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SENLISWELD provides you with the best quality and stable CNC Flame Cutting Machine, a competitive price supports your business.

  • With over 20 years of experience in CNC flame cutting machine manufacturing.
  • The innovational technical team and great craft skill production team.
  • We could cut 350mm thickness steel and customize your requirements.
  • Easy to operate, 24/7 service, technical consultation support.

SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC flame cutting machines are mainly used to cut thicker carbon steel and cut straight. According to customer requirements, we could make different sizes for you.

Since 1999, we focus on welding and cutting machines. We never change our direction, and that’s why we become one of the best CNC flame cutting machines manufacturers in China.

SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine 4 meters

The rail span could be customized according to your request, normally 3 meters to 8 meters.

6 meters CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC flame torch is 2 sets, normal standard configuration. Altered depending on requirements.

CNC Flame Cutting Machine 8 meters

This driveway of the CNC flame cutting machine is a double drive, 9 trip torches. Maximum travel speed: 12000 mm/min.

SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine Advantages

cnc flame cutting machine easy to install
Easy Oprate

CNC flame cutting machine is easy to install and operate.

industry cnc flame cutter
High Quality

Our flame cutting machine has a high-quality standard control.

oem ability for flame cutter

We could customize your requirements with different sizes.

cnc flame cutter warranty

We provide you one-year quality warranty, free parts replacement.

Why SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine

SENLISWELD started manufacturing CNC flame plasma cutting machines in 1999, with our innovation and development, we have a high-quality control and the best price.

The subject structure of the SENLISWELD CNC flame cutting machine is overall stress relief annealed.

Adopting high-quality functional components such as a precision reducer, high-precision digital servo drive system, and linear guide rails.

CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer
CNC Flame Cutter Machine
Best CNC Flame Cutting Machine Supplier

High efficient operating. Competitive price in the market. Fast reply and best service. Stable team support your request.

About SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine

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  • “The CNC flame cutting machine from SENLISWELD is really stable and easy to use. We plan to purchase another laser cutting machine from them, I trust Marc.”

    Jon from Canada
  • “When you want to find a reliable supplier, no doubt SENLISWELD is the first choice I think. The CNC cutting machine they made is impressive, I like them!”

    Bhuvanesh from India
  • “The price is good, what’s more, their quality is great! CNC flame cutting machine is a big investment for our company because we just start the business, they really helped us!”

    Bryan from USA

CNC Flame Cutting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For all those who want to know all the basics of CNC Flame Cutting Machine, this FAQ guide is for you.

It includes all the relevant detail that makes you pick the perfect CNC Flame Cutting Machine for your business.

Let’s start with our guide.

What is CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The CNC Flame Cutting Machine is a piece of machinery that uses the ignition mechanism to cut a specific part of the metal or metallic sheet.

CNC Flame Cutting Machine supplier

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

This machine uses oxygen as gas for the flame to cut the metallic parts. The procedure, also termed oxy-fuel cut, is utilized to separate and shape metal parts.

It’s done with a torch that passes oxygen as well as a gas mixture (acetylene, propane, or mains gas) through it. The surface of the steel is preheated by an outer part of jets in the torch tip.

From a primary jet, a distinct oxygen channel is targeted onto the region to also be split. The technique can be conventional, with the worker holding and guiding the cutting torch, or mechanized, with the torch installed on a piece of machinery.

Cutting machines can be pre-programmed by utilizing computing technology to reduce the amount of material wasted when cutting a plate. For massive yields, multi-cutting tip machines are available.

These CNC Flame Cutting Machines are easily available and you can have them custom-made according to your measurements and capacity.

What are the Features of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The SENLISWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine features make it distinct and unique from the rest of the competitor’s products.

Here are the features of the CNC Flame Welding Machine:

  • The beam has a minimal structural element with a high degree of stiffness, a low deadweight, as well as low inertia of motion.
  • The gantry design, which includes a double-driven mechanism for the Y-axis and dual-straight rails for the X, Y, and Z axes, allows the machine to move smoothly and precisely.
  • Eliminate the need for manual operations entirely.
  • Increase the effectiveness of flame cutting by any means.
  • Simple linear construct that is easy to install and maintain.
  • In compressor parts, electrical parts, and operational parts, we use superior world-renowned brand equipment.
  • To regulate the entrance and shutting of the die, an elevated dual crank is used.
  • There is no pollution because the system is highly automated and intellectualized.

All these features vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What is the Working Mechanism of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The working principle of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is not difficult.

SENLIWELD CNC Flame Cutting Machine uses the oxygen blend and combustion gases to heat up the workpiece and preheat the material to a certain temperature.

Then the oxygen flow has a high speed to make the metal release heat because of getting oxidized. The oxygen flame torch and plasma torch cut the material.

Interestingly, the cutting of the materials is because of the iron burning in the presence of air (oxygen) and not the melting of the material because of flame.

What are the Cutting Materials of CNC Flame Cutting Machines?

It is important to know the cutting materials of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine to check its compatibility with different materials.

The most commonly treated materials from CNC Flame Cutting Machine are as follows:

  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Metal alloy
  • White steel
  • Nickle
  • Titanium
  • Galvanized sheet
  • Titanium plate
  • Iron
  • Alloy steel

All these materials are extensively used in the manufacturing of various products, machinery, and parts.

How Many Cutting Torches are Present in CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

There are two torches that are part of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine which are:

  • CNC flame torch

It has a cutting size of 1500mm-3000mm.

With lightweight properties, the CNC flame torches are easily transported from one place to another to assemble in the CNC Flame Cutting Machines.

The flame torch utilizes oxygen as the combustible fuel. It performs its function with precision as it has aluminum molds fixed into them.

Because of the tiny size, the assembly of CNC flame torch is relatively easy. There is no need of getting specialized assembly and installation tools for the placement of the CNC flame torch.

Flame torch

Flame Torch

You can efficiently operate the torch and nest the materials. There are two ways to operate these, either manually or automatically for simple and complex graphic programming with the assistance of fastcam software.

They have an in-built mechanism that recognized various shapes. The CNC flame torch also supports the USB for different loading programs.

  • Plasma torch

A plasma torch is an instrument that creates a controlled stream of plasma.

Plasma spraying, plasma cutting, plasma gasification, and plasma arc welding for disposal of waste are all potential uses for the plasma jet.

What is the Function of Flame Cutter in CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The primary function of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is to cut the metallic materials through an oxygen flame torch and plasma torch.

This process occurs due to the combustion of the air mixture of the flame and by heating the material surface, the cutting is done.

Which Factors are Responsible for the Accurate Functioning of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

Various factors determine the accuracy and directly influence the accuracy of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine.

These are the factors that are important to consider:

  • Selection of cutting gas

The choice of cutting fuel for flame cutting machines seems to have a significant impact on cutting performance.

Acetylene, propylene, propane, and MPS are currently accessible gases. Because combustion products have varying combustion properties, the cutting sequences vary.

By selecting the correct gas, you may maximize the benefits of gas cutting and achieve primary and secondary cutting operations.

Acetylene flames have concentrating heat, extreme temperatures, quick heat treatment time, minimal oxygen use, excellent cutting effectiveness, and low cutting distortion. It’s ideal for slicing thin plates as well as adding smaller components.

The heat from a propane blaze is diffused, the warmth is reduced, the heat treatment time is lengthier than acetylene, its cutting tool is smooth and uniform, and the cut-rate is reduced.

As a result, the cutting price is cheaper than acetylene whenever cutting large areas of thick plates. It is suited for cutting heavy sheets and huge items thanks to the massive heat concentration of the propylene torch’s outer flame.

  • The concentration of Oxygen, Height of Cutting Nozzle, and Speed Selection

The cutter oxygen pressure, cutting speed, and cutting nozzle height are all critical aspects that improve the nature of flame cutting and picking the proper gas.

According to research, as the air concentration increases, the cutting time reduces and the demand for oxygen falls under the designated level of oxygen pressure.

It’s also crucial to choose the proper cutting speed. Even though productivity is high, if indeed the rate is too high, this is vulnerable to severe faults and harsh cuts.

The incised surface is irregular, the cutting acceleration is too sluggish, the output is zero, the oxidized slag attaches, and the cutting parameters are too poor.

When cutting a 40mm metal plate with No. 5 jets, the rated maximum speed is 250-380 mm/min, with a median speed of 315 mm/min. There are ten levels in this category. The cutting velocity is somewhere between 336.6 and 358mm/min, with the finest cutting result.

Cutting quality is also influenced by the size of the cut nozzles.

The flames core can skim the surface of the said piece if the cutter nozzle is set too low, leading the cutting seam for collapsing, slag splashed to obstruct the cutting nozzle, or even backfired.

The flame may not properly heat the incisions if the cutting nozzles would be too tall, leading to reduced cutting capability and trouble expelling slag.

In principle, the flame center, as well as the working surface, should be kept at a distance of 35mm.

  • A sequence of cutting and lead application

A good cutting sequence allows for homogeneous burning of the sheet metal, and internal tensions cancel out, resulting in less thermal destruction of said pieces.

As a result, when trimming the contours of the section, you must use the following principles: interior first, exterior second, little first, huge second, the first back, crossed leaping, and complicated rather, simplified second.

When cutting pieces, avoid dislocation, distortion, and size variation. A good lead location and shape allow for a full cut of its part and steady cutting to ensure proper contouring quality.

The entrance placement of the external contour is usually positioned at the lower corner of the contours, and the leading firms of the internal contour are suited for the form of art, as per the real production circumstances.

In Which Industries CNC Flame Cutting Machine is Applicable?

The following are the applicable industries where the use of CNC Flame Cutting machines is extensive:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Transport equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Military industries
  • Chassis electrical cabinets
  • Wind power
  • Aerospace industry
  • Structural steel
  • Boiler containers
  • Bridge-building
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Elevator manufacturing

Along with these application industries, there are more where CNC Flame Cutting Machine finds its applications.

What are the Advantages of a CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The following are the main advantages you get from using a CNC Flame Cutting Machine:

  • Steel cutting is faster as compared to blade-moving mechanical cutting.
  • The device is mobile and it is easy to use on the job.
  • Cutting method: In a pretty narrow radius area, you can swiftly alter the cutting orientation.
  • On-the-spot cutting of huge metal sheets by rotating the cutter rather than the metallic block.
  • The procedure can be done manually or mechanically.
  • For manual cutting methods that are hard to fabricate the cut style and thickness, a gaseous cut seems to be a very cost-effective solution.
  • Physical cutting tools have higher equipment expenses.
What are Some of the Drawbacks of Using a CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

Here are some of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine’s disadvantages:

  • The geometric tolerance seems to be much lesser than when using a manual tool to cut;
  • Effective gas stream control and exhaust facilities are required for burning fuel for metallic oxidation.
  • The process of cutting metal, steel, and cast iron must be improved.
  • The cutting process of high hard steel requires preheating prior to the actual cutting process.
  • It is not recommended to gas-cutting on a large scale.
  • Most of the time, the CNC Flame Cutting Machines are only used for cutting steel, aluminum, or cast iron, but they can cut other metals like titanium too in industries.
  • Sometimes, the red-hot flames can become dangerous to the operators that use the CNC Flame Cutting Machine.
  • The burning of fuel in the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is also becoming a pollutant to the environment.

All these disadvantages can be reduced by improving the design and construction of modern-day CNC Flame Cutting Machines.

What is the Process of Flame Cutting?

flame cutting process

Flame Cutting Process

The technique of cutting a form from sheet metal using oxygen and fuel gas is known as flaming cutting.

Steel profile is a word that incorporates services like plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and laser cutting. Also, it’s referred to as oxy cutting, flaming, or profiling.

How to Determine Whether Your CNC Flame Cutting Machine is Suitable for You or Not?

Some factors determine the appropriateness of your CNC Flame Cutting Machine and help you find the best CNC Flame Cutting Machine for you.

These factors are mentioned as under:

  • The manufacturing material must be of fine quality.
  • There should be proper assembly parts of the CNC Flame Cutting Machines.
  • The machine is operated automatically.
  • All the parts and components are rust-free.
Which Factors are Responsible for Adjusting the Flame of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The cutting gas will be reduced by rust dust plus organic matrix, and wrong flame calibration will create variations in cutting level and efficiency. The CNC flame cutting machine’s rpm, fuel usage, pressure, as well as other parameters are all averages.

SENLISWELD machine might, though, run at speeds greater or lesser than these averages, and the worker should be able to determine the cutting velocity and strain parameters in real-time on the basis of these features.

The following factors are responsible for the flame adjustment of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine:

  • The setting of Pressure Parameters

On the airflow outlet, pressure regulator knobs for fuel and oxidant gases must be placed. The operating pressure necessary by gaseous oxygen may be effectively handled with these valves.

Setting the pressure value appropriately should be achieved while the torches are being used. Working pressure that is too high will result in factors such as poor cut efficiency and a poor cutting layer.

The cutting oxygen stream produced by the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is the most important aspect in attaining an excellent cut.

If the CNC Flame Cutting Machine’s oxygen flow is directly in the center of the burning flame, so you can look at a cutting tip that is almost fully circular, the cutting jet has been appropriately adjusted.

When the cutting stream scatters like a brush or becomes virtually undetectable after exiting the cutting jet, the cutting faucet is obstructed. It is suggested that you clean the cutting tip with the cutting tip needles supplied by the company.

The cutting tool can be damaged if you use the wrong instruments.

  • Adjustment of Fire Operation

The spray blended gas must be lit once the CNC Flame Cutting Machine unlocks the thermal oxygen valve as well as the gaseous valve.

Set the temperature as needed, and cut thinner steel plates with a mild heating flame while cutting heavy steel plates with a greater heating flame.

The heated temperature becomes too high if somehow the cutting edge begins to dissolve and that excessive moisture drop-like metals are clinging to it, producing a chain of molten balls.

Whereas if the heated burner is just too low while cutting, this will crack, causing damage to a cut and uneven tempering. The cutting flames stream will appear clean and crisp if the warming flame is correctly regulated.

Setting the optimum distance between both the cutting jet and the material is another crucial component in achieving high cutting quality.

The optimal gap in between cutting jets would be when the peak of the main flame (the heart of the flare) is around 1 mm just above the workpiece. The spacing seen between cutting jets is determined by the nozzle’s size.

Can You Get a CNC Flame Cutting Machine with Customized Dimensions?

Yes, a customized CNC Flame Cutting Machine can be ordered from a trustworthy provider who offers a high-quality, affordable item.

It is possible to get a dependable, individualized CNC Flame Cutting Machine. In terms of specs, cutting speed, usefulness, composition, and other criteria, there are various options.

You have the flexibility to choose what works best for you around your own circumstance.

What is the HS Code of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The HS code of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is 84569090.

Which Control Systems are Part of CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

There is an electrical control part in the modern CNC Flame Cutting Machines.

The CNC cutting machine’s electrically controlled portion, CNC (additional system), electronic, servo, three subcomponents, and factory assembly control system are all made of very well international and domestic brands.

Thanks to the massive employed scale IC, the system includes a module of architecture, wiring that is simple, fair, and easy to specify, as well as the maintenance that is simple.

What is the Manufacturing Material of a CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

It is quite imperative to know about the manufacturing material of the CNC Flame Cutting Machine to understand the capacity and functioning of the equipment fully.

The material of manufacture for the CNC Flame Cutting Machine is stainless steel and carbon steel.

Both have characteristic features that make them suitable for the manufacturing of CNC Flame Cutting Machine.

  • Stainless Steel

It’s the ideal material for a high-end, massive metal cutting job. The CNC Flame Cutting Machine’s parts are made of stainless steel, which makes them corrosion resistant.

The machine’s structural integrity is provided by the material. The CNC Flame Cutting Machine can withstand automated processes because of stainless steels thermostat properties.

The CNC Flame Cutting Machine has a longer shelf life because it is made of stainless steel.

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steels are typically flexible and also have a lower compressive strength.

Carbon steel, however, have quite a higher strength, making them ideal for manufacturing and welding, as well as being inexpensive.

Is CNC Flame Cutting Machine Automatic?

The automatic feature makes it quick and easy to operate a variety of technological devices.

The CNC Flame Cutting Machine is in the same league as the other automatic machinery. It is computer-controlled, exact, and automated.

The self-contained CNC Flame Cutting Machine eliminates the requirement for personnel to do flame cutting on their own.

Is it Safe to Use CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

Yes, it is very safe and reliable to use the CNC Flame Cutting Machine for various purposes in different industries and factories.

They also have domestic applications if needed. The automated CNC Flame Cutting Machine is undoubtedly an exceptional flame cutting machine with its own set of advantages.

Its importance in a wide range of fields and industries cannot be underestimated. The CNC Flame Cutting Machine can handle a wide range of welding tasks.

It’s also typical for individuals and made using environmentally friendly manufacturing materials.

How to Maintain Your CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

The maintenance of a CNC Flame Cutting Machine is necessary for the cutting machine’s long and healthy life.

There are several things users can do to keep any CNC Flame Cutting Machine in proper working order. Prior to and after each usage, wipe it down with a cloth.

Applying a good oil to specific CNC Flame Cutting Machine areas is beneficial because it increases the machine’s overall longer life.

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