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3 Axis Welding Positioners

A 3-axis welding positioner is an equipment that can meet various welding requirements, adapting to complex-shaped workpieces, joint connectors, circular bearings, and more.

With convenient operation, it minimizes manual work, allowing operators to weld in comfortable positions, making the process easier, and enabling them to focus on monitoring and quality control.

The precise control provided by the 3-axis system ensures even weld seams, reducing the possibility of defects and enhancing overall welding quality.


It has a load capacity ranging from 300kg to 100 tons, and if customers require larger tonnage, it can be designed to handle even greater loads. SENLISWELD, with over 20 years of research and production in welding equipment, offers excellent solutions for both light and heavy-duty 3-axis welding positioners.

Main Principles of the 3-axis Welding Positioner:

Rotation Axis: The tabletop can rotate 360° clockwise and counterclockwise, with the rotation direction controlled by a foot switch, facilitating efficient welding while operating.

Tilt Axis: The worktable can tilt from 0 to 120° using a hydraulic system, reaching positions and angles many 2-axis positioners cannot achieve.

Lifting Axis: Controls the vertical movement of the work platform, adapting to different heights of workpieces.

3 axis welding positioners

The synergy of these three axes allows the welding positioner to achieve multi-axis movement in horizontal, vertical, and rotational directions, enhancing welding flexibility and precision. Additionally, PLC control can be added to memorize multiple welding positions, enabling quick one-touch clamping or operating position setup.

3 axis welding positioner PLC control

Industries using 3-axis welding positioners include manufacturing and processing, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, petroleum, and natural gas industries.

Customized welding solutions are available.

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