5 Ton Conventional Rotator


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5T production process

5t CE Certification

5 Tons Conventional Rotator

A 5 tons conventional rotator can be purchased from us because we are a dependable manufacturer and provider. Our factory is licensed to provide traditional welding rotators through any characteristics that a client requests.

The typical rotator, weighing 5 tons, is designed to rotate cylindrical barrels of all kinds. The 5 tons conventional rotator device’s sturdy and heavy-duty engineering is built to last.

The roller beds were connected with the wheel brackets, which have been forged to precise dimensions. Its PU (Polyurethane) roller wheels seem to be manually changeable throughout both ends as well as fastened to the foundation with high-tensile bolts.

Each wheel is driven independently by distinct AC motors and also gearboxes within this drive unit, which are synchronized and driven by a VFD AC drive.

Because they are traditional rotators, 5 tons conventional rotators could be modified to suit the right vessel diameter. Mild steel, which is used to manufacture a 5 tons traditional rotator, is effective stuff for sustaining welding pressure. They include movable faceplates that are simple to use and function.

  • The operation of a 5 tons conventional rotator is synchronized with the column booms.
  • They are long-lasting since they have a scratch-resistant exterior finish.
  • The stackable design allows you to save significant production floor space when the 5 tons traditional rotator is not in use.
  • The vessel diameter ranges from 250 to 2300 mm.
  • PU rollers have a diameter of 250 mm and a breadth of 100 mm.
  • The motor power is 2×0.37 kW because they are 5 tons conventional rotators.
  • Even fresh and untrained workers can operate a 5 tons conventional rotator because of the simple manual operation.
  • They are simple and are only utilized on a small basis.
  • An extra feature is the wireless remote control.
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