20 Ton Conventional Rotator

HGK-20 Parameter

drawing of 20 ton conventional rotator

CE Certification of 20 ton rotator

20 Tons Conventional Rotator

We can supply a 20 ton conventional rotator since we are a reputable manufacturer and supplier. conventional traditional welding rotators with any qualities that a client requests are available from our manufacturing.

A standard rotator weighs 20 tons and is used to spin cylindrical barrels of various sizes. The tough and heavy-duty architecture of the 20 tons conventional rotator equipment is constructed with high-end long-lasting characteristics.

The wheel brackets of 20 tons conventional rotator, which was formed to exact specifications, were used to attach the roller beds. The PU (Polyurethane) roller wheels appear to be physically replaceable on both ends and are secured to the base with elevated fasteners.

Inside the drive unit of 20 tons conventional rotator, each wheel is powered individually by separate AC motors plus gearboxes, which are coordinated and controlled by a VFD AC motor.

20 tons conventional rotators are highly adjustable to fit the proper vessel diameter since they are classic rotators. Mild steel, which would be used to make a typical 20 tons conventional rotator, is a good material for holding welding pressure. They work efficiently with fit-up rotators.

  • The column booms synchronize the functioning of a 20 tons conventional rotator.
  • They have a scratch-proof outer surface, so they will endure a long time.
  • When the 20 tons classic rotator is not in use, the stackable construction allows you to save a lot of room on the factory floor.
  • The vessel diameter ranges from 500-3500 mm.
  • The diameter of PU rollers is 350 mm, while the width is 150 mm.
  • 20 tons conventional rotator’s motor power is 2×0.75 kW.
  • They are inexpensive and are only used infrequently.
  • The cordless remote control is a bonus.
  • It is used in pressure vessel weldings such as boilers and storage tanks.
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