40 Ton Self Aligning Rotator

HGZ-40 Parameter

40 Ton Self Aligning Rotator

Welding, polishing, and assembling the cylinder casings, as well as lining the casings using rubber, are all done with this 40 ton self-aligning welding rotator. This can self-align as per the length of the barrel, be regulated using an AC frequency converter, as well as the linear velocity could be shown on a display screen.

Underneath the welding limitations in the range, 40 ton self aligning rotator has the benefits of stepless velocity adjustment, low noise propagation, and steady rotation. We could also build and adapt multiple kinds of welding rotators to meet the needs of our customers.

The 40 ton self aligning rotator is primarily used to change the direction of a cylindrical workpiece in order to achieve the best welding direction and velocity. It is typically used in conjunction with other equipment, such as manipulators and metal cutting machinery, to create an auto-welding process.

The power unit, idler unit, electric control box, and hand control panel are the major components of rotators. Either of the 40 ton self aligning rotator motor drives two sets of rollers receives the finished drive, ensuring good hold for the job.

  • The design of a 40 ton self-aligning rotator is distinctive, allowing for accurate and controlled rotations.
  • This 40 ton self aligning rotator model’s front plates may rotate at different speeds.
  • Perhaps a novice operator can do well with the rotator since it decreases welding faults and imperfections.
  • The diameter and width of the metal roller are about 390x40mm.
  • The meter power of 40 ton self aligning rotator is 3 kilowatts.
  • The diameter range of the workpiece is 600-4200mm.
  • 400x180mm is the diameter and width of PU rollers.
  • 40 ton self aligning rotator could also be used for welding manually, assembly, polishing, including crack defection, among other things.
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