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SENLISWELD is a stable modular welding table manufacturer that helps to improve your welding operations. If you often have issues with stability and setting up your welding fixtures, SENLISWELD modular welding table is the best for you.

  • Beneficial to use it on heavy work steel construction.
  • Ensure durability and solid enough to carry heavy loads.
  • Basically essential in both welding and metal fabrication.
  • Ability to increase table length and width useful for large projects.

Your Best Modular Welding Table Manufacturer

If you are having a hard time searching for the best modular welding table manufacturer, SENLISWELD is a perfect choice for you. We have built our reputation to produce the best modular welding table.

We are trusted with our loyal customers for more than 20 years. Our modular welding table is a great investment in your welding operations. No need to purchase plenty of complicated traditional units.

SENLISWELD modular welding table is much comfortable and safer to use. Send an inquiry now and we will send the best quotation for you.

SENLISWELD Modular Welding Table

modular 2D Modular Welding Table

This modular welding table could improve work efficiency and work quality, reduce production costs, delivery time, and scrap rate.

D16 Modular Welding Table

The thick steel platen of the D16 modular welding table is ground and has precise dimensions,all positioning holes are 50mm apart.

Casting Modular Welding Table

This type of modular welding table is used for positioning and clamping heavy, large, and complex workpieces. Customized for different needs.

3D Steel Modular Welding Table

The 3D modular welding table is rugged and durable, the hole distance of D28 is 100±0.05mm. This type is stable and easy to operate.

Modular Welding Table Designed

This modular welding table is designed for wide use, easy to operate, and makes your welding more efficient. Our technical team will support your request.

OEM Modular Welding Table

This type of modular welding table is normally used in the welding robot and welding positioner, hole distance is 50±0.05mm/100±0.05mm.

Why SENLISWELD Modular Welding Table

SENLISWELD must be your first choice for the best modular welding table. We have established a great professional technical team that can help you. We have a stable production team that ensures the lead time of the modular welding table.

SENLISWELD can be your best business partner in producing a high-standard modular welding table. We can also be your one-stop-shop for your entire welding operations. We ensure a 24/7 quick response for all your technical consultations.

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About SENLISWELD Modular Welding Table

modular welding table 2d parameter modular welding table 3d parameter

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Modular Welding Table: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Modular welding tables are the face of innovation and development in the welding industry. These tables create immense value for the welders, thanks to all the specs and features integrated into these products. Buying the right welding table can be tricky especially if you are unfamiliar with this product. We have prepared a comprehensive FAQ guide to give you all the essential details on modular welding tables. Let’s take a look and figure out why you should invest in these tables.

What is Modular Welding Table?

Modular welding tables are a leap forward in the welding scene. Their special design features incorporate quick and simple changes which help to oblige any welding work. Table surfaces are set as a framework with engraved lines and a bore system.

Modular Welding Table 2d table connection

Modular Welding Table

You can rapidly add or eliminate installations without moving the parts that will be welded. All tables are of steel development for a solid and inflexible surface. These are ready to deal with anything from light to substantial arrangements. Solidified tables give you an all-encompassing life expectancy as well as help in opposing weld splash.

These welding tables are an incredible source to help diminish arrangement times for complex segments and installations that require extraordinary exactness. You can anticipate not so much vacation but rather more freedom for new clients and activities with less collecting and dismantling times.

You can likewise utilize these welding tables for research and improvement purposes and even creation runs. Effectively and immediately set up and separate measured holds with clips, sections, and squares.

What Welding Operations Can You Perform on Modular Welding Tables?

Modular welding tables, like various other welding automation machinery, are purely designed to assist the welders in their welding operations. Their operational capacity is not restricted to one type of welding function.

You can perform every sort of welding operation on these tables without any welding restrictions. You can hold and weld objects of various sizes, in different positions that you may find more accessible. The entire table is designed to bring convenience and accuracy to your workload.

Types of Welding Operations

Types of Welding Operations

However, you should be careful regarding the technical capabilities of the welding object and the welding operation itself plus, you should also be careful regarding the limitations of the workspace. You have to keep in mind that all these variables are independent of the operational capacity of the modular welding table. Thus, they may affect your performance accordingly.

What Are the Customization Options for Modular Welding Tables?

Most modular welding tables are produced with standard measuring, so you can interface and operate them to make a limitless number of welding arrangements.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you have a little work or a major complex development before you, the installations can hold it while you set up everything. Anything from sections to stops and a wide range of braces, they all work together for you.

You can be that as it may, alter all highlights of welding tables to satisfy your operational requirements. You can change their tallness, size, materials, and different highlights. All things considered, you can have a customized welding table at your doorstep.

You can likewise completely adjust welding tables to make them fixed or portable.

You can utilize portable legs that please turn casters with and without brakes for simple welding operation around the welding shop. Nonetheless, you ought to be cautious concerning the weight limit.

Fixed standard legs are less potable and planned for fixed purposes. These have a touch more stacking limit than the former kind.

Customization Options

Customization Options

What Are the Functions of Holes and Slots on Modular Welding Tables?

Welding tables have holes to give the welder more control and alternatives when setting up a welding position by permitting:

  • Full utilization of the tabletop to cinch and clamp the welding objects.
  • The simple placement of jigs stops, clamps, and cinches increases the accuracy of the welding operation.
  • An ideal arrangement of pieces and parts to increase the user experience of the welding table.

Holes and Slots

Holes and Slots

What Are the Issues That You May Face While Using the Holes and Slots on a Modular Welding Table?

Most modern modular measured welding tables accompany openings and spaces(holes and slots) in the welding tabletop to make utilizing jigs, stops, and braces a lot simpler. There are a few issues with the expansion of openings and spaces to a welding table top that you ought to comprehend:

  • Contraction of holes due to heat – Welding creates a ton of warmth. That is how the entire framework works. That implies your welding table will retain a great deal of warmth also. Long openings can twist and float during continued warming and cooling cycles.
  • The loose holes issue – Tables with spaces and openings will in general allow things to fail to work out. Soapstone has an irritating propensity for falling through openings each time it is set down on the table. Slag, shavings, and flashes can fall through openings in the welding tabletop, making the underside for the most part pointless for putting away anything.
  • The gadget-fit circumstance – If your welding tabletop is pre-bored and drilled and the openings are tapped and strung, you are secured in utilizing just those braces and adornments that fit those openings, spaces, and string designs. There are some industry guidelines, and we recommend you track down a table that offers the best choice of accessories conceivable.

Issues with Holes

Issues with Holes

What Are the Common Accessories That Are Used With Welding Tables?

Apart from purchasing the welding table, you’ll have to invest in a variety of accessories and gadgets for its optimum utilization. You can either buy these tools or you can build them yourselves according to your long-term welding requirements. The accessories and tools that are available to make your welding jobs easier include:

Clamps – There are various types of clamps that you can use to assist yourself during your welding operations. These come in all designs, sizes, and configurations. The basic styles of welding table clamps you can source are:

  • Squeeze Clamps
  • C-Clamps
  • Screw Clamps
  • Lever Clamps

Stops – Stops come in various lengths. These helpful embellishments can be had in round styles or square styles. Stops are valuable for adjusting parts and holding them set up as the underlying welds are made, guaranteeing a square joint.

Right Angle and movable point guides – These flexible clips permit you to set up a task with odd points that will remain in position until you get the weld finished.

Vices – Various styles of vices are accessible that will utilize the openings and spaces in your welding table for speedy mounting and getting off as required. It can occupy a ton of space on a worktable. Having the option to have a vice when it is required can be a major in addition to your welding operations.

Different Accessories – There are different things to search for as a feature of your welding table extras. Numerous welders like to have a spot to hang their welding firearm or light. Crates and racks for adornments, apparatuses and little parts are additionally helpful.



Why Should You Consider the Size of Your Welding Operations Before Choosing a Modular Welding Table?

The most important thing that you should keep in mind before you invest in a modular welding table is the size of your welding projects. If you need to weld large and complex objects, you should look out for a table with a bigger table for achieving more convenience and accuracy. Following are the answers that you should ask yourself in this regard:

  • What sort of welding undertakings do you construct?
  • How big are they and how often do you need to weld on the table?
  • What amount of weight do you expect to put on your welding table?
  • What sort of materials do you regularly weld?

Different Sizes

Different Sizes

Why Should You Look Out for a Better Quality Modular Welding Table?

The quality of any product is integral to its overall operational efficiency and usefulness. Modular welding tables are no exception. Quality itself is subject to various features including the building material, hardness, and strength.

Better tables will last more in a tough working environment. Better quality tables are similarly more slanted to be more exact and square. In case you pick an adaptable welding table, an incredible arrangement will simplify it to use and store.

You’ll find a high-quality welding table to be exact, square, and level than conventional tables. The openings and spaces will be more precisely processed and drilled. The edges of the table will be square, as will the corners. The top surface should be processed level and also intended to remain consistent during the entire welding operation.

Good Quality

Good Quality

Why Buying a Customizable Modular Welding Table Might Assist You?

Customizable welding tables increase the user experience of welders by a great margin. You can perform a lot more welding operations if you can adjust them according to your welding requirements.

You can adjust the height of a table if its legs are adjustable. This feature is only available on custom tables. Also, you can move around the table conveniently if it is a portable table.

If possible, you should purchase a welding table that has customizable legs. Having the option to change the height of your welding space can make your operation significantly more convenient.

You should change your workspace to your necessities rather than attempting to change your operational methods to the workspace. The entire welding system should be subordinate to you and not the other way around.

Modular 3D Welding Table easy to use

Modular 3D Welding Table

How Your Financial Budget Might Affect the Quality of Your Welding Table?

The price of modular welding tables will assist you with promptly sorting them into the lower-end or higher-end brackets. You can expect a decent quality if it is sold at an expensive price. You must be cautious as this is certifiably not a particular market standard and there can be exemptions. Subsequently, you should likewise think about exploring the item in a touch more detail before you finally purchase one.

You should also keep in mind that the price is the principal factor that you should explore as it will give you an overall impression of the product. Practically all highlights of secluded welding tables are dependent upon their prices. So it’s consistently fitting to be keen on something very similar.

You should also consider your financial budget. The idea is to consistently obtain the best welding results with accuracy, quality, and spending limitations. We suggest that you extend your budget, if possible. The better-quality welding table you can purchase, the better it will perform for you over the long haul.

3D Welding Table operate

3D Welding Table

Why Should You Be Careful About the Size and Weight of Your Modular Welding Table?

The weight and size of the modular welding tables are essential for your consideration for several reasons. First off, the welding object itself is likely to be heavy as most welding objects are heavy. Plus, welding operations may increase their weight even further.

You’ll also be attaching a lot of gadgets and accessories to the table. These tools are also generally heavy. All-in-all you’ll need a heavyweight table to withstand extreme loads. You should invest in a table with a bit more load capacity than your actual requirement so that it can withstand heavier loads in the case of an emergency.

Size and Weight

Size and Weight

Where Should You Set Up a Modular Welding Table?

The workspace of the welding table should be set up carefully. Welding can be risky and the workspace should be equipped with all the essential elements to keep the welder and the machinery in optimum condition.

Enough Space: Welding tables require considerable space so that the welder can easily access the welding object and operate the welding operation. Also, the table may be integrated with other welding automation machinery which would require even more space. In any case, enough space is required to install and operate the modular welding table.

Enough Air: As discussed earlier, lack of breathable air in the airspace can cause serious health concerns for the welders. Like all other welding equipment, welding tables should be installed in an entirely ventilated space where welders can easily breathe regardless of the number of welding operations they perform regularly.

Enough Light: Light is essential for an accurate welding operation. Also, it is vital to keep the workspace safe and reliable for the welder. Just like air, enough light should always be present in the workstation so that the welder can perform his duties without the fear of incurring an injury.

Local Regulations: Welding operations are restricted to several local regulations in several regions across the globe. This is because it is a dangerous task that can cause concerns for the nearby public. Therefore, before you install a welding table, you should look out for any laws and regulations to save yourself from any trouble with the local authorities.

Modular Welding Table With Wheel

Modular Welding Table With Wheel

What Are the Safety Precautions for Operating Modular Welding Tables?

Welding is complex and can be dangerous if it is not executed carefully. There are certain safety precautions that you should keep in mind to avoid the chances of any injury. Take a look:

Carefully read the manual: After you install the welding table, and before you operate it, you should carefully read and understand the user guide. It contains all the essential information to assist you in performing a safe and reliable welding operation.

Protect your skin: All welders must always protect their skin and other body parts with protective gear. Gloves should be worn to protect hands and special boots should be worn to be protected from any short circuit. Never go near the welding table, if your clothes are wet.

Breath in the fresh air: Welding involves the combustion of gases that can cause breathing problems for the welder. Permanent solutions should be discovered to solve these issues. When it comes to the workplace, it should be completely ventilated so that fresh breathable air can pass through space. When it comes to clothing gear, you should not wear any masks that make it difficult for you to breathe.

Avoid the light: Welding operations result in the production of extremely bright light. Exposure to this light can cause serious health concerns for you. Your eyes may be damaged or lost permanently if you don’t wear protective glasses. Nowadays, automatic glasses are available that are aut0-adjust to the level of brightness.

Release your stress: Stress is something that is not good for your physical and mental health regardless of whether you are at home or your workspace. You should not operate welding functions on a modular welding table if you are physically or emotionally not compatible with the device. Thus, you’ll save yourself from an operational loss as well as a severe injury.

Choose the right personals: Modular welding tables should only be operated by trained professionals. These people have the skill and experience of welding at the table in normal circumstances but also deal with emergencies. Inexperienced staff may injure themselves as well as damage the welding table.

Regularly service the table: Modular welding tables should be regularly serviced for two reasons. One, to consistently maintain the quality and accuracy of your welding functions. Second, to preserve the useful life of the table for as long as possible.



What Is the Difference Between Portable and Fixed Welding Tables?

The difference between fixed and portable welding tables is fairly simple. Fixed welding tables are extremely difficult to move from one place to another and are also less customizable. You’ll have to move yourself to reach a particular spot to perform the welding operation. These tables are less user-friendly and are commonly used for heavyweight and consistent welding works.

You’ll enjoy a lot more work freedom in the case of portable welding stations. You can adjust the height of these tables in most cases, and conveniently move them from one place to another.

You won’t find much difficulty in accessing and performing your welding operations. The only limitation with such tables is that they have lesser loading capacities. You cannot place and weld heavyweight objects more freely than you do with fixed welding tables.

You should buy the welding table type according to your particular needs. Portable welding tables are more preferable by medium and small-sized manufacturers. While fixed welding tables are employed by large-scale industrialists who are engaged in heavyweight welding.

Fixed and Portable Tables 

Fixed and Portable Tables

How Modular Welding Tables Affect Your Business Operations?

Modular welding tables are great devices that improve your business welding operations by a great margin. These tables are designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your welds that ultimately impact your business as a whole. Following are a few benefits of employing modular welding tables:

  • You’ll be able to perform more accurate welds on welding tables by utilizing their special design features along with other accessories and gadgets.
  • You’ll be able to increase the speed of your welds by consistently performing similar welds over and over again. You’ll be able to achieve economies of scale by using this table which otherwise is a bit difficult to achieve.
  • You’ll be able to avoid operational deficiencies of your welds. Brining more accuracy will ultimately result in the reduction of slag and other operational losses. The overall cost of welds will significantly decrease and thus your profit will increase.
  • Using modular tables effectively will save you from the chances of an injury. These tables are designed to make the entire welding process safe and convenient for the welders.

Business Operations

Business Operations

How does SENLISWELD Assists You in Choosing the Right Modular Welding Table for Your Business?

SENLISWELD is one of China’s leading welding equipment manufacturers. We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying welding machines of the highest quality.

We have prepared this comprehensive guide to give you all the essential information about understanding and buying the right product for your business.

If you have more queries, you can get in touch with us and we’ll respond promptly.

Contact us and get a quote on your welding table today!

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