200 Ton Conventional Rotator

HGK-200 Parameter

200 Tons Conventional Rotator

As the name implies, a 200 tons conventional rotator is utilized for heavy-duty and high-end welding applications.  The traditional rotator with a capacity of 200 tons is quick, simple to operate, and requires little to no maintenance.

Our 200 tons CE certified conventional rotators have an all-fabricated steel basis with manually set wheel carriers to handle vessels of varying diameters along a consistent center line.

The vessel is rotated using a two-motor, two-wheel-drive system, which eliminates the need for torque bars. For trouble-free operation, the drive motors are fully enclosed variable-frequency AC inverter motors with fan cooling. For greater durability and longer maintenance intervals, worm and wheel gearboxes with double reduction are used.

The drive and idler wheel shafts are housed in deep-groove type roller bearings, with aluminum/bronze gearboxes. For easy movement, forklift slots are built into the 200-ton conventional rotator frames of both the driving and idler rolls.

We use mild steel, which is ideal for welding rotators of all types and can withstand high welding pressure. They complement fit-up rotators well.

  • To link the roller beds, a 200 tons conventional rotator with wheel brackets that are adjustable to exact specifications was employed.
  • Loading capacity is 200 tons.
  • It has a motor with a power of 2×4 kilowatts (KW).
  • The linear speed of a 200-ton conventional rotator ranges between 6-60(m/h).
  • Many column booms synchronize the operation of a 200 ton conventional rotator.
  • A VFD speed control system is incorporated in a 200 ton conventional rotator.
  • On the outside, they’re scratch-resistant and will endure a long time.
  • The diameter of the 200 tons conventional rotator vessel ranges from 2000 to 6500 mm.
  • They’re cheap, and they’re only used once in a while.
  • A nice feature is the wireless remote control.
  • They’re utilized in wind turbine and wind tower body welding, among other things.
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