Pipe Turning Rolls

Pipe turning roll is a common type of equipment used to rotate pipes to facilitate welding or other production process. SENLISWELD is a leading manufacturer of pipe turning rolls, customizing any type according to the pipe diameter and weight.

  • Customized and designed according to the usage of the pipe.
  • Manufacturing according to the highest international quality standards.
  • Over 10 years of experienced production team to ensure consistent quality.
  • Technical engineers from Romar Industry and ESAB, with high customization capabilities.

Pipe Turning Rolls Supplier

Pipe turning rolls are also called pipe welding rotators, but more specific to pipe workpieces. Of course, it can be understood as the same device.

They are all driven by the motor, through the reducer and gears, the pipe will be rotated, and the speed can be variable frequency adjustment. This allows the pipe to be used for the welding process.

SENLISWELD is the right supplier to consider that can give you the best pipe turning rolls. We don’t just build great products but a good relationship with our clients.

SENLISWELD Pipe Turning Rolls

5 Tons Self-aligning Pipe Turning Rolls

This type of pipe turning rolls include a hand control box and foot pedal. It can be adjusted for different diameters.

20 Tons Conventional Pipe Turning Rolls

This type of pipe turning rolls has a loading capacity of 20 tons. The machine’s dimension is can be customized.

60 Tons Self-aligning Pipe Turning Rolls

This pipe turning rolls is consists of one drive and one idler. It can easily use with one remote hand control.

100 Tons Fit-up Welding Pipe Turning Rolls

This is widely used in workpiece connection welding industries. The loading capacity can be customized depends on needs.

100 Tons Conventional Pipe Turning Rolls

The pipe turning rolls can be beneficial to your workers. It can easily rotate the pipes and maximized your weld production.

200 Tons Conventional Pipe Turning Rolls

SENLISWELD pipe turning rolls can be utilized in pressure vessels, pipe manufacturing industries, and many more.

Why Choose Us

SENLISWELD has 20 years of experience in manufacturing pipe turning rolls.  We want to help our clients to create a product that has the special requirement they needed.

Our pipe turning rolls undergo several tests before we deliver them to our client. We can produce up to 300 machines per month. Send us a message and let SENLISWELD help you.

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About SENLISWELD Pipe Turning Rolls

Advantages of Pipe Turning Rolls

A Pipe Turning Roll consists of a number of advantages that ultimately make them far superior as compared to other kinds of turning rolls. These advantages mainly include:

  • It does not require work, instead, it will only require one employee to operate it and govern its functions.
  • It provides no room for error and hence saves up on a lot of resources.
  • It also saves up on a lot of costs as they are not that expensive and even increase productivity and profit ratio.
  • It minimizes the hazards during welding in the workplace as they perform their job with the most accuracy.
  • It offers preciseness and due to their fast-paced production, they produce much more products.
  • It is lightweight machinery but it can handle heavyweight materials.

Pipe Turning Rolls Applications

If you belong to any of the following industries, you definitely require a Pipe Turning Roll as these industries usually require cylindrical vessels and prefer manufacturing it themselves. Those industries include:

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Railroad industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Infrastructure industry

The use of pipes and vessels in the aerospace industry

The use of pipes and vessels in the aerospace industry

Welding Processes of Pipe Turning Rolls

The different types of welding processes that can be performed with the help of Pipe Turning Rolls include the following:

  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)– It employs the use of an electric arc for the purpose of creating heat that can melt and join various materials.
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding- It requires welding of the rotating material through the use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode.
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding- It employs the use of a constant solid wire electrode which is further heated and served into the weld pool through a welding gun.

Difference Between Pipe and Tank Turning Rolls

A tank turning roll

A tank turning roll

Upon first glance, Pipe Turning Rolls may seem similar to tank turning rolls, but their functions differ vastly upon comparison and further investigation.

Pipe Turning Rolls are intended to operate specifically on small diameter vessels, but tank turning rolls are used to operate on a wider diameter vessel as the width of a tank is visibly more stretched out as compared to a pipe.

Pipe Turning Rolls also offer a much quicker welding process as the area to weld is smaller in pipes and hence, a more thorough job can be done through Pipe Turning Rolls.

Pipes are not as heavy weight as compared to tanks, hence, it might be possible that a tank turning roll possesses a greater loading capacity than a Pipe Turning Roll.

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