5 Ton Self Aligning Rotator


5Ton Self Aligning Rotator Drawing

5ton self aligning rotator production process

5 Ton Self Aligning Rotator

Self-Aligning Rotators change the roller housings autonomously to accommodate any application diameter in a particular limit. This type of equipment is commonly employed to deal with job-to-job variations in shell diameter.

Whenever a wider diameter work is given, the roller housings of such a type of equipment are pivoted to the beds thus open on their own.

Every roller bracket assembly includes two different roller parts in this sort of rotator, which facilitates the job over a larger region. The finishing drive is delivered to both of the motor unit’s two pairs of rollers, providing superior grip for the job.

However, for this situation, a declutching scheme is given to the upper rollers for safeguarding the gearboxes, because when the work reaches the topmost rollers first after loading, the upper rollers have the potential to rotate, meanwhile, the gearboxes keep it in place.

It needs very less maintenance yet performs quite efficiently. These are capable of tilting and shifting towards different sides at different angles for the convenience of work.

  • It is highly suitable for performing small jobs.
  • The vessel diameter range is about 250mm-2300mm.
  • If you talk about the diameter and width of PU rollers then their value is 250 x 100mm.
  • A 5 ton self-aligning rotator has a unique design that allows precise as well as controlled movements.
  • Face plates of this self-rotating model are able to rotation with varying speeds.
  • The rotator reduces the welding flaws and defects that even a naïve operator can perform well.
  • There is no need of using a crane if you are working with a 5 ton self-aligning rotator saving your time and money.
  • Such rotators are applicable to many cylindrical jobs, pipe manufacturing factories, fabrication of wind power, making of fuel storage and chemical storage tanks, and pressure vessels.
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