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SENLISWELD is known to be a leading manufacturing company in China. We produce the best quality beam straightening machine for more than 20 years. We conduct and focus on R&D to improve the performance of our beam straightening machine.

  • Enables to increase your productivity for better welding results.
  • We produced standard designed and special design depends on request.
  • It has an integral mainframe structure created with a stress relief feature.
  • Our beam straightening machine has improved accuracy resistance.

Your Reliable Beam Straightening Machine Supplier

If you want to have a reliable beam straightening machine supplier, SENLISWELD must be your primary choice. Our standard in producing a beam straightening machine is really strict.

We want our customers to have a beam straightening machine that has an outstanding performance. This will help our customers to increase productivity while operating the SENLISWELD beam straightening machine.

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SENLISWELD Beam Straightening Machine

YTJ-60B Beam Straightening Machine

This type of beam straightening machine’s material is Q345A, straightening velocity is 6.37 m/min, motor power is 37 kW. The weight of the machine: 2.5 Tons.

HYJ-600 Beam Straightening Machine

This material of the HYJ-600 model beam straightening machine is Q235A, straightening velocity: 6.7 m/min, motor power: 9 kW.

YTJ-80B Beam Straightening Machine

The material of the YTJ-80B type beam straightening machine is Q235Mn, straightening velocity: 6 m/min, motor power: 44 kW.

Why Choose SENLISWELD Beam Straightening Machine

A great advantage is waiting for you upon choosing the SENLISWELD  beam straightening machine. We have the best technical team to support the OEM and ODM of your beam straightening machine.

We want you to experience the reliable performance of our beam straightening machine. This machine was designed and developed for you to have a compact structure and strong strength advantages.

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Beam Straightening Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A beam straightening machine is a critical piece of a device in the production line of structural steel beams. With it, you can set the finishing touch to deform the beam according to the final shape.

Read this FAQ guide to know all the essential aspects regarding the beam straightening machine.

What Is Beam Straightening Machine?

The beam straightening machine assists in straightening the deformed components of the H-beam. With this unit, you can straighten the deformed flange sections to produce the final shape of the cross-section.

During this welding process, the flanges connected with the web section get deformed to the inward direction of the web. With the beam straightening machine, you can reshape the flanges to make a perpendicular angle with the web section.

A Typical Beam Straightening Machine
A Typical Beam Straightening Machine

Why do the Flanges of Beams Get Distorted During Welding?

The flanges of beams get distorted due to the simultaneous effect of expansion and contraction of the workpiece at the welded point and the adjacent base metal.

During the manufacturing process of the H beam, you have to obtain the final shape of the cross-section by joining the individual components. The main two components of the beam are two flanges and a single web that you have to attach at the center, between the two flanges.

When you perform the welding operation, extreme heat is generated at the connection point. This intense heat melts the base material of both the joining workpieces, and once it solidifies, the bonding is completed.

Once the metals melt from the previous state of solid, the physical properties of the metals also change with it. It tends to extend the metals at the welding spot but fails to do so due to the confined region bounded by the web and flange sections.

Again, once they solidify, they tend to shrink back to their previous volume. The effect of these two changes of state pulls the two sides of the flange section to balance the impact. They get pulled inward to give a distorted shape. This is how flanges get distorted.

Types Of Flange Distortions
Types Of Flange Distortions

What are the Types of Bam Straightening Machines?

There are different techniques and methods that you can use to straighten the flange section of the beam. Based on the process followed, different types of straightening machines are designed. These are:

Mechanical beam straightening machine:

In this setup, the flange is straightened by applied mechanical pressure through two sets of continuous rollers. The rollers are aligned perfectly to ensure the beam is rolled through so that you can reshape according to the final cross-section.

Hydraulic beam straightening machine:

The hydraulic beam straightening machine also follows the same procedure as the mechanical straightening machine. The difference is that a power source is a hydraulic machine which makes it a powerful output.

Thermal flame straightening machine:

The thermal straightening machine is different from the other two types. In this kind of unit, you have to induce heat at the deformation point to make the metal flexible. Then you have to apply mechanical pressure to straighten the beam.

How does the Mechanical Beam Straightening Machine Work?

You can use the mechanical beam straightening machine to straighten the flanges that become distorted during the welding operation.

  • The primary method of straightening the flanges is through applied mechanical pressure with the help of two sets of rotating wheels.
  • The wheelsets are positioned vertically on the beam, with the web standing perpendicular to the horizontal profile.
  • One of the wheels applies force from the bottom of the flange. Most of the time, this wheel is only a single piece, including a broad base to cover most of the flange area.
  • The upper set has a twin-wheel system. Each of the wheels is positioned individually from two sides on the flange’s interior direction. This set of wheels is the main driving wheel.
  • Since the flanges always get distorted towards the interior direction, you need to apply the main pressure from the internal direction towards the exterior. So, the wheels at the interior side play the primary driving function.
  • The wheels are powered by a motor system that comes with a speed controlling function.
  • You can speed up or reduce the speed depending on the requirement. Finally, you can control all the features from a central control system.
  • You can also roll the workpiece to forward and backward directions. This feature is essential, especially when you need to roll multiple times in a single position.

Mechanical Beam Straightening Machine
Mechanical Beam Straightening Machine

What Kinds of Beams Can I Straighten Using the Beam Straightening Machine?

The beam straightening machines are a critical part of the production line of beam manufacturing. During the production of the H beam, the individual components are joined together by welding to produce the final shape.

But once the welding is completed, the flanges get distorted towards the interior side due to the expansion and contraction effect. To reshape the distorted shape, you need to apply mechanical pressure. This is where the use of beam straightening machines is essential.

The application of beam straightening machine is applicable for the following kinds of beams:

  • Symmetrical H beam: The symmetrical H beam has two equal flanges. The web is connected at the center between the two flanges. For this type of beam, the driving twin wheelsets apply pressure from the interior side of the flanges to straighten them.
  • Dissymetrical H beam: The dissymmetrical H beam has two unequal flange sections linked by a web section at the center of each flange. To straighten this type of unit, you can follow the same procedure as the symmetrical beam.
  • I beam: I beam shorter flanges compared to the H beam. But the procedure to straighten them is the same.
  • T beam: One flange with one web section makes up the T beam. If you want to straighten this type of beam, you don’t need to rotate the workpiece on another side. Application of pressure at the single flanged side is sufficient.

T Beam

T Beam

  • L beam: Compared to the other beam model, straightening the L modeled beam is different because the flange piece is not extended on two sides of the web piece. So, you have to apply the mechanical pressure of the main driving roller from one side only.

How Should I Choose a Reliable Manufacturer of Beam Straightening Machines?

There are some factors that you to consider to choose a reliable manufacturer of the beam straightening machine:

  • Look for manufacturers who always maintain the best practices and target for excellence. Choosing a product from this kind of manufacturer will help you to stand out with the best products.
  • Different official organizations verify and keep track of manufacturers. Go through their database to find out the reliability and profile weightiness of manufacturers.
  • The target is the best manufacturers who always supply products exceeding their minimum specifications.
  • A reliable manufacturer will always happily advertise their product quality since they can be proud of the quality ensured.
  • Try to understand whether the manufacturer wants to be quick with a one-time deal or target a long-term relationship. If they seem to focus on long-term relationships, this indicates their interest and higher quality of the product.
  • Look for the history and quality of feedbacks of previous clients on the manufacturer. This is a critical factor that will satisfy your many other considerations.

Can I Simultaneously Straighten Double Sides Using the Beam Straightening Machine?

Yes, there are also available models of beam straightening machines with which you can perform straightening operations on both the flanges simultaneously. But you must be careful as for this operation you might need a more robust system.

The special feature of this unit that enables the double sides straightening is two twin sets of main driving wheels and two single sets of guiding rollers. The principle of operation in this kind of unit is similar to a single-side straightening machine.

There are double sets of wheel setups designed to apply pressure on both bottom and top flanges simultaneously. But there are also many drawbacks, and you need to maintain different considerations while working with this machine unit.

What is a Hydraulic Beam Straightening Machine?

The piece of machinery where you can utilize liquid fluid to perform work is called a hydraulic machine. You can use hydraulic machines to perform more powerful operations compared to a mechanical-driven unit.

 Hydraulic Beam Straightening Machine
Hydraulic Beam Straightening Machine

The basic principle of how the hydraulic beam straightening machine works is similar to that of a mechanical beam straightening machine. The usage of hydraulic fluid as a driving factor makes a huge difference in terms of power output.

The hydraulic fluid is pumped through hydraulic motors to move the flexible arms and roll the beam with mechanical pressure.

Does Straightening the Flanges of a Beam Affect Its Strength?

From the outside, it may seem that the beam straightening process is easier. But in reality, you have to maintain different factors while performing the straightening operations.

Beam Straightening Procedure
Beam Straightening Procedure

Some of the factors are so important to maintain that if you fail to maintain them and get slightly diverted, it will affect the straightening. This signifies that it will not affect the beam’s strength if you successfully maintain all the controlling factors while straightening it.

How Should I Choose the Right Model of Beam Straightening Machine?

To ensure the ultimate efficiency in the production line of beam straightening, you must choose the right model of beam straightening machine. Analyze the sequential factors t choose the right model:

  • Choose the correct type: Different kinds of beam straightening machines like the hydraulic beam straightening machine, mechanical beam straightening machine, etc. Each type is designed to assist in a specific type of task. Choose the type that will suit your need efficiently.
  • Consider the size of the workpiece with suitability to the machine: Each model is designed to carry out the operation on a specific size range of the beam. Spending on the size of the beam, choose the machine unit.
  • Focus on the target quality: It is essential to maintain the quality of the product to give you an upper hand in the marketplace and your long-term business. Choose the machine that excels in the highest quality output.
  • Follow product specification: You can get the answer to many questions matching the specification of the beam straightening machine with your product.

What are the Advantages of a Hydraulic Straightening Machine Over Flame Straightening?

The advantages of hydraulic straightening machine over the flame straightening machine are:

  • Reduces production time
  • Requires less experienced operators to perform straightening operation
  • Fewer chances of error
  • Superior controlling features
  • Reduces cost of labor

With the H Beam Straightening Machine, Can I Straighten Beams of Variable Shapes?

You can use the beam straightening machine to straighten H beams of variable sizes, but it is limited to the specific range. Each model is designed that can deal until a minimum to a maximum size range of the web and flange components.

If you want to know the size ranges, you have to follow the product specifications that come with the product.

Does the Straightening of Beams With Thicker Flanges Affect My Production Time?

Yes, you need more time to straighten flanges with more thickness compared to lesser thickness.

With more thickness, you have to sacrifice more time in rolling, provide more power, and often roll forward and backward to ensure the straightening.

H-Beam With Thick And Thin Flanges
H-Beam With Thick And Thin Flanges

Are the Beam Straightening Machines Durable?

The beam straightening machines undergo rough application to carry out their functions efficiently. So, the manufacturers of beam straightening machines design them with durable material to suit the application.

The main driving roller that applies pressure from the interior side of the flange plays the most vital role, so it is manufactured with 40 Cr material, which is considered extremely durable.

The guiding roller is made of 35-40 Cr material to ensure its durability as well. Moreover, if you continue the straightening operation following the guidelines specified by the manufacturer, the machine unit will provide longer performance.

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