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In the year 1999, SENLISWELD offers different types of best-selling welding machines. One of these is the gantry welding machines that are commonly used in the fuel tank, pipe, H beam, and many more. This gantry welding machine is one of the automatic welding machines used by professionals.

  • The most fastest and flexible method to enhance productivity.
  • It has a stable function and easy to adopt by the operators.
  • Compose with high-quality materials with multiple protections.
  • Our gantry welding machine’s speed can be regulated smoothly.

Your Best Gantry Welding Machine Supplier

SENLISWELD is the best gantry welding machine supplier you can have. We have the best facilities and production team that ensure the quality of your gantry welding machine.

Since 1999, SENLISWELD focuses on the R&D of our gantry welding machine. This gantry welding machine has a digital linear speed indicator that is stable and reliable to run.

We accommodate our customers in China and also cater to international customers. We impose strict quality assurance for the gantry welding machine. In this way, we can meet the satisfaction of our customers.

SENLISWELD Gantry Welding Machine

LHA Gantry Welding Machine

This A-type gantry welding machine is adopted by A.C. inverter control, run stable and fast traveling speed.

LHT Gantry Welding Machine

This T- type gantry welding machine’s technical parameter is similar to the A-type gantry welding machine.

OEM Gantry Welding Machine

SENLISWELD supports OEM for gantry welding machines, we could customize it according to your special request.

Why Choose SENLISWELD Gantry Welding Machine

If you are looking for an exceptional manufacturer for your gantry welding machine, SENLISWELD is the best choice. We are promoting not just high-quality gantry welding machines but also promote the best partnership as your manufacturer.

Being an exceptional gantry welding machine manufacturer you can expect us to provide the best products and better service. We have 24/7 customer service that you can ask whenever you need help and question. Message us now and have the best SENLISWELD gantry welding machine.

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Gantry Welding Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In the construction and manufacturing world, the gantry is a fundamental structure to support essential machinery and equipment. So, in the manufacturing process of the gantry, particular focus is contributed with machines to ensure that the structural integrity is secured.

If you are interested to learn about the gantry welding machines, read through this complete FAQ guide to answer your queries.

What Is The Gantry Welding Machine?

The gantry welding machine is a set of mechanical units used to carry out the welding tasks to join the different components in manufacturing the gantry.

Since the cross-sectional shape of the gantry girders is the same throughout the longitudinal direction, the components are joined along the longitudinal direction to form the final unit. With the gantry welding machine, you can perform these longitudinal weldings.

H-Beam Type Gantry Welding Machine

H-Beam Type Gantry Welding Machine

What Is The Structural Gantry?

The gantry is an overhead bridge-like structure. The purpose of the gantry is to form an overhead system to support different important pieces of equipment.

You can also observe the gantry girders in your everyday commute to support road signals, railway signals, traffic cameras, acting as structural truss members, etc.

But the most common application of gantry girders is in the manufacturing industries to act as a crane supporting frame. The structure is extremely heavy and durable. So, you can use the unit to support a heavy load of the crane system together with the lifting loads.

A Gantry welding machineCrane System

A Gantry Crane System

You can see another common usage of the gantry frames in the shipbuilding industries to support the whole ship engine components for repairing and manufacturing purposes.

The gantry girder section has a common cross-section that looks like the letters H and I. So, these beams are commonly known as H-beam and I-beam. The beams are composed of two flange sections positioned parallel to each other at a distance equal to the web piece.

The web piece connects the two flanges at the center, which remain aligned vertically. Apart from these two shapes, you can also find other cross-sectional shapes of gantry girders, but they are less common and built only for specific types of purposes.

How Does The Gantry Welding Machine Works?

The gantry welding machine is used to perform automated welding operations on the assembled components of the gantry member. You can perform different kinds of welding operations, depending on your purpose and target, following sequences of activities.

  • The frame section of the welding machine is made of columns, upper platforms, and two mobile beams.

Structural Frame Of The Gantry Welding Machine

Structural Frame Of The Gantry Welding Machine

  • The mobile hangings are supported on the upper platforms, where they can slide along the longitudinal direction. You can control this movement with the servo-driven motor system.

The Mobile Hangings Are Controlled By The Motor System of gantry welding machine

The Mobile Hangings Are Controlled By The Motor System

  • You can adjust the speed of movement of the gantry. Set the pace on the central control system, and the central unit will convey the common to the motor unit. The motor will rotate based on the target speed required for the type of welding you want to perform.

The Gantry welding machine Movement Speed Is Controlled By The Rotation Of The Motor

The Gantry Movement Speed Is Controlled By The Rotation Of The Motor

  • You can control all the functions from a single central command unit to synchronize all the motions following a single command. This is especially helpful to move the individual parts that you haven’t joined yet to move together at a constant pace.

gantry welding machine Control System From A Central Unit

Control System From A Central Unit

  • Finally, you can move the cantilever welding units forward and backward to work in any direction you want. Since the web component remains vertically aligned, you have to set the height of the gantry to adjust according to the web.

Cantilever Welding Units gantry welding machine

Cantilever Welding Units

Using The Gantry Welding Machine, How Can I Manufacture The H-beam, T-beam, And Longitudinal Members With Other Cross-sections?

One of the advantageous features of the gantry welding machine is the versatility in producing different shaped longitudinal sections. Although the most common types of gantry beams are H, I, and T-shaped, you can work on additionally shaped cross-sections as well.

  • H-beam: This is the most common shape. Since with the gantry welding machine, you can perform single longitudinal welding at a time, so that means you can join two pieces at a single time.

Since the H-beam requires two longitudinal welds, at first weld a flange and a web section, then rotate the body upright to attach the second flange section to the web.

  • I-beam: The I-beam is similar to the H-shaped beam but with shorter flange sections. For production, follow the same procedure as the H-beam.
  • T-beam: The cross-section of the T-beam is T-shaped, with a single flange and web section. So, you have to perform single longitudinal welding, keeping the web piece at the center of the flange section.
  • L-beam: The production of L-beam is the simplest. Similar to the T-beam, you have to make the single longitudinal weld. But following the cross-sectional shape, make the connection at the edges of the flange and the web section.
  • Hollow box-beam: To manufacture a hollow box-beam, you must first make two L-beams and then join them with two additional longitudinal welds.
  • HKS, ISQ, HSQ beam: These beams have complex cross-sections, but all these are longitudinal members. The manufacturing of these beams is complex with the gantry welding machine, but you have to follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions to proceed—complex to follow.

Why Should I Switch To The Gantry Welding Machine?

The gantry welding machine is the most up-to-date piece of equipment to automate the welding process of the structural gantry. This unit will provide you with a significant edge over the traditional method followed in the production line of gantry welding.

  • Use of the gantry welding machine will significantly speed up your production line.
  • You can make the best use of welding components to achieve higher efficiency compared to traditional systems.
  • A major drawback in the traditional method of gantry welding was the large heat-affected zone. Using the gantry welding machine, you can minimize the heat-affected zone.
  • With the reduction of heat-affected welding zone, you can minimize the levels of deformation.
  • With specific welding types, you can join materials that are composed of different kinds of material.
  • Use the gantry welding machine to a higher quality of end-product with higher precision.
  • The automated feature detects the micro-tension control state and takes steps as required. This is huge progress of the gantry welding machine compared to the manual system of the traditional methods.

How Can I Automate The Manufacturing Process Using The Gantry Welding Machine?

You can automate the welding operation with the gantry welding machine by integrating with the other pieces of supporting units. When you link all the individual units under a single central command unit, the production line will be automated from the design input to output, with minimum labor usage.

Starting from the assembly of components, followed by the welding using a welding machine, flange straightening, you can integrate all these processes under a single command unit.

But it is better to proceed with this automation by asking your machine’s manufacturer, who can provide you a professional synchronized integration without chances of error. You can also find different manufacturers who can offer complete automated units for performing all these tasks integrated into a single unit.

Once completed, you have to just input the AutoCAD design details and criteria in the machine module, and the rest will be performed automatically with minimal control of labor.

Which Parameters Govern The Weld Quality When I’m Working With The Gantry Welding Machine?

One of the most useful features you can enjoy with the gantry welding machine is the monitoring and control system of the parameters that govern the welding quality. During your MIG or TIG operation, when you vary the controlling parameters, the weld output changes.

The parameters that govern the weld quality are:

  • Welding current
  • Input voltage on the weld-gun
  • Beam traverse speed
  • Amperage
  • Fillet size
  • Deposition of filler material

What Steps Are Included In The Production Field Of Structural Beams Before Using The Gantry Welding Machine?

The gantry welding machine basically performs the welding operation. But there are some other steps that you need to perform first to keep the components ready for welding. Integrating all these steps with welding gives the completion to the production line of the gantry manufacturing.

All The Processes Involved In The Production Line Of Gantry welding machine

All The Processes Involved In The Production Line Of Gantry

First of all, you have to cut the web and flange sections according to the required size that you intend for. Following that, you have to place the material and align them in the perfect position where they are supposed to be welded.

Next, you have to ensure that the positions are ensured when you are performing the welding operations. During the welding operation, the complete workpiece is moved forward to perform a longitudinal seam. During the process, the individual components will tend to lose their position.

So, apply clamping forces to hold the components in place while guiding the gantry into the welding unit. Finally, proceed with the welding operation.

What Kinds Of After-sales Service Should I Expect From The Manufacturers Of Gantry Welding Machines?

The after-sales-service that you can commonly expect from the manufacturers are:

  • Once the manufacturing company has completed the assembly of the gantry welding machine and it’s ready for shipment, you can request to view and check the unit’s condition from the factory before shipment.
  • Most manufacturers will provide free installation services.
  • Training is required for your operators to run the machine, and you might need future technical consultations. You can expect these services free from the manufacturer.
  • You can sign the final acceptance agreement at your place after the company has installed them correctly.
  • The manufacturing company will bear maintenance costs until the warranty period and after that replace damaged parts at a fixed rate as you previously agreed to.

What Are The Additional Pieces Of Equipment Involved In The Production Line Of Gantry Members?

The production line of the gantry members requires multiple steps which are contributed by different sets of units. These are:

  • The CNC gas/plasma cutting equipment is used to cut the web and flange sections according to the target size.

CNC Flame Cutting Machine before gantry welding machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

  • You need the assembly machine to assemble the individual components and guide them into the welding machine while holding them in the target position.
  • Gantry welding machine for welding.
  • Once the welding is complete, the flange sections get twisted. So, you need a flange-straightening machine to straighten them.

Flange Straightening Machine gantry welding machine

Flange Straightening Machine

How Do I Perform Durable Welding On Thick Web And Flange Sections Using The Gantry Welding Machine?

For durable welding on thick sections, you can:

  • Perform TIG welding, as they are more durable than MIG welding.
  • Use special filler materials to create a stronger bond.
  • Increase the welding current to perform a deeper arc.
  • Perform double welding at two sides of the web with the flange section.

Why Is Preheating Important Before Weld Using The Gantry Welding Machine?

Preheating is vital to avoid the internal stress that occurs after welding. Internal stress is a common problem that ultimately weakens the welded joint.

So, to ensure durability by removing the chance of internal stress, you must do the preheating step before feeding the gantry beam inside the welding machine.

What Kinds Of Filler Materials Should I Use To Prevent Internal Stress During Welding With The Gantry Welding Machine?

Internal stress is a common problem, primarily when you perform MIG welding using filler material. But you can refine the filler material to avoid this problem.

 Filler Material Melts And Mixes With The Base Material To Create The Bond

Filler Material Melts And Mixes With The Base Material To Create The Bond

The stress occurs when the yield strength of the filler material is higher than the base material. So, after the materials cool, the filler materials shrink relatively higher than the base metal, creating a stress point.

To avoid this problem, you have to use filler material with a yield-point similar to the base metal. So when cooled, both will shrink at equal rates, and no stress will occur.

What Types Of Welding Can I Perform Using The Gantry Welding Machine?

The gantry welding machine controls the robotic arm to perform the welding seam. With this robotic arm, you can organize all types of welding, which are:

  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG welding)
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG welding)
  • Sub Arc Welding (SAW welding)

Can I control all the essential features of the gantry welding machine from a central control system?

Yes, you can control all the essential features of the gantry welding machine from a central control system.

You can change the governing parameters that influence welding quality, control the motion paths, motion speed of different components from the central unit to continue the gantry welding operation according to your target.

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