Light-duty Welding Positioner

  • Loading capacity range: 10~2000 kg
  • Customized depends on your workpiece
  • Structure rigidity, strong bearing capacity
  • Speed control: stepless adjustable speed control
  • Easy to operating and installing for you
  • Directly from factory with good price and quality


  • Model: BY-10
  • Loading Capacity 0°/90°: 10kg / 5kg
  • Table Dimension: 180 mm
  • Table Height: 220 mm
  • Rotation Speed: 2-10 rpm
  • Tilt Angle Range: 0-90°
  • Tilt Type: Manual
  • Rotation Motor Power: 15 W
  • Over Dimension: 370x270x215 mm


  • The adjustable-welding torch support can be furnished to fix the position of the welding torch
  • The track and air-powered tip can be furnished to achieve the function of self-holding to the workpiece


BY 50-100-300


BY-600 welding positioner


Light Duty Welding Positioner

Such a reliable welding positioner, otherwise known as welding positioning machinery, is primarily utilized for a variety of special structures, constructing machinery, little circular workpieces, as well as other similar applications.

A functioning table, rotating device, flipping machine, electricity-conducting tool, stander, plus electric cabinet are the major components. Its working surface is operated by a rotating gear with 6 slots having T-style that keep workpieces firmly in place on the table.

There is a motor, a velocity reducer, and then a swing set are the basic components of the light-duty welding positioner’s turning apparatus. An electric engine, cycloidal equipment speed adjuster, reducer for wheel speed, with semicircular gearing make up the overturning mechanism.

The light-duty positioner is primarily used for circular welding. The device’s major role is to tilting and turning the piece such that the seam is horizontal and in a boat shape, which is the optimal position for welding.

We can develop and manufacture light-duty welding positioners to meet the individual needs of our customers. The prices of these light-duty welding positioners are pocket-friendly as compared to the other competitors. With advanced structural rigidity, a light-duty welding positioner has quite a strong load tolerance quality.

Surprisingly, 600 kg light duty welding positioners seem to be typically rust-free, anti-bending, and waterproof, as well as having a good thermal resistance. which assures that you will want these in a variety of situations, including at home or even in the industry.

These light duties welding positioners, weighing 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, etc. are completely safe to use. Furthermore, they are easy to use, with no messiness or complexity that cause people to misunderstand the mechanism.

Our light duty welding positioner has the benefit of being built within appropriate conditions including comprehensive quality assurance inspections and verification.

As the name implies, this kind of positioner is used for light-duty tasks, however, the maximum load is rather high. The manufacturer SENLISWELD’s light-duty welding positioners might be a suitable choice once you seek requirements because of their sophisticated technology. All light-duty welding positioners are not only robust in appearance and build, but have several positive attributes that clients cannot deny.

There has been a number of improvements in electro-mechanical technology over the past years. You can earn a lot of cash in the long term when you have prime-quality machinery.

All manufacturer needs a cost-effective plus productive gadget because a major portion of a company’s revenue is based on the effectiveness of its machinery. Keeping in mind the same factor, we are providing the same help to you by manufacturing effective and less expensive light-duty welding positioners.

High temperatures are not a problem for these light-duty welding positioners. It means that while they’re working on anything, they will not become hot straight quickly. This equipment is however wear-resistant, guaranteeing that abrasion or other environmental impacts do not harm the device’s surface.

Qualities of Light Duty Welding Positioner

  • To modify the speed of our light-duty welding positioner, SENLISWELD used a frequency modification speed regulation device.
  • This light-duty welding positioner has a step-less velocity control to keep things easy to operate and maintain.
  • Across both extremities of the overturning machine’s output shaft, elliptical or semicircular gears are installed.
  • The swinging set is attached with one tip of the power-conducting gadget, whereas the other end contains a power-conducting motor.
  • The current for welding can be immediately transmitted from the operating table because the power-conducting motor shaft is connected to it.
  • The overall loading capacity of the box-shaped light-duty stander is quite considerable.
  • The stander is composed of Q235-A steel that’s been annealed and finished machining to prevent welding load deformation.
  • All the light-duty welding positioners are CE and ISO certified.
  • They are completely reliable for various light-duty applications because of their supporting design.
  • Our light duty welding positioner is not only easy to use but also very user-friendly even for new, untrained, or naïve workers.
  • There is less maintenance required for these light-duty welding positioners.
  • The installation of the welding positioner is also quite quick and convenient with adjustable machine components.
  • While this light-duty welding positioner is performing metal-based operations, it makes relatively little noise.

Making customized light duty welding positioners is our specialty and we ace in this field having experience and knowledge of welding necessities.

You can use our light-duty welding positioner either indoors or in your outdoor setup. Mostly, the components of the light-duty welding positioner are corrosion-free and very resistant to water.

So, there is a minimum chance of the machinery getting corroded. If you need a positioner for your specific welding job, the light-duty welding positioner is perfect as it performs as per your usage and instructions.

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