pipes are not as heavyweight as compared to tanks, hence, it might be possible that a tank turning roll possesses a greater loading capacity than a Pipe Turning Roll.

What is the Load Capacity of a Pipe Turning Roll?

Pipe Turning Rolls are lightweight automated machinery that is able to handle and position heavyweight cylindrical vessels and rotate them simultaneously.

The loading capacity of different Pipe Turning Rolls by different manufacturers varies and is also determined by the weight along with the size of the Pipe Turning Roll itself.

You should ensure that you are not putting on more weight on a Pipe Turning Roll than its own weight.

The loading capacity of Pipe Turning Rolls ranges from about 3 thousand lbs to more than 2 million lbs. This load capacity is suitable for operating small pipes as well as heavy-duty pipes.

20-ton pipe turning roll

20-ton pipe turning roll

Can You Hire a Pipe Turning Roll on a Short Term Basis?

Pipe Turning Rolls are available for you to hire on a short-term basis if you need them to perform a specific task and you do not want to purchase them for an extended period as they would be of no use to you later on.

Even if you are hiring a Pipe Turning Roll for a relatively short period, you should not compromise on the quality and results.

You can also hire a used Pipe Turning Roll that is in optimum condition in order to carry out your task at hand. A Pipe Turning Roll hired for a short period would already be in a much less cost, but on top of that, if you select one that has already been used, it will further decrease the cost.

If you only require a Pipe Turning Roll for a specific project, we suggest you hire it for a short-term basis and save your money as well as your resources.

What Makes a Pipe Turning Roll an In-demand Automated Machinery?

Pipe Turning Rolls are in great demand simply because of their uncomplicated and effortless operational method that allows you to perform the welding operation much quicker and with much greater accuracy as compared to other kinds of turning rolls.

They are also in great demand because they are responsible for the welding and production of pipes of all sorts that are used for many processes which require the transfer of liquids or gases from one place to another.

Pipes are a part of almost every manufacturing industry and production process which is why automated machinery, that is a Pipe Turning Roll, is also in great demand as it is responsible for producing the pipes.

The cost-saving and errorless performance along with the increased production rate also make them a piece of machinery worth investing in.

Easily operated control panel for pipe turning rolls

 Easily operated control panel for pipe turning rolls

Can You Customize Your Pipe Turning Rolls?

Pipe Turning Rolls are easily customizable machinery and you are welcome to experiment with its design and specifications and our engineers would handle all the intricacies and make your Pipe Turning Roll user-friendly and hazard-free for you.

You can choose the material as well as the color of the machinery along with the type of Pipe Turning Roll that you desire and even add or subtract extra features.

A customized Pipe Turning Roll would set you apart from the competition and allow you to produce unique products. You can also add your brand logo on your Pipe Turning Roll to make it fit into your work even better.

A customized Pipe Turning Roll would cost more than a standard Pipe Turning Roll and will also take more time to dispatch but it will be worth the time and money.

A complete set of a pipe turning roll

A complete set of a pipe turning roll

How are Pipe Turning Rolls Better at Welding than Manual Welding?

Pipe Turning Rolls are by far a much more reliable and comfortable method of performing welding operations mainly because they are extremely time convenient and much fast-paced as compared to manual welding.

Manual welding is also prone to errors, whereas Pipe Turning Rolls are immune to errors and will always provide you precise and accurate results.

Pipe Turning Rolls also save up a lot of resources along with labor and operational costs. You will usually only require one employee that operates the Pipe Turning Roll and it depends on you whether you want employees to perform the welding task or if you want to proceed with automated machinery to perform the welding task for you as well.

Since they provide you with 10 times more swift and smooth results, Pipe Turning Rolls also increase your production rate and allow you to meet deadlines and take up more big projects without compromising on quality.

To save time, resources, and money, we recommend that you immediately switch to a Pipe Turning Roll rather than sticking to manual welding.

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