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SENLISWELD fixture table tops provide more loading capacity and it is also very durable. We chose hardened steel to make a good quality fixture tabletop for you, focusing on helping you with the top-notch fixture tabletop that suits your applications.

  • Hole sizes, customization, thickness, height, number of holes, etc can be customized according to your needs.
  • Being plasma nitration processed is to improve sturdiness.
  • Anti-scratch surfaces can also stop rust.
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Fixture Table Top

SENLISWELD will provide you with a new kind of high-quality Welding Fixture Table Top to ensure your welding work is smooth, easy, and safe. The orderly arrangement of welding tools on the Fixture Table Top can also greatly improve the efficiency of welding work.

All SENLISWELD engineers and service teams are designed to ensure that your welding tasks, whether at work or on a daily basis, are carried out easily and without errors.

What is a Fixture Table Top?

For welding and fabrication of metals, welding fixture table tops are designed. They are the flat upper part of a welding table to be fixed on tables, hence the name table top. These tables are also named as welding fixture tables top.

It provides you with several accessories to assist you with the welding proceeding with a smooth finish. The fixture table top is capable of holding different welding materials together in a place and also ensures that the process of welding is easy and errorless.

Fixture Table Top
Fixture Table Top

What Size Holes Should be Present in Fixture Table Top?

The size of the hole in the fixture table top determines which accessory and which clamp you can fix in them. Mostly, in standard fixture table tops, the diameter of the fixture table top holes is 16mm. There are customizations available as well for the hole sizes.

Why Holes are Present in Fixture Table Top?

The holes are the unique and distinctive element of a fixture table top. These holes make the fixture table tops different from simple table tops as they do not have holes in them.

These holes serve an important function to hold welding accessories and at times help in fixing the part or piece that you are welding in place. They are made intentionally and are an essential component of the fixture table top. Ensure appropriately sized holes are present on the fixture table top that supports the welding process.

Fixture Table Top Holes for Clamps and Fixtures
Fixture Table Top

What are the Accessories for Fixture Table Top?

Speaking of fixture tabletop accessories, you can put various types of these accessories for the smooth and efficient process of welding.

These are the accessories that you can fix in the fixture tabletop holes.

  • Fasteners- This includes ball lock bolts, locating pins, connectors, ball lock bolt accessories, threaded adapters, and socket shoulder screws.
  • Pliers and Clamps- The accessories include sliding channel bases, clamp accessories, side clamps, toggle clamps, insert clamps, MagSpring clamps, T-post clamps, insert pliers, toggle clamps bases, sliding channel clamps, hole shifters of insert pliers, chain pliers, and round stock pliers.
  • Clamping Squares- This category includes straight edge stop, economy stop heavy-duty riser blocks, D stop bars, right-angle brackets, clamping squares, and malleable cast iron clamping squares.
  • Stops and Rests- It includes V-blocks, set-up cones, fixed rest, magnetic rest, eccentric pads, adjustable rests, bends rests, stops, V-block spacers, T-slot adapters, and magnetic plugs.

Can You Buy Customized Fixture Table Top?

By customization, you put your soul into a product. So is the case with fixture table tops. Customization gives you the benefit of easy usage for your specific application.

Only you know what is best for you. Hence, customization is a way by which you can your ideal fixture table top to construct the welding table of your dreams. It not only elevates the tabletop quality but also increases the speed of the welding procedure.

We fully encourage you to have a customized fixture table top as it will work excellent according to your working condition. Welding must be done with precision and specificity. Your customized table will serve the purpose of specifying for you.

The customization can be done for various things. you can select hole size, thickness, height, number of holes, etc. for customizations. For this, ask the manufacturer and give details of your dimensions.

Fixture Table Top china

Fixture Table Top: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Seeing so many options and varieties on the internet and market, you may scratch your head which fixture table top to get and which is not suitable. Well, not anymore!

We have come up with the best quality fixture table top that perfectly suits various applications with maximum results. Here is an ultimate fixture tabletop FAQ guide that makes you understand the term more clearly. It includes everything you need to know about the product.

All this information regarding fixture tabletop features, components, types, etc. will surely be beneficial to you and your business.

What is the Main Function of Fixture Table Top?

You must be pretty much clear about the idea of fixture table tops from the previous question. The fixture table top is one of the components of the welding table.

It is the top part of the table with holes to hold various accessories and to provide you with all the space you need to weld. The fixture table tops are reliable as they facilitate the welder to perform his task in less time and without any mess.

Why Is It Necessary to Use a Fixture Table Top?

The fixture table top serves the purpose of offering a smooth and flat surface to the welder for doing his/her job efficiently.

Besides this primary function, there are the following reasons that make the fixture tabletop essential to use.

  • Gauging
  • Mounting
  • Electrical grounding
  • Squaring corners
  • Measuring
  • Break and jigs bending
What are Some of the Features of Fixture Table Top?

These are the key features of the fixture table top that make them the unique and best quality.

  • Flat surface that fits perfectly on various tables
  • Consistent separation of holes for accessories holding
  • Resilient and robust design to use for a long time
  • Accommodation of various items
What are the Key Characteristics that Make a Good Fixture Table Top?

Certain characteristics make the product worth buying and attractive to get.

These characteristics are the essential points to see if the fixture table top you are getting is suitable or not such as:

  • Welding fixture table tops are corrosion-free.
  • To improve the sturdiness of the fixture tabletop, they are plasma nitration processed.
  • There is a lesser buildup of welding splatter that stops rust from coming.
  • Their appearance is well maintained as they have scratch-proof surfaces.
  • SENLISWELD fixture table tops provide more loading capacity than other fixture table tops.
  • The surface of the fixture table top remains dent-free even after continuous use.
  • Most of the fixture table tops are long-lasting.
  • They need little to no maintenance and have a weather-resistant smooth finishing.
  • Being adjustable, you do not need to change positions while welding. Just position the table top according to you.
From Which Materials Fixture Table Top is Made?

Selecting the perfect manufacturing material for your fixture table top is very important because welding is a dangerous and tough process.

If you choose any combustible or flammable material, it may catch fire because of the welding sparks. Therefore, you have to make an intelligent move and pick the appropriate material for making fixture table tops.

For making a good quality fixture table top, hardened steel is a preferable choice. Steel makes a good and sturdy material for welding fixture table tops as it is tough and non-combustible.

It can tolerate shock and all the welding pressure. Also, the sparks are harmless to steel fixture table tops. The fixture table tops then went under plasma nitride treatment that gives the tabletop the required robustness and maximum efficiency to work. For better results, use a steel slab with a thickness of ¾ inches.

A perfectly made fixture table top easily fits into the welding tables and provides you with a flat surface to weld things smoothly. Our primary focus is to help you with the top-notch fixture tabletop that suits your applications.

What Should be the Appropriate Height for Fixture Table Top?

The height of the fixture table top is an important factor to consider while you are getting a welding fixture table for your business or yourself.

There are different height measurements for different types of fixture table tops. For instance, the standard height of a fixture table tops is 6-8 inches whereas it can be 4 inches and even 2-3 inches for other types of fixture table tops.

The height of the tabletop should be supportive of the holes in it. It means the top should provide enough space for making holes in it.

What Are the Types of Table Tops You Get for Fixture Table Top Manufacturing?

There are three types of fixture table tops designed as per your requirements. These designs are made for convenience as there is a difference in preference and application.

All of them have similar manufacturing materials and tolerance which makes it difficult for you to select from them. But gladly, there are some key characteristics of these types that distinguish them from one another. The following are the types of fixture table tops.

  • Fabrication blocks table top

If you are looking for a stout table top surface, then a fab blocks table top is for you. The welder like this type very much for their work.

Fabrication Fixture Table Top

Fabrication Fixture Table Top

Its rib structure has an overall thickness of 6 and 8 inches. This is enough for maintaining the integrity of the fixture table. It gives strength and structure to the flat surface.

Their design is quite stiff which makes them a pretty good full-tension box-like structure. As the holes are an important part of the fixture table top, this specific type has holes with a total diameter of 16mm. there is an option of selecting fac blocks table top with tapped holes as well.

  • Mini blocks table top

The thickness of the mini blocks table top rib structure is about 4 inches and it a three-dimensional structure around the five corners of the table top.

Mini Blocks Table Top

Mini Blocks Table Top

The mini blocks table top is suitable for various table top clamps and accessories. You can place numerous welding fixtures in these holes without creating any mess.

Multiple mini blocks table tops can be joined together for a better configuration.

  • Pro table top

The ribs of the pro table top are 2 inches tall along with having 3/16 inches thick rib structures. Their assembly is pretty easy and convenient. The pro table tops have tab and sot design having very fine laser cuts small holes.

Pro Table Top

Pro Table Top

The diameter of the pro table top holes is 16 mm approximately and you can easily fix accessories in these holes.

As far as our recommendation is concerned, our top pick would be a fab blocks table top for you. It provides the smoothest and sturdy surface for welding purposes.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Fixture Table Top?

To maintain your fixture tabletop, there are some things that you may need to buy. Some manufacturers also deliver a maintenance kit with your fixture tabletop orders which is a good thing. but if you do not have them, purchase them separately.

The first product that you need is a spray that is Anti-spatter. The spray must be non-combustible and soluble in water to prevent the fixture table top from burning by the welding sparks.

Such a spray is very useful as it cannot make poisonous vapors. The spray is anti-corrosive as well and protects the fixture table top from getting corrosion.

Additionally, you need a cleaning spray that should also be water-soluble. You can use the cleaning spray regularly for the longevity of your fixture table top. If you are using the cleaning spray on a routine basis, it will stop the accumulation of rust on your fixture table top.

But if somehow or due to an extremely humid working setup, the rust started appearing on the fixture table top of its sides, then we suggest you stop using the cleaning spray on that surface.

The oil stones are very beneficial in removing welding spatter and other damages to the fixture table top. They belong to the category of superior abrasives so we recommend not using any other alternative. Most importantly, if your fixture table top is plasma nitride processed, do not use oil stones.

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