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  • Uses new and improved milling technology that can calibrate precisely.

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SENLISWELD Edge Milling Machine

XBJ-6 Edge Milling Machine

This type of edge milling machine is widely used in many industries and areas.

XBJ-9 Edge Milling Machine

This model of edge milling machine is very efficient with a good finish.

XBJ-12 Edge Milling Machine

This type of edge milling machine’s bevelling range is 0-45°.

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SENLISWELD is a manufacturing company that has been established in 1999. Two decades of manufacturing is full of knowledgable experience. We became a main edge milling machine manufacturer in China.

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Edge Milling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

An Edge Milling Machine is an important device in the welding industry; however, its usage is not limited to just the welding industry and can expand to other fields as well.

You need to necessarily have an Edge Milling Machine in your company as you can use it for a number of operations.

In order to know more about Edge Milling Machines, continue reading this guide.

What is an Edge Milling Machine?

edge milling machine top 1

Edge milling machine

A miller machine serves the purpose of leveling the workpiece and employs a cutter to get rid of the excess material on the workpiece.

An Edge Miller Machine is a miller machine that eliminates all the edges in the workpiece and makes it smoother.

Some of the Edge Milling Machines might also allow you to create a circular shape for your workpiece out of a rectangular slab by forming an outline and removing the excess material.

The process performed by an Edge Milling Machine is entirely automatic and hence, it consists of no errors and provides a guaranteed optimum result.

You can use an Edge Milling Machine on both flat as well as contoured surfaces.

What is a Plate Edge Milling Machine?

Plate edge milling machine

Plate edge milling machine

A Plate Edge Milling Machine is a kind of Edge Milling Machine that employs a self-powered roller conveyor so that the plates may be loaded, positioned, and retracted onto the machine.

An Edge Milling Machine can also use an automatic chip conveyor with a built-in cooling system in order to perform a speedy and consistent job.

It possesses the same function as the Edge Milling Machine, which is to remove the sharp edges of metal produce during the welding process.

Some of the features of a Plate Edge Milling Machine are:

  • A high degree of fit consistency
  • Preparing seams in a consistent manner
  • Milling tips are subjected to less wear.
  • Vibrations are reduced.
  • Plates are automatically weighed and measured
  • Noise, dust, and heat have few environmental consequences.
  • U-groove seams, as well as chamfering, are all possibilities.
  • Guaranteed centric milling profile

What is a Horizontal Edge Milling Machine?

A Horizontal Edge Milling Machine is most commonly used to shape a spiral welded pipe or get rid of its excess material.

You can use a Horizontal Edge Milling Machine in order to enhance your weld quality, decrease scrap material percentage, and increase the production rate of spirally welded pipes.

The spindle axis of a Horizontal Edge Milling Machine is oriented horizontally as the workpiece is transferred through a conveyer belt. The edges are simultaneously being removed from the sides of the workpiece.

Horizontal edge milling machine

Horizontal edge milling machine

What Kind of Tools and Equipment does a Plate Edge Milling Machine Employ?

When general-purpose cutters and equipment are utilized, it is possible for you to keep operating expenses under control to a significant degree.

A Plate Edge Milling Machine would require the following equipment:

  • A plate resting platform
  • An in-built cylinder, which is operated hydraulically in order to clamp the plates from the top
  • A worm and sector gear mechanism supported by bearings
  • A milling head that can be mounted sideways
  • A vertical column with a carriage
  • A bottom base with rack & pinion mechanism

How Does an Edge Milling Machine Operate?

In contrast to a lathe, where the workpiece itself rotates during the cutting process, the cutter is intended to spin throughout the operation in an Edge Milling Machine.

As the milling process progresses, the cutter-teeth of the Edge Milling Machine removes the excess metal from the surface of the workpiece in order to get the required form and finish.

An Edge Milling Machine may be utilized for various tasks, including flat surface machining, irregular surface machining, contoured surface machining, slotting, gear cutting, and many more.

In addition to self-contained electric drive motors and cooling systems, Edge Milling Machines are also generally equipped with digital readouts, variable spindle speeds, and power-operated table feeds.

You can also use Edge Milling Machine in order to drill, bore, and create slots and pockets in addition to other operations.

What are the Advantages that an Edge Milling Machine can Offer You?

An Edge Milling Machine is in-demand equipment in the welding industry as its cutters are sharp enough to pierce through metal without damaging the workpiece or the machinery itself.

Some of the key advantages that make them in demand are as follows:

Quick-paced: An Edge Milling Machine has a high metal removal rate in milling as the cutters operate at high speed and consist of sharp cutting edges.

Size: The size of an Edge Milling Machine and its sturdy design provide it with great support and allow it to handle even larger and heavier equipment without being damaged.

Improved surface finish quality: Because of the multiple sharp cutting edges on an Edge Milling Machine, the surface quality of the materials produced is errorless and smooth.

Increased productivity rate: Due to the fast operating speed of the Edge Miling Machine, the company’s overall production rate also increases.

Automatic operation: Most Edge Milling Machines operate without labor and since the whole process is automatic, they are more reliable. They also offer a variety of computer-controlled cutting choices that are both versatile and secure.

Low cost: Edge Milling Machines save up on a lot of labor costs as they are automatically operated and since there are no errors in the process, no raw material is wasted.

High precision: Edge Milling Machines offer the highest accuracy rate, and since no labor is involved, there is also lesser room for errors.

edge milling machine factory

Edge Milling Machine

What is the Price Range of an Edge Milling Machine?

An Edge Milling Machine is available in different types and sizes, and different kinds are fit for different functions.

This is why there is no set price limit for Edge Milling Machines and you need to ask your manufacturer what price they would offer for your selected Edge Milling Machine.

Considering their size, you might get a small size Edge Milling Machine for about $15,000 whereas, the large size Edge Milling Machine can be bought for about $90,000.

Even though this price might seem a bit much initially, Edge Milling Machines have definitely proven that they are worth the investment as they also save up on many other factors.

Why Should You Purchase an Edge Milling Machine?

An Edge Milling Machine is well-known equipment in the manufacturing industry and you will come across its need one way or other if you are a part of this industry.

An Edge Milling Machine offers various features and advantages that make their usage necessary.

You can use an Edge Milling Machine to operate on different shapes and sizes of workpieces, increasing their versatility and making them easier to use.

You should always invest in trending machinery and stay up to date with the modern developments in machinery.

What are Some of the Milling Cutters That can be used in an Edge Milling Machine?

An Edge Milling Machine employs a cutter that can move horizontally and consist of a fast cutting speed with sharp cutting teeth and a low force rate.

It depends on you and your manufacturer to decide which kind of milling cutter you want to attach to your Edge Milling Machine.

You should consider your work requirements and then decide which milling cutter suits best for you.

The different kinds of milling cutters you can use in the milling process are as follows:

  • End mill
  • Face mill
  • Ball cutter
  • Slab mill
  • Side-and-face cutter
  • Involute gear cutter
  • Fly cutter
  • Hollow mill
  • Shell mill
  • Roughing end mill
  • Dovetail cutter
  • Woodruff cutter

Different kinds of milling cutters used in the milling process by edge milling machine

Different kinds of milling cutters used in the milling process

What is the Material Removal Rate (MRR) of an Edge Milling Machine?

A miller machine reaches about 80 percent of the material removal rate (MRR) during the milling process.

The material removal rate of an Edge Milling Machine is very high because it also consists of a quick-paced cutter with many cutting edges.

Considering that an Edge Milling Machine can perform all operations essentially with pinpoint precision, it is the most essential machine in the welding industry.

The material removal rate of your Edge Milling Machine may be raised even more if you increase the number of teeth on the cutter’s blade.

What are Some of the Disadvantages of an Edge Miling Machine and How can You Avoid Them?

An Edge Milling Machine is not free of disadvantages and has its fair share of cons.

You need to pay attention to these disadvantages in order to get a better understanding of the operation of the machinery.

However, you can also overcome these disadvantages with the proper methods and techniques.

Some of these disadvantages, along with their remedies, are listed below:

High rate of flank wear:

An Edge Milling Machine has a high rate of flank wear, which is usually caused due to abrasion.

However, it may be avoided if you decrease your Edge Milling Machine’s speed and raise the feed rate so that there is no impact on the workpiece due to force.

You can also use a harder and tougher carbide material, a combination of carbon and metal, with the appropriate geometry to avoid flank wear.

You also need to ensure that the cutting edges of your Edge Milling Machine are sharp enough or you will end up increasing the effect of the abrasion.

High rate of crater wear:

Crater wear is usually caused due to high velocity and high temperature and an Edge Milling Machine is not entirely immune to it.

However, these issues can also be mitigated by lowering the speed of your Edge Milling Machine and adopting a tougher carbide material.

All tools and equipment are in a way exposed to crater wear as it is a result of consistent use.

Carbide breakage:

The breaking of the carbide material in an Edge Miling Machine is a serious issue and should be avoided at all costs.

An Edge Milling Machine usually faces this issue as there is not much focus on the carbide material.

Hence, you should pay attention to the carbide material and use a harder carbide as a solution for this issue.

You should also check the cutter, machine, and arbor’s stiffness to avoid carbide breakage.

Loud chatter noises:

High chatter is caused by a lack of stiffness in the cutter and machine, as well as a loose arbor and incorrect geometry of the Edge Milling Machine.

It creates an unpleasant sound during operation that might hinder your concentration during working.

This condition may be altered if you raise the feed rate, decrease the speed, and employ cutters with an uneven pitch for your operation.

Chip clogging:

An Edge Milling Machine is also susceptible to chip clogging, which may be avoided by decreasing the number of teeth on the cutter and increasing the speed as well as the chip pockets on your Edge Milling Machine.

What are Some of the Other Types of a Milling Machine That You Can Get?

Just in case you realize that an Edge Miller Machine is not suited for your task and you require some other milling machine; you can choose from the different kinds given below:

  • Knee and column type
  • Tracer controlled milling machine
  • Horizontal or plain milling machine
  • Vertical milling machine
  • CNC milling machine
  • Universal milling machine
  • Drum milling machine
  • Simplex milling machine
  • Duplex milling machine
  • Triplex milling machine
  • Rotary table milling machine

Vertical dege milling machine

Vertical milling machine

Our purpose for preparing this guide for you was so that we can answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Edge Milling Machines and clear out all your queries.

We hope that this guide will enable you to decide whether you should opt for Edge Milling Machines or not.

For any further queries, feel free to contact us.

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