100 Ton Self Aligning Rotator

HGZ-100 Parameter

100 Tons Self-Aligning Rotator

The metal and steel industries are constantly on the lookout for high-profile machinery that might help them enhance and improve their earnings.

For most heavy-duty high-functioning welding purposes, these 100 tons self-aligning rotators are quite a in demand. As such rotators satisfy the norm of advanced machinery therefore this device has built a strong reputation throughout the years.

A 100 tons self-aligning rotator is popular for its enormous capacity of 100 tons weight. Because of the roller’s distinct and convincing design, the equipment gets to align very spontaneously to the material having tiny pre-adjustments or not at all.

You do not worry about the manual adjustments as they are not needed for the operation of 100 tons self-aligning rotator. Irrespective of the diameter, various cylinders are utilized by this. It will always fabricate the best outcomes having zero error.

When you speak of packaging of 100 tons self-aligning rotator, we believe in reliability and easy-to-transport packaging that keeps the 100 tons self-aligning rotator safe. This machine’s durable spare components are safely kept in wooden boxes. Also, the core is disassembled and placed separately as per their size.

  • The power supply of 100 tons self-aligning rotator is quietly suitable per standards.
  • The workpiece range of diameter is somewhere around 1000-5500 mm.
  • A 100 tons self-adjusting welding rotator has a cordless pendant-type controller for efficient controlling.
  • 100 tons self-aligning rotator is appropriate for not only little but also big projects.
  • The 100 tons self-aligning welding rotator can be adjusted to fulfill your necessary basic needs.
  • VFD controller system for maintaining speed is built in them.
  • They are super simple in operating and nothing extraordinary training is necessary.
  • Because they can eliminate welding defects and irregularities, these rotators can be easily managed by laborers.
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