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CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Tube Pipe Cutting Machines can take different cutting methods according to different needs and are widely used in people’s lives.

The stability and safety of the Cutting Machine are the prerequisites for all cutting work.  SENLISWELD is designed to facilitate the work of every cutting worker and to ensure their own safety.

What is a CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

A laser tube cutting machine is a fully automatic CNC metal cutter to cut square, round, and special-shaped pipes/tubes made of stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum.

It is used for sharp cutting, tangent, bevel cutting, perforation, 45-degree angle cutting, joint cutting, bevel splicing, and other metal pipe cutting work and plans.

Mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching, cleaning of burrs, and other processing procedures that need various metal pipe cutters and complex tools will be replaced by laser tube cutters.

It allows the cutting, chamfering, and cutting of intricate pipe structures. Slots or holes, notches, and other conceivable size and shape elements are processed.

It’s frequently used in various industries, including metal fabrication, kitchenware, lighting, vehicles, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment, and more.

CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine Manufacturer
Working of CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine

How Does a CNC Laser Tube Cutter Work?

Working on CNC Laser Tube Cutter

For graphical designs, the laser tube cutter utilizes computer-aided design software.

It imports the cutting machine OS to automate cutting, allowing manufacturing projects to move faster.

The tube’s material type, thickness, and shape are usually stored in a database that is part of the operating system.

The CNC laser tube cutting machine’s fundamental operating principle is to use the heat energy created by the laser beam to cut the pipe in conjunction with the mechanical movement system.

The smart system controls the cut pipe, ensuring that the goal of high-quality university production is met.

CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Here is a CNC laser tube cutting machine FAQs guide that will solve your queries and make you understand the applications, functioning, advantages, and characteristics of a CNC laser tube cutting machine.

What are the Key Characteristics of a CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

The quality of the CNC laser tube cutting machine is determined by its characteristics.

The following are some of the critical characteristics of the CNC laser tube cutter:

  • To ensure 20 years of use without deformation, the fiber laser tube cutting machine bed will undergo 600°C heat treatment, 24 hours of cooling in the oven, 8 meters of gantry milling, and precise CO2 protection welding. Cutting precision can be as high as 0.02mm.
  • The CNC laser tube cutting machine uses Raycus or IPG fiber laser generators from China to provide the best cutting quality.
  • Swiss Raytools make the laser cutting head. The optical setup was optimized for a smooth and adequate airflow design.
  • The rotary device uses a multi-automated segmented feeding mechanism that is fast and precise and easy to grip, reducing the distance between the laser processing head and the pipe terminals and improving material usage.
  • The numerical control system was configured with Cypcut software to fulfill the needs of various tube-cutting applications.
  • For all kinds of large diameter tolerances, fuzzy boundaries, stepping mechanism selectively grabbing, and pre-set torque ensure the holding does not bend thin-walled tubes easily.
  • The air system can access three different supplemental gases simultaneously and convert them automatically. Besides other hard materials, the CNC laser tube cutting machine can cut more efficiently with a high-pressure gas route. The solenoid and proportional valves can continuously swap oxygen, nitrogen, and air, and the gas pressure can be adjusted steplessly within a given range.
What are the Benefits of a CNC Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?

The cutting accuracy of the CNC laser tube cutting machine is what sets it apart.

It uses chuck and push-type cutting technologies with high centering and processing precision.

Thanks to the advancement of current laser cutting machines, it can now manufacture small diameter pipes in industrial quantities.

The application has been significantly speeding up.

According to these deformations, the CNC laser pipe cutting machine may make matching changes to assure pipe cutting accuracy, which is difficult to achieve with many traditional procedures.

The laser pipe cutter easily recognizes the pipe-fitting pictures created by the 3D software.

It also facilitates the automatic creation of several standard pipe workpieces.

The laser can finish the excellent cutting in any orientation, and the equipment can cut any pre-set shape on the metal pipe.

It can be altered flexibly and quickly thanks to computer programming design.

The benefit of a CNC laser pipe cutting machine is that it may replace several processing operations, including sawing and drilling, to achieve pipe cutting, punching, and designing and cutting of numerous graphics.

A CNC laser tube cutting machine produces significantly less waste material, reduces the expense of labor, and improves working efficiency.

Produce exceptional items in less time for customers.

Advantages of CNC Laser Tube Cutter

Advantages of CNC Laser Tube Cutter

Here are the advantages of a CNC laser pipe cutting machine.

  • The fiber laser tube cutter is capable of cutting a wide range of tube shapes and arbitrary complex curve graphics processing and graphical complexity. The tube segment does not require extra processing after cutting; you can weld it immediately, drastically lowering the production time and adding enormous value to the company.
  • It can cut lines and holes of various sizes from various directions on tubes and pipes and cut columns and crossed lines at the branching pipe’s end to meet centrifugal and non-centrifugal vertical intersection conditions for the branch and main pipe axes.
  • With the primary circular pipe, it can be cut at an angle.
  • It can cut branch pipes that cross over the main circular pipe.
  • It can cut angle groove faces, square holes, and waist-shaped holes.
  • It uses an extremely thin laser beam that may be used to cut small parts and intricate designs while producing a polished finish.
  • Metal tubes and pipes are not easily destroyed during processing, and two rotary tables use double driver simultaneous drive, resulting in high precision and processing efficiency.
What are the Applications of a CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

The following are some of the applications of a CNC laser tube cutting machine:

  • Metal tube/pipe with diameter ≤200mm.
  • Mild steel metal tube/pipe having a cutting thickness of ≤8mm.
  • Metal tubes and pipes come in various shapes and sizes, including round, square, triangle, rectangular, oval, circular, and other unusual tubes.
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