60 Ton Conventional Rotator


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60 Ton Conventional Rotator factory senlisweld

60 Tons Conventional Rotator

SENLISWELD is a recognized manufacturer and supplier, as we can provide a 60 tons conventional rotator at market competitive prices.

Our company can provide classic conventional welding rotators with almost any attributes that a client requires. A 60 tons conventional rotator is a heavy-duty rotator that can spin cylindrical drums of various diameters with ease and perfection.

Our durable 60 tons conventional rotators are extremely adaptable to meet the right vessel diameter for proper functioning and welding.

We use mild steel that is highly appropriate for making welding rotators of all types and can withstand welding pressure easily. Fit-up rotators are a good match for them.

60 tons conventional rotator have wheel brackets that are adjusted to exact specifications, were used to connect the roller beds. PU (Polyurethane) roller wheels appear to be manually replaceable on both ends and are secured to the base with high-tensile fasteners.

Within its drive unit, each wheel is driven individually by separate AC motors and gearboxes, which are coordinated and driven by a VFD AC motor.

  • Several column booms synchronize the operation of a typical rotator weighing 60 tons.
  • They have a scratch-resistant exterior surface and will last a long time.
  • The modular construction of the 60 tons conventional rotator offers you to save up much space on the manufacturing floor while it’s not in use.
  • The diameter of the 60 tons conventional rotator vessel varies between 750 and 4500 mm.
  • PU rollers have a diameter and width in order 450x180x2 mm.
  • The motor power of a 60 tons conventional rotator is 2×2.2 kW.
  • They’re cheap, and they’re only used once in a while.
  • A plus is the cordless remote control.
  • It’s used to weld big projects as wind tower, oil platforms, and other.
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