60 Ton Self Aligning Rotator


60 Ton Self Aligning Rotator senlisweld workshop

CE Certification 60 tons self aligning weld rotator

60 Ton Self Aligning Rotator

Metal and steel using industries are continually looking for high-profile machinery that can provide greater profit. For welding purposes, a self-aligning rotator having a capacity of 60 tons is trusted a lot. This machine has established a high reputation over the years since it meets the standard of advanced machinery.

A 60 ton self-aligning welding rotator is well known for its capacity of 60 tons, which is huge. Also, the precise measurements that this device provides attracts industrialists. Irrespective of the size and diameter of any cylinder, this machine gives you the optimal output without any errors. The adjustments are managed automatically.

There is no need of manual pre-adjustments in this machine. If we talk about the packaging of a 60 ton self-aligning welding rotator than we can say that the packaging format and material is good enough to keep the machine fully secured from any sort of damage.

Spare parts of this machine are packed in a wooden case. The mainframe is disassembled and placed in a container of a specific size.

  • The range of vessel diameter of 60-ton self-aligning welding rotator lies within 750-4800 mm.
  • The diameter and width of PU roller is 450mm and 180 mm, respectively
  • The linear speed of a 60-ton self-aligning welding rotator is 6-60 (m/h).
  • This machine is ideal for both small-scale and large-scale applications.
  • 60-ton self-aligning welding rotator can be customized accordingly.
  • 60-ton Self-aligning welding rotator has VFD speed controller system embedded in it.
  • The rubber tyres of these welding rotators provide excellent traction.
  • It is simple to operate a self-aligning welding rotator.
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